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Filmmaker's Corner

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This is where you'll find outstanding software, hardware, and gear for filmmakers and wannabe filmmakers.


Programs I use and recommend

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The industry standard for Film and TV budgeting. 
Movie Magic Film and Production Budgeting Software
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This is the industry standard from breaking down and scheduling your project.
Movie Magic Production Scheduling Software
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The Industry Standard for Screenwriters.
Final Draft 12 Download
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Exciting New AI that streamlines the breakdown process for your film, TV, or new media project.
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John Truby is a legendary screenwriting guru. His software is a great brainstorming tool.
Blockbuster - Truby Writers Studio

Education and Classes

Places to learn about the industry

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4 Class Workshop from Stage 32 on dialogue and character.
Stage 32 Next Level Education: Developing Memorable Characters and World-Class Dialogue - Payment plans available - contact [email protected] for details
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Great Place to Learn and Network
Social Network & Education for Film, TV and Theater Creative
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Website with some terrific tools and resources for filmmakers.
StudioBinder: Project Management for Creatives & Video Professionals

Media, Marketing, More.

Need to read up on the current trends…. check these out.

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Great magazine for Indie Filmmakers.
MovieMaker Magazine: The Art and Craft of Making Movies
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This is another great site for researching box office revenue and locating industry pros… be forewarned… it's not inexpensive.
Luminate Film & TV: Entertainment Data • Research Tools • Industry Directory • Film in Development • TV & Streaming Pilots • Ratings & Box Office

Equipment and Hardware

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Arri is the digital filmmaker's choice. There are other great cameras out there, but it's the Arri that shoots most of the bigger picutres.
ALEXA Mini | Camera Systems - ARRI
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Next to the Arri, Red is a top pro choice for your digital feature.
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If you're on a tight budget, the Black Magic lineup is an excellent choice. You can now shoot in 12k… that's INSANE.
Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K
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Great for podcasting and interviews. Comes with both I-phone and USB-C connecctor.  It takes a little adjusting to get the sound right, but overall very cool lav mics.
PUSEALON 3 in 1 Professional Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Cameras/iPhone/Android with Charging case, 15H Battery Life, Noise Reduction Mini Mic for Recording YouTube Interview TikTok Podcast