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Home Office Products That Work
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Home offices can be challenging to organize. These products make it easier and help you maximize even the smallest work space so you can be more productive - and spend less time working!
Keep active papers in view and organized - on your desk, or mount on the wall. Holds manila file folders. 3 “stepped” sections make it easy to see the labels on your folders.
File Folder Holder Organizer
I love this sturdy, small, mobile, attractive file cabinet. The drawers open fully and they are deep enough for hanging folders with their tabs -- you would think all file cabinets would be made like tanks. They're not!
Poppin White 2-Drawer Stow Locking Filing Cabinet
Keep your books standing up straight! These are nearly invisible and have padded bottoms to protect your shelves. A must-have if your book shelves don't have solid sides.
Slim Metal Bookends
Triple your organization space - and move it where you need it. Great if you don't have a dedicated space for your home office or if you like to be mobile. You can leave off the handle when assembling if you need it to fit in a smaller space. Click t...
3 Tier Cart
Folders are the easiest, cheapest, most efficient way to store and organize papers. 3 tab positions keep your labels visible. 
Manila Folders
Hanging files keep your manila folders organized, visible and accessible. The hanging file stays in the drawer - remove the manilla folder you need, then put it back in the right spot. The Pendaflex brand really is better. Trust me. Many colors avail...
Pendaflex Hanging File Folders with Label Holder Tabs, Box of 25
Larger hanging files, for when a category has a LOT of papers and/or sub-categories (such as Taxes). Use a “box bottom” file folder to keep similar types of information together and prevent manila folders from “riding up” and jamming your file drawer...
Pendaflex Extra Capacity Hanging File Folders, Box of 25
If you already have a supply of hanging files, but can't find the tabs so you can label them, get these. They fit any brand of hanging file.
Hanging File Folder Tabs and Labels, Pack of 20
Free up your prime file space; move inactive files out of your main file drawers (e.g. back-up info for prioir tax years). Also great to contain files for large projects. Approximately 11"H x 14-1/8" W x 18"D. (Hanging files not included.)
File box for inactive and archival files. Holds hanging files.
Keep active papers organized, handy and portable -- and make space on your desk for actual work. These useful mini file boxes hold around 7" of hanging folders and are available other colors. And there are many others in different colors and material...
Desktop File Box - The Container Store. 7.5"w x 13" d x 10.5" h
No organizing project is complete without a high-quality, easy-to-use label maker! When everything has a home, and you can easily see what goes where, you’ll finally be able to stay organized. Takes 4 AAA batteries (not included) and “M” tape (starte...
Brother P-Touch Label Maker
Be super-organized and stock up on extra tape for your label maker. You’ll be glad you did! Tip from Lisa: Make it easy for everyone to know what’s stored where. Put labels on: the front edges of shelves; the top edge of drawers; inside cabinet doors...
Extra Label Tape (2 Pack)
My most essential tool! Quickly and clearly label almost anything, from file folders (use the ultra fine point) to large cardboard boxes (use the big chisel tip to make it easy to read). Grab the fine point Sharpie and a pack of Super Sticky Post-it ...
Sharpie Markers - I couldn't function without them
A must for any organizing project! Create quick labels. (Lisa has seen her Post-its still sticking on client’s containers years later – yet they remove easily.) Identify items to donate, sell, recycle, shred or toss. Use different colors for differen...
Super Sticky Post-It Notes
Quicker than shredding, if you only need to block a little bit of sensitive information. Plus it's fun to use!
Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp Set (3 Refill Ink Cartridges)
Attractive file storage boxes. Hold hanging files. Come in a variety of colors. Great if you don't have space for a file cabinet or if you have a big project to organize.
Bigso Stockholm Letter/Legal File Box
Essential box for archiving files and papers (in dry areas). Conquer clutter and chaos quickly: do a speed sort of items and papers, tossing like with like into different boxes. Label the box, pop on the lid, stack, then fine-tune your organizing sys...
Bankers Boxes, Pack of 12
Don't struggle with small tasks! Make it easy to open the mail.
Trusty Letter Opener - Pack of 3
Write neat, removable labels in any size you need. Great for making quick, temporary labels.
Roll of Post-it Labeling & Cover-Up Tape, 1" x 700"
Keeps clips contained and handy - the magnetic top makes it easy to grab just one. Stores easily in almost any drawer – 3” high. If you frequently use both large and small paper clips, consider getting a second and separating them.
Perfect Paper Clip Dispenser
An attractive container for pens and scissors. Keep them handy -- and don't keep more than you need.
Aluminum Pen Holder, 3"diameter x 4" h
Slim, light and sturdy. Easily reach your less-accessible storage spaces. Stash it on a Command Jumbo hook on the back of a door or inside cabinet. 
18"H Slim Step Stool