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My Blogging Tech Stack

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The tools I use to build niche websites. Includes design tools, AI writing tools, keyword research tools, affiliate marketing apps, and web hosting

Best Image Sources for Commercial Usage Rights

AI generated images, stock photos, and image editing apps

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I use CanvaPro to create my featured images for my site. I love their templates, stock photos, fonts, background remover tool, editing capabilities, and just how easy it is to create great images for your site and socials.
Canva - Best All-round Image Editing Tool
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The images generated look great and can be used commercially. Check out their text to image, generative fill, generative recolor and text effects features. Also check out Project Stardust where you can move any object anywhere in your image.
Adobe Firefly - AI Generated Images
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KoalaWriter is not only a super cool AI writing tool, it also generates great AI generated images to go with your blog posts. I typed in the prompt “Koala typing on a laptop computer” in 7 different styles and I love what it generated.
KoalaWriter - The Best One-Click SEO AI Writer
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Pexels is a great source of free stock photo and videos for commercial use. I love the images that are available on this platform. They look fresh and current!
Pexels - Unique Free Stock Images
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I love the free customizable illustrations available on Storyset. You can change the color, change parts of the background, and animate the images a bit too. Check their FAQs for more info.
Storyset | Customize, animate and download illustration for free

SEO Keyword Research Tools

These are my current go-to SEO Keyword tools right now

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Keysearch is a great keyword research tool to find competitive long-tail keywords. It's also a lot cheaper US$17/month (200 daily searches) vs Ahrefs US$99 (lite plan).
Keysearch: Keyword Research Tool | SEO Analysis & Difficulty Checker
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LowFruits helps you analyze the SERPs and find you low competition keywords you can rank for. It's also very cheap compared to Ahrefs. You can buy credits eg 2k credits for US$25 or you can get a standard subscription of 3k credits/month for US$249/y...
LowFruits : Analyze the SERPs faster
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Ahrefs is a premium SEO tool because they're the 3rd most active web crawler in the world behind Google and Microsoft. So basically you get access to ‘lots’ of raw data and you can basically filter, sort the data anyway you want.

Web Hosting

I host my sites on the GreenGeeks Pro unlimited sites plan. I think it's great value, reliable, plus they're eco-friendly as well. 

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I've used them for over 3 years now and have been very happy with their service. Great support when you need it. I signed up to their Pro plan which lets you host unlimited websites. They're also a 300% green hosting company. I wrote a more detailed ...
GreenGeeks® | Fast, Secure and Eco-friendly Hosting

Managing Affiliate Links

I love using the Lasso affiliate platform and the great looking display boxes and tables you can create on your sites for better conversions. 

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Lasso is an all-in-one affiliate marketing WordPress plugin and platform I use to add my Amazon and Etsy affiliates to my blog posts. The display boxes look great and are designed to convert well. I use Lasso on my affiliate posts on my site: