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The Container Store Best Products
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The Container Store has some amazing organizing products that may not be available anywhere else. Here are some of my faves from “TCS”. Have any suggestions - or questions? Email me at [email protected] Check out for more info on organizing.

Some great containers to help you organize a variety of items

Get organized in style. These beautiful storage bins are perfect for containing small items and making the most of your shelf space. They’re great for scarves, gloves and other accessories; tech stuff; batteries and bulbs; even kids’ board books. Cho...
Kiva Storage Bins
Versatile boxes in 3 sizes that stack neatly. Also comes in translucent. Note: lids sit on on the bins but don't snap closed. From The Container Store.
White Plastic Stacking Boxes with Lids
Inexpensive stacking boxes in a variety of sizes to contain just about everything, from clothes to baking supplies to “utility” items.
Clear Stacking Boxes with Lids
My favorite product to keep active files handy and organized; it's like a mini file cabinet. Great if you need to move your papers from place to place. There are lots of options in other colors and materials.
Desktop File Box with Lid, 7.4’’ x 13’’ x 10.4’"H
Other Products

While other retailers may carry similar products, I am a fan of these from The Container Store

There are zillions of shoe shelves out there. This is my favorite. The sturdy metal mesh lets you see the shoes below and ensures shoes don't fall through - no tricky balancing of high heels on skinny bars.. They stack easily and securely, no tools o...
Silver Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf
Easily organize your hanging clothes! Categorize your clothes, putting like with like, then use these dividers (which even come with labels!) so you can easily find what you want to wear. No more digging through hoodies when you need a jacket for wor...
Closet Rod Organizers
This versatile cart adds mobile store in almost any space. Comes in other colors and a larger size. Lots of organizing accessories available for it - hooks, dividers, etc.
3 Tier Cart, 17" x 14.25"x 30.5"H
Add drawers wherever you need them - in a closet, in a storage space, underr a desk, even inside a cabinet. These sturdy drawers come in variety of sizes. Get casters to make it mobile, and a top to finish it off. I'm a huge fan of Elfa and have used...
Elfa Drawer Unit