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Chic & luxury home decor

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Some of my favourite home items on a slightly higher budget. If you're looking for some minimal but luxury items, then I hope you love the things I've picked out.

Living room

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Absolutely obsessed with this stunning candle holder.
Rialto Metal Taper Candle Holder
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Absolutely in love with this modern and stylish cabinet. Perfect for the dining room or even the living room.
Fern Wood Wall Cabinet
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Gorgeous and unique add on to your living room.
Judarn Floral Wood Overmantle Mirror
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Obsessed with this pastel sky blue curtain, a lovely addition for the living room.
Bexley Embroidered Curtain
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Love this gorgeous pastel rug.
Easy Care Ilaria Rug


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Minimal and chic candle that will fit in any room of the house.
Birchwood & Cashmere Cut Marble Candle - Anthropologie
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Obsessed with this unique jewellery stand.
Flower Bud Jewellery Stand
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Love this beautiful marble side table, spacious enough for all your essentials.
Burl Bedside Table (66 cm)