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Top 10 Favorite Purchases For Our Rv

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Not essentials, definitely things that make full time RV life more bearable though!
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I'm so disappointed in how long I waited to buy a Dyson! I've bought a new stick or handheld vacuum almost yearly and none worked very well and they always burned out quick. I tried Shark, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Black and Decker and more. If you want a ...
Dyson V10 Vacuum
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Going keyless is a must for our family. When my husband leaves for work in the dark he doesn't have to fumble with keys in the dark, he just taps the lock button on his key fob! Once our kids were old enough to memorize the code they could get in and...
RVLock - Upgrade to Keyless in 10 Minutes
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Make sure your shower head has the option to adjust your water pressure up and down, not just on and off! You can preserve hot water by turning the pressure down while you soap up but not completely off. Then turn the pressure back up to rinse. This ...
Shower Head with Adjustable Water Pressure
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Oh how I resisted an ice maker! I didn't want to give up precious counter space! However, my husband bought one specifically for ice for a week of fishing. "Have you seen the cost of a bag of ice?" He said, “It'll pay for itself!” and he was right! W...
Countertop Ice Maker
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RV mattresses are garbage! RV companies have made many improvements to the look and layout of current RVs but I haven't heard of one report of a good mattress. We got a mattress in a box and it is super comfy! Being in a box made it easy to bring in ...
New Mattress
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I had no idea how much I'd love these rugs! The pictures on there website just didn't jump out at me. I ended up letting my husband decide which rugs to get as he was really set on getting Ruggables brand. When they came and I unrolled them and was i...
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This little heater cranks out the heat! We actually borrowed one from a friend when we accidentally ran out of propane on a chilly night. We thought it worked so well we bought one for ourselves and it's been keeping us nice and toasty for years! Space Heater, 1500W Electric ...
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I love my pellet grill! This baby is not just for smoking, although I do smoke large batches of salmon on it each year! Our first RV had a horrible oven so I just used it for storage and cooked everything in the Traegar! Cookies, pizza, casseroles, c... one. They are both great and Traegar also has amazing customer support if you ever need parts!
Tailgater Grill
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A small fan for the bedroom to keep air circulating is a must for a hot sleeper! I like a clip on one to keep stuff off the floor or shelves.
Clip On Fan
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I think in the RV world they call these marriage savers! 😂😂😂 Seriously though moving day can be rough and anything to make that less stressful I'll take!
Furrion Wireless Backup Camera