Frequently Asked Questions

What is Benable?

Benable is a tool to create beautiful, shareable lists of things you recommend. Ever get asked for recommendations? Benable is the all-in-one tool to share your favorite: products, places, services, activities, videos, recipes, and more!
Save time, delight followers, and earn passive income. Prevent the things you’ve recommended from getting buried in your feed or disappearing in your story! With Benable, you automatically compile beautiful lists of things you recommend.

How does it work?

Benable in 3 steps:

Step 1: Create a profile and start a new list (e.g. “Skincare Recs”, "Best Restaurants in LA", “Baby Gear”, “Holiday Recipes” etc)

Step 2: Add keywords or paste a link to something you recommend. Benable will automatically scan the web to pull in all the info: photos, links, social, reviews, etc!

Step 3: Confirm or edit the info as you like. E.g., upload your own photos, include an optional note, etc.

That’s it! Tap to get a shareable link to your Benable profile or lists, which you can add in your Linktree, bio, or on your blog. Your friends and followers don’t need a Benable account to view your Benable lists!

How do I earn passive income?

Benable makes it easy to earn money from the things you recommend! Benable has partnered with over 35,000+ sites that will pay you when someone makes a purchase from your list. When you join Benable you instantly get approved for all 35,000+ brand deals.
Our brand partners include sites across products, apps, experiences, travel sites, subscriptions, and more. Including Etsy, Lululemon, West Elm, Nike, Sephora, Tripadvisor, Wayfair, Minted, VRBO, Anthropologie, Coursera, BestBuy, eBay, Ulta, etc. It even works with Amazon!
Anytime you add anything from these sites to your Benable list, Benable will auto-add a custom affiliate link for you. And Benable doesn't take a cut, you keep the whole commission! (If you already have a partnership with a brand, you’re welcome to use your own affiliate links.)

How does Benable work with things that don’t have affiliate links?

Benable is a tool to compile all your recommendations into beautiful shareable lists. Many of the things people recommend don’t have affiliate links, e.g. restaurants, articles, parks, local services, activities, etc. You can still add those things to beautiful shareable lists on Benable even if they don’t result in a commission!

How is Benable different from Amazon Storefronts and LTK?

Amazon storefronts only let you add things from Amazon. On Benable you can recommend anything - including everything from Amazon. Also, tons of creators have told us Amazon is hard to use and clunky, whereas Benable is simple and effortless.
LTK is great, but it’s mostly for fashion. While Benable works great for fashion (we have more fashion brand partners than LTK!), you can also add literally anything you recommend. Travel recs, recipes, books, videos, activities, articles, local services, etc. Also, Benable doesn’t take a penny of your commissions, you keep the full amount.

How do I add my Benable to my Linktree, TikTok, or Instagram bio?

Super easy, just copy your Benable profile link and paste it wherever you like! Most creators add their Benable profile link to their Linktree or in their bio.

How much does Benable cost?

Benable is free, and always will be! Eventually, Benable will monetize through paid ads in search results similar to Google, Pinterest, etc. (There will never be ads on your lists or profile).

Who are you?

Thanks for asking! We’re a team of folks, headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area with members sprinkled around the globe. We launched Benable about a year ago with the goal of making it easier for people to help one another by sharing recommendations. We are a registered Public Benefit Corporation, which means our mission is core to everything we do, and we are committed to driving a positive social impact.