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Beauty & Makeup
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Beauty blogger recommendations for makeup, skincare, nails and hair!
People always stop me to ask what I am wearing or what I use… here it is, organized into sections.
Holographic, Duochrome, Iridescent
Flashy Duochromatic Eyeshadows in a Fantasic Formula
Danessa Myricks Beauty- Lightwork V: I Am Palette For Eyes And Face
Obsessed with the holographic, duchromatic, shimmery shades from this small handmade business!
Ensley Reign Strawberry Moon Full Moon Holochrome Pressed Eyeshadow Bundle - 5 Shades
Gorgeous holographic purple nail lacquer- Long lasting!
Mooncat What Is My Purpose?
Incredible color-shirfting lip gloss- Pink to Green. Tons of Sparkle!
Queen Cosmetics- Moon Stone
One of my favorites! Actually holographic!
Queen Cosmetics- Holograpgic Lip Gloss in Euphoria

Toner, Essence, Serum, Treatments, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Lip Care, Devices- This is everything I use!

My tried and true serum, I have been using this for many years!
Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum
Absorbs well, no pilling!
Mochi Mochi Luminous Plumping & Hydrating Moisturizer
Eye cream- retinol alternative for those who cannot tolerate retinol
Moon Dew 1% Bakuchiol + Peptides Retinol Alternative Eye Cream
Overnight facial sleeping mark- great for when you are too tired to do a whole routine.
Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
Overnight sleeping mask- Skin appears fresh and glowing
Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Night Cream + Mask with Vitamin C
Hair Care and Color
Be sure to read and follow the directions! #3 is NOT a conditoner! The conditioner is!
OLAPLEX - Repair, Protect, & Strengthen Hair
Repair damaged hair
Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask
The trial size is only $12! See if you like it!
Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Conditioner for Damaged Hair - Redken | Ulta Beauty
(I use Pony and Mystic)
Unicorn Hair Full Coverage Hair Dye
I use Light Purple, Amethyst, Orchid, Indigo, Magenta, Cobalt and Sapphire.
Color Intensity
Asian Brands

K- Beauty, C-Beauty, J- Beauty

C Beauty- The most beautiful packaging ever!
Moonlight Mermaid
I have both the warm and cool palettes. The warm looks best on my skin
KYDA Purple Blush Palette, 4 Colors Cool Purple Lavender Tone, Natural Glow Tint for Face&Cheek, Contour Highlight Blush All-in-One Palette, Smooth Blendable
Tri-color Cream Concealer Palette Girls Makeup Concealer Foundation for Dark Skin Cover Spots Acne Marks Full Coverage Concealer
Contour- Perfect for fair to light olive skin tones
KYDA Face Sculpting Contouring Palette, Concealer Contour Powder, Silky Smooth Lightweight High Pigmented Contour Shadow Makeup, by Ownest Beauty-Taupe
I'm Meme Palette - Afternoon Tea Contour | Frozen Choco, Bronzer Palette for Face & Cheeks, Matte Powder Bronzer, Natural Makeup, Buildable Coverage, Light to Medium, For Cool Tone Skin, 0.4oz
Nail Care
A cosmetic chemist recommended this on TikTok, so I use it
OPI Repair Mode Bond Building Nail Serum, Keratin Protein, Repaired Nails in 6 Days, Vegan Formula, Clear, 0.3 fl oz
Patch up broken/split nails. Make sure to buff it down so it doesn't look weird and thick
Orly Nail Rescue Kit (Pack of 2)
I use 3 or 4 coats before I even start the color
essie Nail Care, 8-Free Vegan, Strong Start Base Coat, strengthening nail polish, 0.46 fl oz
Body Care
The Barbie serum! Helps prevent ingrowns
Barbie™ Bikini Serum
Always get these on sale! Never pay full price for one! Lasts a month, smells the best of all the body scrubs I have used!
Exfoliating Body Scrub
I like the formula best because it's not too thick and is easier to apply
Cake Maker Tightening Butt & Leg Cream - Truly | Ulta Beauty
You won't be “cured” but it will look less bad as long as you use it
Anti-Cellulite Routine
Other brands do not work as well as Baby Foot! I tried to save money and sometimes they give me a rash or they never peel. Use Baby Foot.
Baby Foot Peel Mask-Original Exfoliant Foot Peel-Callus Remover for Rough Cracked Dry Feet-Dead Skin Remove-Foot Peeling Mask for Baby Soft Feet - Lavender Scented

Primer, foundation, concealer

Glowy Primer. Silicone-based ones always made my makeup pill. This does not!
Yummy Skin Glow Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide
If you are unsure of your shade, try Transluscent. Fills and blurs pores and fine lines
Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder
Incredible! Glowy foundation that can be built up to full coverage if you need. Has refills for $24
Yummy Skin Serum Foundation
Another incredible foundation
SurrealSkin™ Liquid Foundation
Used for over a decade!
Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation
Lip Products
I was asked about this one! I wore Soft Orchid!
Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss
These are the prettiest lip glosses you will ever see! They are color-shifting and holo at the same time! I bought backups!
Enchanted Forest Lip Trio (OG Formula)
The lip liner itself is a great shade to make my lips look plumper
Chucky x Glamlite
My picks are the pink shades
Velvet Trap
Super pigmented!
Supreme Gloss
Neutral Palette
JSC Orgy Artistry Palette
Neutral Palette
P.Louise Bridal Series - Wedding Wish XL Palette
The whole collection is so cute ! I grew up loving Garfield. Happy to get this for Christmas!
Garfield x Glamlite 12 Shade Palette
Every purple you may ever need (but I will still buy more)
P.Louise A World Full Of Wonder Palette
Rosey nudes, such a staple!
The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette
Snow Globe is what I use daily! Using it for years and it's still not gone!
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Supreme Frost Snow Globe | Beautylish
I use the pink, blue and purple shades. Amazing on the inner corner of your eyes
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Extreme Frost Choking on Ice | Beautylish
Not only is the packaging stankin CUTE, but it's a great product
Frosted Flakes x Glamlite Loose Highlighter
I use the white one, but use the one that best fits your skin tone
Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight
I collect them all! These colors are so fun!
Mermaids Hi-Lite Palette - Lime Crime | Ulta Beauty
Tried and true blush!
NARS Blush
Tenderly is my fave. Looks so fresh
ILIA Multi Stick in Tenderly
Peach blush that makes my fair olive skin look alive!
Care Bears Cuddle Time Blush-Thrill Seeker
Orchid Gem is a sutble blush with a gradient, so you can customize the shade. The packaging is so beautifull!
Circus Gradient Blush
Happy is very brightening! Only needs 1 small dot!
Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush by Selena Gomez
I use Malibu daily, and Ibiza
Han Skin Care Cosmetics Bronzer
Choose the shade that is right for you. For contour, you want it to lean cool. I use Fawn
ABH Contour & Highlight Stick in Fawn
I use the smaller side for cream and fluffy side for powder to set.
Luxie 182 Nose Perfector Rose Gold JadeyWady180
A stronger shade for olive skintones
KYDA Contour Beauty Wand, Liquid Face Contouring with Cushion Applicator, High Coverage Natural Matte Finish, Lightweight Blendable Super Silky Cream Contour Stick, by Ownest Beauty-Light to Medium
3 shades, good for MUA kit! I dip into all 3 of them in a single sitting just for fun
I'm Meme Palette - Afternoon Tea Contour | Frozen Choco, Bronzer Palette for Face & Cheeks, Matte Powder Bronzer, Natural Makeup, Buildable Coverage, Light to Medium, For Cool Tone Skin, 0.4oz

Eyeliner gel, pen, pencil

Waterline and tightline. 1 pot should last about a year.
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Repurchased so many times
Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner - Maybelline | Ulta Beauty
Sharp crisp line when new!
Tattoo Liner Vegan Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
Purple that stays in the waterline
L03 Night of Creation
I love the purple palette! My friend gave me one as a gift! This is a cake eyeliner, where you need water or a mixing medium
Love Sick Eyeliner

The best mascaras to hold a curl for straight, hard-to-curl-asian eyelashes

Drugstore- has been repurchased a hundred times
Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara - L'Oréal | Ulta Beauty
Delicate, for defining
AMTS x Webtoon True Beauty, Natural Lengthening Black Mascara Volume and Length, Tubing Mascara Waterproof, Lash Extension, No Smudge, No Flaking, Korean Makeup Kbeauty Kdrama
This is how I discovered my all time favorite Aqua Smoky Lash has been discontinued. There's this one though
Aqua Smoky Extravagant Waterproof Mascara
THE number one recommeded lash curler. I've bought so many over the years
Shu Uemura US

False eyelashes and the accessories needed to apply

Excellent, flattering lash. They keep discontinuing my fave styles, but this one is still here! Re-purchasing for sure!
Lilly Lashes The Wedding Lash
Fluttery lashes!
Aliyah Cosmeticss - Princesa
Ruffle is TikTok viral and for good reason. I've bought so many of these…
KISS Lash Couture Naked Drama False Eyelashes, Cruise', 16 mm, Includes 4 Pairs Of Lashes, Contact Lens Friendly, Easy to Apply, Reusable Strip Lashes
Demi wispies are great for lash newbies
Ardell False Eyelashes Demi Wispies Black, 1 pack (6 pairs per pack)
You Dew You is a great Anime/ Manga lash look
Kiss Lash Drip You Dew You (Pack of 6)