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Digital Products - DIY

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Jessa Bellman has the most amazing inspirational products that you can download,  repuprose and sell on as your own or use them in foryo daily use.  Too Easy, and beautiful.  It takes the guess work out of designing and makes all your products and brand united.

Digital products

I would suggest Template Society - this has all 15 products in it.  Or choose from the 15 different templates to use as you wish, make & sell on Etsy/Amazon or use personally.  

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THIS IS THE BEST ONE - all of the templates.
Template Society
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These are great products to use for yourself or sell.
Journal and Planner Bundle
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Great products to use as your own or sell
Youtube Bundle
The Virtual Assistant Bundle
The eBook Creator

Digital Courses

Course Creators Society
Digital Bundle Scene Creator
Etsy Superstar - Now Open for Enrollment
Pinterest Protege
Passive Income Society