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Edgy Metal Style
Purple Star emoji
Black, studs and stars. My personal style because people are always asking what I'm wearing,
Clothing, Accessories and Odds N Ends
Comes in different colors, but the Black/ Metallic Silver is what I have
Mauritius Christy Black & Silver Lamb Leather Jacket
Glows in the dark!
Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Ribcage Women's Muscle Tank Top
Sorry there doesn't seem to be all sizes since it's from a few years ago
Steve Madden Women's Viceroy Ankle Boot, Black, 7.5
Also comes in silver holo. very small but cute!
Superstar Rock Star Electric Guitar Crossbody Purse Small
I put Bjorn's guitar pick in here :)
Musiin Necklace Silicone Guitar Pick Holder Double-Sided Universal Pick Thickness (Standard)