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The Best Hangers - for Every Purpose
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Do you ever feel like you're fighting with your closet? Or do you find clothes on the closet floor that should be hung up? As a NYC professional organizer, I've seen all kinds of hanger mistakes. The right hanger can make the difference! Check out th...
Tops, Dresses, Pants and Skirts

These hangers are great for most of the items in your closet. When it comes to wire hangers, I''m a realist - most people won't take the time to swap out the hangers when clothes come back from the dry cleaner. But, there's no need to hold onto empty...

My #1 tip to create space and calm in your closet – use matching skinny hangers. They really make a difference! The metal hooks glide smoothly on a closet rod – so much better than plastic hangers. Great for tops, dresses, light jackets and thin swea...
Slim, Velvet Non-Slip Hangers - Pack of 50. Save Space and Keep Slinky Items From Slipping Off.
Easily grab your pants and hang them up without removing the hanger. You'll have no excuse for not hanging up your pants! Don't like your pants folded over? I'm a fan of the clip hangers featured in this section.
Open-ended Pants Hangers - Pack of 20. Grab and GO!
The metal clamps on these hangers keep your clothing hung up (which, amazingly, isn't always the case!). The clips are close to the hook, saving vertical space in your closet.
Clip Hangers for Skirts & Pants, 14" wide - Pack of 25
If you're hanging very delicate tops or sweaters, these padded hangers give them a soft landing.
White Satin Padded Hangers, Pack of 10
Coats and Jackets

Heavier garments need sturdier hangers. 

Transform your front hall closet instantly. Great for coats and suits. Grippy bar keeps pants in place. No shoulder notches to snag. These have a slim modern look.
Smooth Wood Hangers with Grippy Bar, Pack of 10. Proper Support for Coats and Jackets.
Instantly brighten up your coat closet. Great for coats, jackets and pants suits; the bar is vinyl coated to prevent slips and protect clothes.
White Wood Hangers with Grippy Bar, Pack of 20.
These dark wood hangers add a sophisticated look and keep your coats, jackets and pants suits secure.
Dark Wood Coat Hangers with Grippy Pants Bar, Pack of 20

Small garments need small hangers!

Not just for kids! Great in shallow closets and for folks with narrow shoulders.
Kid's Hangers 14" wide - Pack of 50
Make it easy for kids to hang up their own clothes. This closet rod doubler hooks right on your existing closet rod and lets you create a lower rod below it. I love this product because you can adjust the height AND the width of the lower rod.
Double Your Closet Space

Finishing touches for your hanging clothes.

Easily organize your hanging clothes! Categorize your clothes, putting like with like, then use these dividers (which even come with labels!) so you can easily find what you want to wear. No more digging through hoodies when you need a jacket for wor...
Closet Rod Organizers - Pack of 12. Instantly Tell What's Where.
One of those products that you'll wonder how you lived without. Telescoping rod provides temporary storage for hanging items. Hides away when not in use. Great for planning outfits, when packing, or to stash dry cleaning before putting it away. If yo...
Valet Rod
One of my favorite products to organize scarves. These hangers make it easy to see and access your scarves. While it's made for pants, I find that it's cumbersome when used for them.
Scarf Hanging Solution! 5 Tier Swing-Arm Hangers, Set of 3
These hooks let you connect multiple hangers to save closet space. These are less expensive and easier to use than cascading hanger contraptions which come linked together.
Cascading Hanger Hooks - Pack of 50. Create More Space on the Rod.