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Dainty Jewelry Pieces🌟💌
I love to use jewelry to make any outfit look more cohesive and elegant, and here are some of my favorite pieces to make the “picking jewelry process” every morning super easy!
the most perfect everyday hoops! this look so flattering in the ear, and the three different sizes gives freedom of choice based on what fits ur style the best!
Small Hoop Earrings - A New Day™
Possibly the CUTEST going-out earrings EVER?? I saw these and i had to get them, they are adorable and looks very nice stacked with other earrings, like in the picture!
Luv Aj Diamante Heart Bijoux Hoop Earrings
If you have more than the first hole pierced, i think this lighting earring would look great stacked with a more statement earring in the first hole! It very versatile, and if you are going for the scandinavian style: this is perfect!
Orelia London Labret Lightning Bolt Earring
a cheap alternative for a timeless, modern everyday earring. i invested in a little more expensive hoop earring a couple months ago, but before that i used these for a long time. they do tarnish after a couple months, but if you take good care of the...
John Galt Dome Hoop Earrings
Handmade starfish huggies! Such cute summer earrings. Made from stainless steel plated with 18K gold, making it not rust. Comes in many cute colors!
18K Gold Plated Starfish Huggies (Multiple Colors) / Starfish Earrings / Starfish Jewelry / Starfish Hoops / Sea Stars
a cute and dainty square necklace, i would wear this to everyday casual outfits. its not too long, but its sist perfectly with a tshirt, while looking elegant! i love that its got a stone as well, as it gives more texture to the normal square pendant...
Stone and Square Charm Pendant Necklace - A New Day™ Gold
such a fun and dainty charm necklace to add a little personality without being tacky or cringe! Its so cute.
Pavé Cowboy Charm Necklace
want a more personal touch to your outfits? I love to use monogram charms for that excat reason. this medium sized pendant is perfect for a cute statement piece in your oufits.
Monogram Pendant Necklace
more of a minimalist? this minimalistic birtstone and monogram charm is perfect for you! if you want, this would look great stacked with a longer necklace for a bolder look.
Birthstone Initial Necklace,Initial Necklace,Birthstone Letter Necklace,Birthstone Necklace,Bridesmaid Jewlery,Birthday Gift,Christmas Gift
such elegant and trendy bracelets! perfect for adding a little something to what started off as a little boring outfit. i like these are a little more chunky, and pairing them with more dainty jewelry!
18K Gold Jewelry Coffee Bean Bracelet, U Shape Bracelet, Vintage Mesh Bracelet, Curby Bracelet WATERPROOF Jewelry Anti Tarnish Bracelet
i always try to get waterproof jeweley, as i HATE taking them off. Such a hassle! Thats why i enjoy these dainty and cute bracelets, as they are both waterproof, and tarnish-proof. so cute for a beach holiday as well, as you look put together with j...
Dainty Gold Bracelets - Non Tarnish Waterproof Gold Link Chain Minimalist Bracelets - Bridesmaid Gifts
Such a beautiful ring to make any basic everyday outfit a little more fun. I love the bright colors, as i tend to wear very neutral clothes, but i love to weat a pop of color on my finger!
Multi-Color Pavé Stone Ring
such a cute ring, i love the more chunky look like this ring on some fingers, while keeping it more dainty on some other fingers! can be used everyday, or to add a little something on a night out. this is also adjustable!
Easy Twists Gold Ring
i hope im not the only one that always looses my earring backings.. i like that these come with two different types, as i can choose the on that makes the earring fit the most comfortably! a must have for every jewelry collection.
Multi Parts Rubber Disc Earring Back - A New Day™ Clear
I have so many earrings, and when they lay in a box i can never seem to find a pair! This made my mornings so much easiers, as i can just look at the organizer, and the earrings are already paired. you also get an amazing overview over all of your be...
Earring Holder, Jewelry Display, Four Style 24/44/66/110 Holes Jewelry Organizer