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Best AI Writing Tools

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These tools are great for idea generation, article outlining, and helping with creating SEO optimized blog posts. Be sure to edit and add your own knowledge and experience to take the articles to the next level before publishing.
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KoalaWriter's generates top-quality long-form SEO-optimized articles for you with just a few clicks! It also gives you real-time search results, has a great outline editor, and generates cool AI images ready to use commercially. You can also create Amazon Product Roundup and Amazon Single Product Review posts quickly!
KoalaWriter: The Best One-Click SEO Optimized AI Writer
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SurgeGraph's a great AI long-form article generator and SEO tool-in-one. It gives you great keyword ideas and shows you the Keyword Difficulty as well as the Opportunity Score. You can Auto SEO-Optimize the article generated saving you heaps of time. Product AI ...
SurgeGraph: Grow Your Organic Traffic. FAST.
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Quillbot's also got a very useful tool called QuillBot Flow where you type in a topic and description and it'll generate a blog, essay, or research paper outline for you. You can also use Quillbot Search to look up articles from the web or academic articles!
QuillBot AI: Paraphrasing tool, Grammar Checker, and Writing Assistant
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Claude is a cool, free AI chat app I love using. I've found it generates quite ‘creative’ and conversational outputs. It also tends to give a 100% or v.high ‘Original’ score in the AI detection app atm (if you care about that score, since Google say they're ok with AI content as long as it's 'helpful'). Cool Free 'Creative' Chat App
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I like to use ChatGPT-3.5 as a starting point for brainstorming, outlining, generating a quick 500 word blog post etc. I've also got a subscription to ChatGPT-4 but sometimes I prefer the output from the ChatGPT-3.5 model.
ChatGPT: Great Free Chat App