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Sleep Essentials
Everything you need for a perfect sleep!
Sleep Accessories
Handmade mask that will lead to a night of restful sleep
Blissy Silk Sleep Mask
A cooling pillow that will never deflate
Leesa Hybrid Pillow
This will help relieve any head or eye pain and allow you to sleep
Manta COOL Mask
The coziest pajamas ever
J.Crew: Eco Dreamiest Long-sleeve Pajama Set For Women
Listen to white noise with these earbuds that are safe for sleeping
Sleepbuds II with Alarm | Bose
Switch to a silk pillowcase, which is better for your skin and face
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
10-20lb weighted blanket that will soothe even the worst anxiety
Weighted Blanket to Calm Anxiety
Including in case you like to wear socks while you sleep
Chenille Plush Socks (2-Pack)
Lights & Shades
Sleep train yourself with this smart light!
Hatch Restore - Smart Light and Sleep Sounds
A dark room will help you to sleep better
Solid Blackout Thermal Grommet Curtain Panels
Self-dimming light that is great for all times of the day
The Glow Light | Casper
This little lamp emits a warm light that is perfect for winding down
Little Glass Table Lamp | Urban Outfitters
Use the app to help you track your sleep habits
Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light
Project soothing stars on your ceiling to feel like you're falling asleep under the night sky
Starry Night Carousel Nightlight
Chill Out
Add an extra layer of relaxation with a chill pill bath bomb!
Chill Pills - OUAI
Warm the stone and massage essential oils into your skin to help relax
Sleep Stone | Kate McLeod
Capsule with ingredients such as melatonin and magnesium to help you fall asleep
Dream Capsules | beam
Pillow mists are a great way to create a calming environment
Rest Linen Mist | Parachute
This tea will instantly make you wish you were wrapped up in a cozy blanket
Sakara Sleep Tea
The patch works for 8-12 hours and is infused with valerian root
Dream | The Good Patch
This stress-relief blend tastes like peppermint hot chocolate
Chill The F* Out™
Take 2 before bed to begin the relaxation process
OLLY Sleep Gummy
Get into the habit of a nighttime skincare routine that will help you wash the day away
The Sleepy Routine