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How To Have A Great Solo Holiday and Avoid Holiday Sadness
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I will be spending my holidays alone this year. Here's some tips on how to create a great Holiday season for yourself! Not everyone has the privilege of spending the holidays with loved ones, but we can try our hardest to enjoy it regardless. I'm sen...

It's your solo holiday! Choose whatever you want to eat! 

Flying solo for a holiday does not mean you can't create an amazing meal.
Cook Yourself a Yummy Holiday Meal
Download doordash and order takeout, if you aren't in the mood to cook!
Get a solo meal catered from Bob Evans! Their pumpkin pie is soooo good!
Thanksgiving Dinner Cooked For You Pt 1
Things To Do

Here's a mixture of relaxing/productive things to do.

People may say that Hallmark movies are cheesy, but I love them. Pop some of these bad boys on and get comfy!
The 25 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies, Ranked
Taking a break during the holidays is a great idea! You don't wanna be triggered by everyone posting their gatherings and then go down a rabbit hole. Every year I log out!
How and Why to Take a Social Media Break
Is there a friend whose avaliable for a call? Talk to them for a hour or so during your solo holiday.
How to Reach Out If You're Feeling Lonely During A Solo Holiday
Spending the holiday alone may bring up some negative emotions. You can combat them by writing down the things you are proud of.
Gratitude Journal: Books
Put on some makeup and take pictures! I may be doing this on thanksgiving.
Makeup –