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Chinese Hot Pot
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Cooking thin slices of meat, seafood, vegetables and noodles at a communal pot. Different Asian cultures have their own version of hot pot. I will be sharing how I enjoy hot pot at home as a half-Cantonese American. And yeah I get them from the Korea...
Hot Pot Basic Tools and Sauces

The Japanese call it Shabu Shabu, my Cantonese family called it Fire Pot. Add the fresh food such as thinly sliced meat, seafood, fishcakes, vegetables and noodles.
The thin slices of meat you get have to be frozen first to be able to slice the meat thin enough. I recommend getting ones rolled up so they are easier to handle.

Electric pot for two different bases.
Food Party Electric Hot Pot with Divider Hotpot Pot Electric Cooker Shabu Shabu Pot 110V Non-Stick 6-Quart BPA FREE Fondue Chinese Hot Pot
I prefer this brand for the spicy side. We pre-boil this on the stove before adding it to the electric pot.
Malatang Hot Pot Soup Base 7.76oz(220g)
Love Little Sheep brand for the original. (This is not soup to drink, it's way too salty to be a consumed as soup!)
Hot Pot Soup Base Original 4.59oz(130g)
Lime and Soy dipping sauce
Pon Shabu Sauce 8.40 FL OZ (248 ML)
This or Goma Shabu sauce from Mizkan. It's sesame based
Hot Pot Dipping Sauce Original Flavor 4.94oz(140g)
Guide to Hot Pot
If you are new to Hot Pot
Chinese Hot Pot Guide (火锅)
FeedMeiMei at a hot pot restaurant
Mike Chen in my city eating hot pot
All You Can Eat HOTPOT Buffet Tour of San Francisco!
Hot Pot in the Bay

If you don't feel like cooking at home, The Bay has it covered. All of the places in San Francisco that I have been to have closed, so I've got nothing for SF!

Steamboat - Concord, CA
Concord. (Same center as Steamboat) Taiwanese style has the food already in the pot.
Tasty Pot - Concord, CA
Concord at The Veranda. Individual Pots and walk up buffet for everything but the meat
Shabuya - Concord, CA
Fremont- They have secret phrases you can tell your server for a prize.
Haidilao - Fremont, CA
Fremont- Love this cozy place with Taiwanese style hot pot, street snacks, and boba!
Milk & Honey Cafe - Fremont, CA