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Dungeons & Dragons: Building Your First Campaign
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This list is filled with recommendations to inspire, educate, and guide you in crafting a legendary campaign that your fellow gamers will never forget!
A fantastic online resource for everything D&D, ideal for beginners or seasoned Dungeon Masters looking to explore new ideas for their campaigns.
D&D Beyond
This site is a treasure trove of map-making knowledge. Whether you're looking for tutorials, advice or just some inspiration, the Cartographers' Guild has got you covered.
Cartographers' Guild
A bustling community full of creative minds and helpful advice. Definitely a great place to ask questions or seek inspiration.
DnD: Roll for Initiative!
A subreddit dedicated to D&D maps, great for sparking some creative ideas for your campaign.
D&D Maps
Great for getting a deeper understanding of the most popular setting in D&D. The videos are easy to digest and very informative.
Forgotten Realms Explained | D&D Campaign Settings
Home to a wealth of D&D related comics, articles, and forums. The community is super friendly and always willing to help new DMs.
Giant in the Playground Games
Packed with useful video tutorials on how to create engaging D&D campaigns. Andrew's passion for the game really shines through!
Does anyone know what happened to the YouTube ...
An online platform for sharing user-created content. There's a wealth of free resources here for campaign building, all created by other passionate D&D players.
Dungeon Masters Guild -
Although it's no longer in print, you can still access many of Dragon Magazine's excellent articles online - a superb resource for campaign building.
Dragon Magazine : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming
An invaluable resource for any DM. Contains all the rules of the game - keep this one bookmarked for easy reference during gameplay.
The Hypertext d20 SRD (v3.5, 5e & Pathfinder d20 System ...
Watch and learn from professional voice actors playing D&D. The storylines they create are truly inspiring, and it's always a good laugh.
A blog that dives deep into the tactics of various D&D monsters. It's a great help in making your combat encounters more engaging and realistic.
The Monsters Know What They're Doing - Ready-to-Use ...
Matt's 'Running the Game' series is a must-watch for any new DM. He breaks down the process of creating a campaign in a really accessible way.
Matthew Colville
A website that compiles all official rules clarifications and errata from the game's designers. It's a lifesaver when you're unsure about a rule.
D&D Sage Advice · Questions on Dungeons & Dragons ...
Donjon offers a collection of tools for Dungeon Masters including random generators for dungeons, NPCs, and much more. It's very handy when you're in a pinch.
donjon; RPG Tools
Stuck for a name for your latest NPC? This site has thousands of name generators to choose from. Problem solved!
Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters.
Pruitt and Jim Davis have a wealth of knowledge about D&D and they share it in a fun and engaging way on their show.
Web DM
World Anvil is a world-building tool for authors, story tellers and world lovers. It's great for keeping track of all the lore in your campaign.
World Anvil Worldbuilding tools & RPG Campaign Manager ...
A simple but powerful tool for creating beautiful maps for your campaign.
Inkarnate - Create Fantasy Maps Online
A great blog that provides DM advice, D&D news, and RPG reviews. Worth checking out. Tabletop RPG News & Resources - D&D
A handy resource for any spellcasting in your campaign. You can easily search and filter spells.
Spell index for Dungeons and Dragons 5e, a D&D tool from ...