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Super-Easy Organizing Upgrades
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After helping thousands of people get organized over the past 20 years, I get it - getting organized can sometimes seem overwhelming. Good news! These products practically organize themselves! Check them out to quickly and easily bring organization t...
Closets & Shelves

Easily organize your closets and shelf space.

My number one tip to create space and calm in your closet – use matching skinny hangers. They really make a difference and take up less space. The metal hooks glide smoothly on a closet rod; so much better than plastic - or (gasp) wire - hangers. The...
Crazy-easy Closet Organization: Slim, Non-Slip Hangers
Keep items neatly contained on a shelf – folded clothes, linens, floppy bags and backpacks, etc. Simply slide on a divider to separate different types of items. A finishing touch that really makes a difference. Go pro and add a label to the shelf edg...
Shelf Help: Shelf Dividers. Pack of 4.
Even if you don't organize your books, they'll look great when you keep them tanding up straight! These are nearly invisible and have padded bottomes to protect your shelves. A must-have if your book shelves don't have solid sides.
Shelf Help, The Sequel: Slim Metal Bookends, Pack of 2
Quickly conquer clutter and maximize space with simple, sturdy wire shelving. Get stuff off the floor and organized in a closet, pantry, garage, attic or any space. The size shown lets you quickly add extra storage under short hanging clothes in a cl...
Extra Space Wire Shelf, 23.2"W x 13.1"D x 29.9"H
My favorite product to keep active files handy and organized; it's like a mini file cabinet. Quickly clear your desk: create a hanging folder for each of your active projects and for things to do. Drop in the box. Boom!. These are also great if you l...
De-Stress Your Desk Desktop File Box with Lid, 7.4’’ x 13’’ x 10.4’"H
Contain yourself! Categorize and organize items in cabinets, on shelves and in deep drawers. Great for everything from baking supplies to crafts to first aid to office supplies. 10" size fits on most shelves.
Organize Everything Plastic Storage Bins - Set of 2, 6"x10"x5"H
Quickly organize papers and stuff. Store archival files in here (there are rails for hanging folders) and free up space in your file cabinet for active info. Contain things like memorabilia, crafts supplies and holiday items. My secret: use these box...
Not Just a Great File Box!
Instantly contain bulky items - kids' toys, dog toys, magazines and newspapers, workout gear, craft supplies .., Great on a deep shelf, under a coffee table or on the floor.
Clutter-busting Fabric Bin, Pack of 2. 12" x 16.5" x 10.25"H
And More!

Yes, you can be more organized - quickly - with these products

Pop these spring-loaded dividers into a shallow drawer to create custom-sized compartments for different types of items. Use them in any room: organize kitchen gadgets, clothes in a dressser, office supplies in your desk, and bathroom products.Mind-b...
Drawer-ganization Dividers, 16.8"-22"L x 2.2"H, Pack of 4
If you want a uniform look for your spices, this set makes it easy. Note: I don't think this is a must-have, but for folks who really value visual order, it's one of those small things that can make a big difference. Taking on a little project like this can motivate you to tackle something larger. Yes, you CAN get organized!
Insta-Worthy Spice System: 48 Glass Spice Jars with Labels - and Tiny Funnel!