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E.g., products you love, local businesses, travel recs - you can add anything to a Benable list!
Learn How to Create and Monetize a Blog
This list is designed to give you the inspiration and resources to start, market and monetize your blog/website for a side hustle income or even replace your 9-5 over time.
Successful Blogger Interviews and Tips

YouTube channels to learn tips and get inspired by successful bloggers who are making a great income from their blogs/websites

Get inspired by listening to how successful bloggers make over $10k-$50k/month and more. Listen to how they got started, their tips and apps they use to scale their blogs/sites to success. Jared Bauman's a great interviewer and I learn a lot from
Niche Pursuits Podcast - inspiring and actionable interviews with successful website owners/bloggers. Learn the latest SEO, affiliate marketing and online business tips and strategies
Successful blogger Brandon Gaille teaches you the blogging strategies that top bloggers use to grow their traffic and monetize their blogs.
The Blogging Millionaire
Adam Enfroy has great videos on how to monetize blogging. He covers the topics of affiliate marketing, SEO, blogging, content generation, keyword research and more. I enrolled in his Blog Growth Engine course a year ago and have found his course and ...
Adam Enfroy on YouTube - Blog Growth Engine
Ricky Kesler and his team give you practical tips and strategies on how to monetize your blog and keep you updated on new developments and how to fix things that are no longer working.
Income School
Sophia Lee makes over 75k/month from her blog. She shares her content planning and pinterest strategies so she offers a different perspective to some of the other YouTube channels.
Perfecting Blogging | By Sophia Lee Blogging
Creating a Blog/Website from Scratch

Follow these great tutorials and YouTube channels to learn how to build a blog/website ready to monetize.

I like how he also takes you through his keyword research process and the prompts he uses to write an article using ChatGPT4.
How to Build An Affiliate Marketing Website (Full Guide)
Ferdy's free courses on YouTube are amazing! He literally gives you the step-by-step guide to learning how to build an affiliate website from scratch and more and it's TOTALLY FREE! He's a great teacher and his tutorials are even better than heaps
Complete Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners 2024 by Ferdy Korpershoek (Includes a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build Your Blog/Website!)
He takes you through the interface of 6 of the most popular website builders so you can decide which one suits you. These are: GoDaddy, Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Shopify and WordPress.
BEST Website Builder 2024 (My TOP Recommendation) by Metics Media
Alex Cooper teaches you about the best WordPress themes to use, and shows you how to monetize your sites, and is willing to show you some of his sites as well as you can learn over his shoulder so to speak. I like his transparency and simple to follo...
WP Eagle - WordPress and Affiliate Marketing
Great looking templates, and easy-to-use website builder. Great for creating blogs and portfolios for creatives.
Squarespace Website Builder — Create a Website in Minutes
SEO and Keyword Research

These YouTube channels and resources can teach you how to organically rank your content in Google

I find Matt Diggity's tips highly educational and actionable.
Matt Diggity - SEO Techniques based on Real Test Results
Julian Goldie uses AI tools to bulk generate and rank content on Google. He conducts lots of experiments and shows you what he does. It's great to follow along to see how he uses the tools and the results he gets.
Julian Goldie SEO, Building Backlinks and AI Tools
I always listen to the latest things Kyle Roof has to say in interviews etc.
Kyle Roof: ChatGPT SEO Strategies, AI & Onpage SEO Tactics to Rank #1. Interview by Julian Goldie
Ahrefs is a premium SEO tool and this YouTube channels provides some great tutorials on how to use their tool and other tips to grow your organic traffic on Google.
Ahrefs YouTube Channel- Premium SEO Tool
Gael Breton and Mark Webster teach you how to create profitable authority websites. They talk about SEO, link building and more.
Authority Hacker - Building Proftable Authority Niche Websites. Gael Breton and Mark Webster.
Best Affiliate Programs and Platforms to Join

Naturally add products, apps and services that are relevant to your blog post topic and join the company's affiliate program and a referral commision when someone buys the product or service via your link. 

This platform Benable is a great affiliate platform as they've already partnered with over 35k sites that will pay you a commission when people purchase things from your lists!
Benable - Shareable lists of things you recommend
This is the most comprehensive list I've found of the best affiliate programs out there. It's sorted by category too, so just click on your niche to find the right ones for you!
The 10,676 Best Affiliate Programs of 2024
Everyone knows Amazon and they have zillions of products you can add/share in your blog posts. So it's a great place to start and learn. Associates Central
A good list of affiliate platforms to join with clear desciptions of the pros and cons of each platform.
11 Best Affiliate Platforms And Networks Compared (2024)
Since I'm based in Australia, I thought I'd add one in for the Aussie affiliate marketers out there.
10 Best Australian Affiliate Programs & Networks In 2024 by Authority Hacker
Ad Networks

Displaying ads on your site is one of the most common ways to monetize a blog. You can earn money based on clicks or impressions. Placement and design are key - ads should be visible but not hinder the user experience.

Nina Clapperton lists the best ad networks based on personal experience.
19 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers to Make 6 Figures - Nina Clapperton
If I was trying to monetize my site straight off the bat, I might look into these. Atm, I'm going to build my traffic up first.
3 Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers (with Fast Approval)
AI Content Creation Tools

Speed up your content creation game with these AI writing tools. Use these tools for idea generation, outlining and generating a first draft of your blog post.

KoalaWriter's generates top-quality long-form SEO-optimized articles for you with just a few clicks! It also gives you real-time search results, has a great outline editor, and generates cool AI images ready to use commercially. You can also create Amazon Product Roundup and Amazon Single Product Review posts quickly!
KoalaWriter: The Best One-Click SEO Optimized AI Writer
+ 1 more
SurgeGraph's a great AI long-form article generator and SEO tool-in-one. It gives you great keyword ideas and shows you the Keyword Difficulty as well as the Opportunity Score. You can Auto SEO-Optimize the article generated saving you heaps of time. Product AI ...
SurgeGraph: Grow Your Organic Traffic. FAST.
Claude is a cool, free AI chat app I love using. I've found it generates quite ‘creative’ and conversational outputs. It also tends to give a 100% or v.high ‘Original’ score in the AI detection app atm (if you care about that score, since Google say they're ok with AI content as long as it's 'helpful'). Cool Free 'Creative' Chat App
I like to use ChatGPT-3.5 as a starting point for brainstorming, outlining, generating a quick 500 word blog post etc. I've also got a subscription to ChatGPT-4 but sometimes I prefer the output from the ChatGPT-3.5 model.
ChatGPT: Great Free Chat App
Quillbot's also got a very useful tool called QuillBot Flow where you type in a topic and description and it'll generate a blog, essay, or research paper outline for you. You can also use Quillbot Search to look up articles from the web or academic articles!
QuillBot AI: Paraphrasing tool, Grammar Checker, and Writing Assistant
Social Platforms to Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

In 2024, you need to diversify your traffic sources beyond Google, especially since the Google Helpful Content Updates can really make your organic traffic take a dive.

Instagram's great for visual content and can drive traffic through engaging images, stories and videos. It's great for the lifestyle, fashion, travel, and food niches.
LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professional content and networking. It's ideal for sharing industry insights, professional tips, and in-depth blog posts. LinkedIn is particularly effective for B2B businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals look...
Great for quick updates. Good platform for reaching professionals and tech people, news seekers and influencers.
X (formerly Twitter)
It's known for reaching an ‘older’ audience, probably Gen X and older. You can reach people through Facebook groups and ads.
Meta (formerly Facebook, also owns Instagram)
Threads is a cross between Twitter and Instagram. It complements Instagram, focusing on text-based updates.
Threads (by Instagram)