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Wedding Ideas for 2024
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I remember wedding planning fondly...and at times not so fondly. Wedding planning can be stressful, so here are some resources to excite you rather than overwhelm you. Congratulations by the way!
Zola was such a helpful resource when planning my wedding 4 years ago. It creates a wedding website for you where all your guests rsvp. Not only that, but Zola will create an organized checklist with reminders and give you daily content ideas from re...
Zola Weddings, Websites, Venues, Registries & More
I lived at Dollar Tree when I was a teacher, so you bet my wedding on a budget had decor from materials I got from there. Seriously though, check out Pinterest and head to dollar tree, there are so many decorative and practical items you can make fro...
Dollar Tree
I know David's Bridal is a chain, and more modern brides are looking in Boutiques, but don't count them out just yet. My wedding dress was originally $2,000 and I get it for $500 on sale. There are always sales going on at these stores and you can fi...
David's Bridal
I sold a ton of my decor on Facebook marketplace, so I know personally that you can find beautiful wedding pieces within your community at much lower prices than you'd find in stores. Most of my decor were DIY's (good DIY's!) so let other people do t...
Facebook Marketplace: Buy and Sell Items Locally or Shipped
Make several wedding registries and don't leave out Target! They're familiar to your guests, they have a wide range of brands and items, and they have benefits when you sign up for one.
Wedding Registry
This is one of the best wedding photo sharing resources I've seen. Guests are given a QR code that they can send the pics they take from the wedding to. There's not many pictures they can take (I think 10 each) but that makes sense when you remember ...
A trip to Italy for only $900? Whether you’re planning the wedding, honeymoon, or any activity in the meanwhile, do yourself a favor and scroll through Groupon. Your mind will be blown at the sight of some of these deals.
I’ve been to and been in many weddings (bridesmaid at 7 weddings) and I have tasted some terrible wedding cakes. Skip the fondant cake disasters and get a reasonably priced, beautiful, delicious cake from Publix. I’m serious, their cakes are so good.
Order Bakery Cakes and Custom Personalized Cakes
I'm a very creative person and I do a ton of DIYs, but the printing costs out there are ridiculous. You can design beautiful invitations on Shutterfly for an affordable price and their customer service is top notch.
Shutterfly | Photo Books, Cards, Prints, Wall Art, Gifts, Wedding
Personal shoutout to the best wedding photographer ever. Okay, I may be a little biased since he was mine, but I'm not because Robert is a serious professional who was great to work with and gave my husband and I a gorgeous album of memories along wi...
Copy of About — Tampa Wedding Photographer-Wedding ...
I saw this at a friend's wedding and had tears in my eyes. This newspaper is a precious way to remember your special day.
Wedding Newspaper
I had no idea these were even a thing until recently, but just WOW! Cost effective, but you can also hold on to these flowers as keepsakes for you and your guests.
Wedding Flowers
We've heard of cocktail hour, but what about coffee hour? This is a great alternative for venues (or brides) that don't allow alcohol at their weddings. It may also be a great idea to have a warmer beverage option at a Fall or Winter wedding.
Super-Automatic Espresso Machines & More
A great alternative to some of the harmful effects of rice or confetti, bubbles are fun and make your wedding pics look unique and fansiful!
Bubbles Wedding
For those who want fancy jewelry for their wedding, but probably won't wear it again, jewelry rentals are a great option.
7 Ways to Rent Bling for Your Wedding Day
One of the coolest guestbooks I have ever seen. Your guests record messages for the new couple on a vintage phone for you and your new partner to enjoy for years to come!
After the Tone: Audio Guestbook
A great way to leave the wedding as a new couple is through a sparkler tunnel. It's fun and whimsical, but it also makes for gorgeous pictures.
Sparklers in Toys and Novelty(78)
Pinterest is a great idea generator, not to mention all the articles and resources of has.
Pinterest on the App Store
This seems like a random one, but you're going to want your guests to have things to do at the wedding, especially if it's outside. Dick's has a ton of lawn games at affordable prices that you can choose from.
DICK'S Sporting Goods - Official Site - Every Season Starts at ...
A cute way for your guests to leave memorable notes with their own Polaroid pic for the guestbook.
Fuji Instax Mini