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Things to do in Austin, TX!

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For anyone visiting Austin, Tx I have included a list of restaurants, entertainment, and parks that are well-known and some of my favorites. Even if you already live in Austin or have just moved here, I definitely recommend checking out the list.


Fun things to do around Austin

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This one of the first places I went on a date with my boyfriend. They have so many fun activities, including, go-carting, bowling, rock climbing, bar/restaurant and a buffet area. Outdoor rides for the little ones. An indoor rollercoaster that is act...
Austins Park - Amusements, Games, Go-Karts, Rides, More
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They are open for all ages before 8PM, after that they are opened later for anyone over the age of 21. They are known for making their homemade ciders. You pay one fee to play whatever games you would like. Near the downtown area. There are tons of g...
Cidercade-Austin Arcade Games & Bar
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This entertainment joint has something for everybody! There is a nice bar near some open pool tables to play for free. They have a large bowling section as well as an arcade, laser tag, and rock climbing. Perfect for a date idea, going out with the f...
Main Event | Austin, Texas | Birthday Parties - Bowling - Arcade Games
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Cool affordable arcade with old classic pinball games and other classic games as well as new ones. They have a fun go-cart track with neon lights, and they play fun music, it's also indoors!
Pinballz Arcade Austin-Entertainment, Games & Party Venues
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Hands down my favorite movie theater I have ever been to. They give you blankets for each seat, an extensive menu that tastes delicious! They also include great fast service for the food. They have pairs of two seats separated by a small wall so you ...
IPIC Theaters - The Ultimate Theater Experience


If you're looking for good restaurants in Austin, Tx.. these are some of favorites that I have tried so far!

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I am a big fan of Hibachi food, and this place is the best one I have tried so far. It's a bit pricey but definitely worth it. I went here for my birthday dinner last year and it was very good. They also have a really nice assortment of sushi. The at...
Kobe of Austin | Best Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar in Austin TX
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This restaurant is on the pricer side but has truly memorable food. I don't really know how to describe the type of food they have because they have a mixture. I would suggest previewing the menu they have a very wide range of food options. The atmos...
Foxhole Culinary Tavern - Austin, TX
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If you're looking for a bougee bowling alley, this is for you(lol). They have golf, pool, live concerts on the weekend, bowling, and a very nice bar. Perfect if you're looking for some entertainment but would like to sip on some unique drinks. Their ...
Spare Birdie - Cedar Park, TX
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Very energetic environment, they have TVS everywhere playing K-pop music videos. They turn off all the lights for birthdays and its really fun and cool! Meat choices are very affordable compared to other Korean BBQ places. Me and my Bf are regulars h...
Austin, TX — Honey Pig Korean BBQ
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I wish they had more pictures of the interior I could put on here. The atmosphere was amazing, service was quick and efficient, and food was amazing. It feels like you're in an authentic sushi shop in Japan, love the vibes. It is a small and quant re...
Home - Sushi Moto


Looking for a great spot to have a picnic, go for a stroll, or just enjoy nature? These are perfect for you!

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Zilker Park is one of Austin's most know park. It is very large and holds a lot of different events yearly. Perfect for doing outdoor activities! The park faces a beautiful view of the city and is right by barton creek where you can swim.
First Timer's Guide to Zilker Park | Visit Austin, TX
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Cute park, known for the sculpture that has netting and you can lay above the ground. There are restrooms and its right by the water. Perfect place to have a little picnic or go for a walk.
Pease Park Conservancy
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With parking nearby this bridge, you can get out and hike the hill up to the top to overview the 360 bridge. You get a beautiful view of the lake as well as a view of Austin from here. Really good date idea or to take pictures, or hang out with frien...
Pennybacker Bridge
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During the summer, Texas gets HOT! This is a perfect place to take a dip and feel refreshed. The water temperatures are 68 degrees. They have a diving board and lots of areas to sit and soak up the sun. There is usually a small fee to enter so keep t...
About Barton Springs Pool
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Beautiful hike to catch the sunset and look down on the lake as well as catch a view of downtown. Nice scenic route for a nice hike.
Mount Bonnell – Austin’s Highest Point & Popular Tourist Attraction


While Austin, TX doesn't have that many shopping centers..Here are a few of my favorites!

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I'm going to be honest, there are not many malls or shopping centers in Austin. But this one is probably one of my favorites! It has everything, great restaurants, a bar/clubbing strip, high-end shopping, well known stores, and TopGolf is right by. T...
The Domain®
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This mall is a bit south of Downtown Austin. The mall is a very large size and has a great variety of stores to choose from. They have high end brands and a lot of classic favorite stores.
Barton Creek Square
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I have to tag one main place. But surrounding this thrift store is a strip of a few other thrift stores that carry a lot of vintage and nicer than usual brands for thrifting. Super fun to go shopping with friends. They have a lot of good options at t...
Austin - Guadalupe - Buffalo Exchange


If you are looking for nightlife, Austin's got it. We are known for sixth street a very busy clubbing street filled with different clubs for everyone. Tons of fun party busses and things going on in the city of Austin.

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If your looking for a fun memorable experience this is for you. You get to rent this fun party bus without a roof, they provide a cooler, dance floor with led lights, and a sound system to blast your favorite music through downtown. Super fun idea if...
Roofless Party Bus Tour in Downtown Austin
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Austin is also known for the live music culture. This is perfect if you are a lover of music and want to check out multiple bands in one day and check out different bars.
Downtown Austin Live Music Pub Crawl