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Weekend Travel Kit

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Your go-to resource for crafting your perfect weekend getaways and ensuring you have everything you need for an unforgettable trip. After traveling for over 15 years, 150 + flights, and 50 destination locations this is the starter kit to use if you w...


Travel accessories are vital as they enhance convenience, organization, and overall comfort, making your journeys more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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TSA friendly and so helpful if you don't want to be carry your entire makeup routine.
Clear Travel Makeup Bag Kit
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I love this toiletry bag because if anything comes our or spills you can easily clean it with a paper towel.
Toiletry Organizer Bag
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Water Bottle
CamelBak Water Bottle - Purple
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Package Cubes
4pc Packing Cube Set


Backpacks are crucial for travel due to their convenience, comfort, versatility, and capacity. They distribute weight evenly, allow hands-free mobility, and come in various sizes and styles to meet different travel needs, making them essential for tr...

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Slick travel backpack if we need to hop from one place to the next once you land.
Travel Backpack - Open Story™
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A chic backpack that is multipurpose for travel or for the office.
Commuter Backpack - Open Story™
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I love that this is hand held! You can easily put this on your roller suitcase.
Square Backpack - Universal Thread™
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It remind me of a puffer jacket. This design I'm obsessed with because of how clean and polish this looks. It's a staple piece for anyone working on the road/plane.
The Quilted Everywhere Zip Backpack
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I wish I had one in green. It's so beautifully designed, while most bags with this style usually loses shape after a couple uses. Great for laptops and weekend getaways.
The Everywhere Bag

For The Plane

Maintaining a sense of freshness and cleanliness throughout a plane journey is essential for your comfort and overall well-being, particularly on extended flights.

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A travel pillow is a make or break for me for any flight. If I have a red eye flight, best belive I'm taking this with me
Travel Smart by Conair Memory Foam and Soft Beaded Neck Pillow - Gray
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A clean & sanitary option for your desk trays, seat, or tv screen.
The Honest Company 100% Organic Cotton Dry Wipes - 192ct
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Use this to moisturize during your flights. Highly recommend so you can board and deplane your flights fully hydatred.
CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Hands Unscented - 3oz
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The lock and ability to expand suitcase is such a nice touch for frequent travelers that have valuables they want to keep safe.
The Bigger Carry-On Flex | Away: Built for Modern Travel