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The Best Closet Organizing Products
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Go from closet woes to closet goals with these affordable and effective products! Check out my Hangers list for suggestions for hangers for every purpose and my Drawer Organizers list for products to keep closet drawers organized.
Hanging Clothes

These products will make the most of your hanging space. For more hangers, check out this list 

My number one tip to create space and calm in your closet – use matching skinny hangers. They really make a difference! The metal hooks glide smoothly on a closet rod – so much better than plastic hangers.
Slim, Velvet Non-Slip Hangers
Spff up your coat closet with these attractive, sturday hangers.
White wood hangers - pack of 20
Double your closet hanging space instantly with this additional rod; it hooks right on your existing closet rod. Lisa loves this product because you can adjust the height AND the width of the lower rod. She even used it in the closet of a $15 million...
Double Your Closet Space
These hooks let you connect multiple hangers to save closet space. These are less expensive and easier to use than cascading hanger contraptions which come linked together.
Cascading Hanger Hooks
One of those products that you'll wonder how you lived without. Telescoping rod provides temporary storage for hanging items. Hides away when not in use. Great for planning outfits, when packing, or to stash dry cleaning before putting it away. If yo...
Valet Rod
Shelf Storage

Create more shelf space and use it effectively - no DIY skills or drills needed.

Keep items neatly contained on a shelf – folded clothes, linens, floppy bags and backpacks, etc. Separate different types of items stored on one shelf. A finishing touch that really makes a difference. For shelves .75″ – .95″ thick.
Shelf Dividers
Clear bins (with integrated handles!) make organizing easy – once you’ve sorted items into categories, keep them contained and visible. This size is great for hats, scarves, belts, and clothing care products (lint brush, shoe polish, etc.). In front ...
Clear Plastic Storage Bin 8" x 10" x 5"H
Great for continaining larger and bulkier items on closet shelves, su c as purses, bathing suits, linens, cleaning products and small umbrellas.
Clear Plastic Bins, 8" x 12" x 11"H, Pack of 2
Great for hats, scarves and other accessories. Useful on the top shelf in the front hall closet.
Felt Bin 9.5" x 11.8" x 5.9" H
Add shelves to any closet instantly! Store sweaters, shoes, purses, hats, scarves … They come in narrower and wider sizes too. Pro tip - if the organizer is too long for your space, you can cut off the lower shelves.
Hanging Closet Organizer
There are zillions of shoe shelves out there. This is one of my favorites. The sturdy metal mesh lets you see the shoes below and ensures shoes don't fall through - no tricky balancing of high heels on skinny bars.. They stack easily and securely, no...
Silver Mesh Stackable Shoe Shelf. The Container Store
Note: I haven't used these yet, but at this price, they could be worth a try. Check the dimenstions - generally fit up to women's size 10 and men's size 9. A larger size is available. Comes in other colors.
Stacking Shoe Bins - Set of 12. 13.2"L x 9.1"W x 5.5"H
Note: I haven't used these yet, but at this price, they could be worth a try. Check the dimenstions - generally fit up to women's size 12 and men's size 11. A smaller size is also available. Comes in other colors.
Stacking Shoe Boxes, Pack of 12. Large: 13.2"L x 10.1"W x 6.4"H
Fabric-covered shoe boxes. Come in other colors and a tall version for high heels. Available in a case of 6.
Luxe Drop-Front Stacking Shoe Box. 15"L x 8"W x 5.25"H. The Container Store.
Turn a closet rod into shoe shelves. Depending on the size of your shoes, you can store 30 pairs or more. No more rooting around the floor of the closet to find a missing shoe.
30 Section Hanging Shoe Shelves, Tan
Accessory Storage

Products to organize accessories, maximize closet space and keep your clothes in great shape.

Maybe the best-value closet accessory out there! Make the most of your closet rods. Store totes, umbrellas, leashes, scarves … you name it. 4 pack of hooks in one of 3 gorgeous metal finishes.
Container Store Accessory Hook - Pack of 4
Instant organization! Removable stick-on hooks that you’ll use everywhere. Hang jewelry, belts, bags, hats, leashes and umbrellas inside a closet. Stick a pot-holder or cutting board inside a kitchen cabinet. Keep mops and brooms handy. Hang your hea...
Command Hooks - White
Stylish, removable, strong hook. I've used this hook in multi-million-dollar homes and it looks great!
Command Nickel Double Hook
Strong - and removable. Great for larger, heavier items like coats, totes, even a step stool.
Command Jumbo Hooks
Keep jewelery visible and accessible, in a sliver of closet rod space. Or hang on a hook inside a closet or on the door.
2-Sided Hanging Jewelry Organizer
And More!

Items to help you make the most of your closet space and protect your clothes

These drawers make it easy to access the space under short hanging clothes. Height includes casters.
Drawer Rolling Storage Cart, 25.6" H x 15.25" D x 21.9" W, Pack of 2
Okay, so they are technically cutting boards, but I love them as guides for folding perfect stacks of sweaters and shirts. You can store it vertically on a shelf or hang it by the hole - just pop a Command Hook onto your closet wall or door. They als...
Sweater/Shirt Folding Boards
Slim enough to fit almost anywhere. Makes it easy to get to items that are just out of reach.
Slim Folding Step Stool, 13" H
This step stool is highly rated. I love that it has a handle and sturdy steps to keep you steady. Weighs under 8.5lbs.
2-Step Step Stool
“File fold” clothes or linens and store in here. Keep one in each family member's clothes closet to drop in clothes you want to give away or donate - when you realize you hate the color of that sweater or your kid has outgrown that pair of pants.
Collapsable Bins - Set of 2, 10.5" x 17.5" x10"H