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Jewlery & Accessories-Shein
19 items
Alexandria Orr
This board is dedicated to all the Shein jewelry and accessories in my wishlist. You can trust that on Shein, I will find the cheapest cutest option. I love a subtle minimal style, so if that is something you can relate to, you'll love some of the cute finds that I'm saving up for.
Top Daily Habits of Highly Productive Individuals
21 items
Jasper Wilmington
Want to boost your productivity and get more done in less time? Check out these daily habits of highly productive individuals. I've found success adding some of these to my day!
Baby Essentials- natural and neutral products to build your registry or buy for yourself! Featuring some of my favorite small businesses.
127 items
Kylie Jones
Creating your baby registry? Use this list to help curate a collection of aesthetic, gender neutral, and natural minded products! Included are some of my favorite small businesses, as well as some of those big brand necessities. Whether you are a first time mom, or adding to the gear you already have, this list will give you some inspiration and great quality products.
Self Care Holy Grails To Become "That Girl"
16 items
All the self care essentials you need for your face, skin, body, hair, teeth, and nails! Disclaimer I am not in any way a professional so take these recommendation with a grain of salt. We're all different in our own ways. And some of these contains affiliate links so at no additional cost to you, I will earn little commission if you click through and make a purchase💕
Melissa's Shoppe of everything you need. You gotta try these places. Amazon to many more. Love food that is here too. Thank you.
29 items
Melissa Mayzes
Beauty products, Pets needs, and good food. This Mom has been there and done that. So, try out the suggestions I have, and let me know what you think.
Favorite Things
10 items
Tammy Rone
Household Items to Make Life Easier
Humor Books Your Should Read
12 items
Anya Personally
Discover the perfect recipe for laughter in our collection of "Humor Books You Should Read." These side-splitting reads will tickle your funny bone, guaranteeing endless giggles and grins. Dive into witty anecdotes, clever observations, and hilarious escapades for a mood-lifting, laughter-filled experience. Laughter is the best medicine, and these books are your prescription. Enjoy the fun! 😂📚
Baby Travel Gear
18 items
Adina Pema
Traveling with a baby can be stressful! These products can help!
Travel & Food is where it's at!
11 items
Here are a few places that I want to show you just in case you decide to try it out!
Miami Airbnbs for Bachelorette Party
18 items
Candice Brown
Have the best Bachelorette weekend in one of these Miami Airbnbs!
Food + Travel
17 items
Alohilani Martinez
I was able to have the opportunity to live in Hawai'i and Arizona with my home state being California. I've lived in Southern, Central and Northern California, so here are some of my hometown favorites along with some places I've been and love along my journey.
Cruise Outfits
10 items
Kelly Smotherman
Here are some outfits and pieces that would be great for packing on your next Caribbean Cruise!
Home & Living
11 items
Transform your living spaces with our handpicked selection of home wares, ranging from stylish furniture to innovative gadgets. Discover the latest trends in home decor, kitchen essentials, and functional yet aesthetically pleasing items that turn your house into a personalized haven.
The best surf hostels in the world - Hostel World
29 items
Here you can find the best hostels for a traveling surfer. Find like-minded people and enjoy the surf together!
Background Ambient Music: Perfect for Work or Studying
50 items
This list features many ambient music videos! Ambient videos are designed to play in the background while you study, work, clean, enjoy company, etc. They all feature a gorgeous background (think watching the rain from a coffee shop, sitting by a crackling fire, or visiting an enchanted forest) and contain various types of music. Whether you enjoy jazz, lo-fi, fantasy-inspired, classical, or any other type of music, there's sure to be something for you on this list! I enjoy having these videos playing in the background to set the mood and keep me on task and I hope you will too!
Love is In the Air Part II
50 items
Aunt Honey
As Promised another collection of the best Love Songs ever played! This collection will make you love, laugh, take you back to a simpler time, and make you think! I am an absolute music fanatic, because music is definitely my happy place!
All Things Camping!
26 items
Scarlet Paolicchi
Whether camping is your hobby or you are a newbie, here are some great camping resources to get you started enjoying the great outdoors. From places to go camping, to things to take with you on your trip, to words of wisdom, and inspiration, you will find it all here!
Affordable and effective hair and skin care
13 items
CJ Kelsey
Products I have used and love that work well long term
Anti-aging skin care solutions
31 items
GenX Care
As we mature, our skin naturally evolves, often resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, and reduced elasticity. Yet, by embracing a tailored skincare routine, we can effectively combat these visible signs of aging and nurture a radiant, healthy complexion.
Western/Southern Travel Destinations
16 items
Popular Western Destinations that are trending, and a great vacation.
My makeup favorites🩷
50 items
Maja Racic
I love trying new products all the time, so these are some of my favorite and the best I've tried✨
Exploring the World of Digital Art and Design
20 items
Leah Schultz
Dive into the vibrant universe of digital art and design with my handpicked selection of online resources! Get ready to unleash your creative spirit, learn new skills, get inspired, and connect with others in the digital art world!
Location, Location, Location!! ✈️
26 items
Eboney 💜
Places I've been & loved
Summer Essentials
26 items
I am so happy summer is around the corner & I plan to make the best of it with day trips & vacations anytime we can get away