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Here are a few places that I want to show you just in case you decide to try it out!


The taste of food is something that is satisfying. Always memorable!!  

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I love, LOVE this restaurant. It is one of my favourites, the atmosphere is super chill and the place itself has so deck out, it's cool to see how they decorate the place. The tiki tuna poke bowl is my favourite meal. It's so lite and refreshing, sup...
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If you ever come to Chilliwack, B.C. or your in Chilliwack. You need to try out sushi co. I'm inlove with sushi, i would say it's my favourite food. The sushi was amazing. They did an amazing job preparing the rolls and lots of favours. Except the vo...
Sushico | Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Chilliwack | Order ...
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This was the most amazing bakery in Cancun, the desert were super delicious, and the buns and bread was so fluffy and soft. I almost eat 3 buns in one sitting, because is what so yummy!! 🤤
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While being in Cancun we found this restaurant close by our Airbnb. I added on own photo of the plates of food that we ordered. I had a sandwich with pork and taco toppings in it. It was soooo good, and my husband had a plate of three types of meats ...
La Parrilla Mexican Grill - The Best Mexican Restaurant in ...


The places to be at, to look for, and experience.

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myself being a canadian living B.C. bridal falls is one of the easiest hikes to do, it takes about 15 mins to get up, there is some parts that have an incline. but not so bad, most people take their time. An amazing view!!
Bridal Falls Park
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Cancun Mexico is soooo beautiful, I've been to Mexico but other locations, it's nothing compares to here. The water is so crystal clear. Our next spot is Cozumel. I'll let you know that location once we get there next week.
Visita Cancún | El sitio web oficial de turismo ...
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This is the place to visit if you are heading into Vancouver, B.C. There is tons of people that head over to that beach pretty throughout the whole year. It's never, not busy. There is so many attractions and it extends for miles. The sunset is the b...
English Bay Beach | City of Vancouver
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We are staying a condo in Dream Lagoons at E202 on Airbnb, it's perfect and modern little condo that looks out a lagoon pool, it's beautiful and affordable.
Experiencias únicas en Cancún - Quintana Roo
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The most beautiful beach I've ever seen. Beautiful crystal clear water, and white sandy beach.
Dolphin Beach Point