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Personal Development in Life and Business

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Something about personal dvelopment books just make me so motivated. I think the hope in them keeps me going and challanges me to always improve even the tinest thing every day.

Bookworm Friends

I don't like to read…well change that I don't read often but when I do I always choose a personal development, self help, business type genre. It just gives me that hope and motivation I need to keep trying in the world of business and life! 

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I read this a little later than when I feel like “most” people read it. It certainly was something I wish I had started sooner. Really easy to read and authentic tips to apply in your life today (in business or personally)
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good ...
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I bought this book at an HR conference and I absolutely have no regrets. The author was the keynote at the conference and it was one of my favorite keynotes to date. The book does not disappoint.
The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences ...
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Every Simon Sinek book I read I just love. He has such a good storytelling quality about him and I could just literally eat up everything he says all day.
Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together ...
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I wish Brene Brown was my Mom. Or at least I could talk to her for encourgment anytime I need to. I suppose her books will do, but honestly that's a pretty good resource. I love ALL her books.
Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole ...
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I head Simon speak at an HR conference and he was so captivating. I knew I needed to read his book and it surely has not disapointed.
Energize: Make the Most of Every Moment


This list isn't going to grow, full disclousre. I don't go to conferences but I have been to one particular one TWICE and I loved it. Definitely worth looking into. 

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I haven't been to really any conference but I've been to this one TWICE! It's so good guys, like even in you aren't in a main HR role at your company it's worth it. So many inspiring speakers and breakout sessions. It feels good to be around like min...
The Best HR Conference in 2024 | Workhuman Live in Austin

Swag Sources

We might not get a lot of people who understand our business (we are very niche in the government contracting space) but we practically get fan mail over our swag. These are some of our favorite sources to get swag from for empolyees, gifts, and fans... 

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We searched high and low for a good water bottle company. We ultimately worked with Liberty because they did a full wrap option that could be completely customizable.
Liberty Bottles
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This is our signature t-shirt. You have no idea how many compliments we get about our t-shirts. Hands down the most comfortable shirt you'll ever wear.
Real Thread: Soft & Stylish Custom T Shirt Printing
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The go to place for stickers and magnets. So many options and the quality is top-notch!
Sticker Mule - Custom Logo Stickers
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Custom business logo ornaments. Great for a stocking stuffer or topper for an employee holiday gift
Custom Business Logo Ornaments
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We made very simple straight forward business logo hats and they turned out great.
Custom Logo baseball caps


Sometimes you don't want to give more swag as a gift. Sometimes it can't come off that aggressive/sales-like. These are the gifting platforms we've used over and over again.

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Can lean towards women but there are some male-friendly gifts as well. Really high quality and beautiful designed
BOXFOX - Gifting Company
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Also can be easily geared toward women when you gift look but they do great custom business boxes. Very very high quality and you're supporting a small business
Marigold & Grey | Curated Gift Boxes for Work + Life
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A great way to send a thinking of you for an emloyee or co-worker who might be going through something (good or bad).
Spoonful of Comfort
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Even if you were to say you aren't a big cupcake eater I'd make you try these. Everyone loves a mini anything and these are soooo good! Holidays, birthdays, thank you's. And their delivery is super easy.
Baked by Melissa: Cupcake Delivery, Send Nationwide!
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Hands down the number one place we order from. Any speciality food they have it and it's CRAZY GOOD! It's impossible not to find something on this site.