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Best Activities for Kids | Maryland Edition

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There are a lot of great places to visit but you don't know what you don't know. It's hard to get out of your normal every day routine bubble. Hopefully this list helps spark some ideas.


If you have a kid that is 10 and under you are always looking for a new (clean and safe) playground to take them to. These are my favorites in our area. 

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If you are a Ravens fan this will be perfect for your kids. It's decked out with a Ninja warrior type obstacle course (but kid friendly). Easy to get to and clean
Ravens Playground
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This playground is so big and fun. My kids love it. It's clean and easy to get to. The thing I love most is it is a sensory friendly playground so everyone can enjoy it.
Blandair Regional Park West Playground


Education but make it fun.

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Great for young(ish) kids and ones that love anything that moves (cars, trucks, trains). Self guided and fun to walk around and see the big trains. Only takes up a couple of hours of your day.
B&O Railroad Museum
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We really love this place. It's perfect for a day when you want to run around, do something fun but learn at the same time. Great for all ages.
Maryland Science Center
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This was SUCH A COOL PLACE! My three kdis loved it. I can't recommend this enough for kids and adults
Planet Word Museum

Summer Fun

Outdoor activities that are perfect for those summer months off school

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I wish there were more splash pads in our area (Carroll County) this one thankfully isn't too far but it can get crowded on a nice hot summer day. The best thing it's FREE!
Millard Cooper Park
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A good hike can do a body wonders. Getting outside helps with so many things for the kiddos. We try to incorporate small and achievable hikes throughout the year to teach them about mother nature and taking care of our world.
Best Kid Friendly Trails in Thurmont
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We love this area (it's a bit of a drive for us but worth it). There are a lot of easy trails for kids.
Gunpowder Falls
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I did this when I was a kid and it was so much fun. A core memory for sure. Kids need to be a litle older.
River Riders: Harpers Ferry Rafting, Tubing, Ziplining, EBiking ...