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DIY - Candy & Dessert Table

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If you've been following me for awhile than you might know I run a small business on the side of my Mom hustle which is designing candy & dessert bars for weddings and other events. It's such a great creative outlet for me and I love meeting all ...

Helpful Tips from an expert

I've done countless weddings, large and small along with many fundraisers, bridal showers, baby showers and more. These are my helpful tips when creating your own dessert table. 

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I breakdown my favorite desserts to use when creating a dessert table for a crowd.
Bite-sized Bliss: Crafting a Modern Wedding Dessert Experience
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It's hard to choose but I list my absolute must have's when it comes to mini desserts.
Three Must-Have Mini Desserts for Your Wedding
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If you are leaning more towards candy that mini desserts, this list is for you.
My Favorite Summer Sweets

Dessert Table Supplies

First things first, you're going to need a few supplies. Whether you purchase them, borrow from a friend or rent them these are the basics you need to create your own dessert table. 

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My Amazon storefront has all my favorite finds when it comes to supplies. I use a lot of acrylic items to help keep the background neutral. That helps the desserts shine!
Cake Stands, Trays, Tongs and more
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Design is in the details so having a printable dessert bar sign is useful and ties in the theme nicely.
Printable Dessert Table Sign AllisonPowellCo - Etsy
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Usually these are used more for candy buffets but you can also put cookies or French Macarons in these which photograph beautifully and keep the mini desserts fresh.
Apothecary Jars

Bulk Candy Vendors

I always buy my candy in bulk and I have my favorite vendors listed here so you know you are getting high quality sweets. 

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Don't let the name fool you, they have loads of candy to choose from and I love their shipping fees (or lack there of). Most of the time I can always get free shipping. | Bulk & Snack-size Nuts, Dried Fruits, Sweets, Specialty Baking Products & More!
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Handmade and woman owned. I love this small business and they do a phenomenal job. They make custom lollipops that work for birthday parties all the way up to really luxury elegant weddings.
Sweet Caroline Confections - Custom Lollipops
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Made in Baltimore and again, you are supporting a small business. You will never have a better caramel than these. I promise.
Mouth Party

Maryland-based dessert vendors

If you are in the Maryland, Baltimore area then these are some great vendors to source your mini desserts from.

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Famous for his custom cakes but he also offered cupcakes, cookies and more!
Cake By Jason Hisley
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They have a wide range of cupcake flavors in regular size or mini's. I personally love to do mini size because guests usually enjoy those more without feeling like that have over indugled.
Starry Night Bakery
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My OG! I worked alongside this bakery for so long and still really love them. They are just a little far away for me to use them all the time but they are truly worth the distance.
Flavor Cupcakery & Bake Shop
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I can't say enough about them. These are by far the best French Macarons you'll ever taste. And the owners custom work is out of this world. Worth every penny!
Mrs. Macarons: Home

Rental Companies

Sometimes you need a little something extra to help pull together the decor side of things. These are my favorite rental companies that can help you boost your table to the next level.

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They have the most amazing furniture which for a dessert bar is a dream. Carts, bar tops, tables, shelving you name it they have it.
White Glove Rentals
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Don't let the name fool you. Yes they rent out tents but they have many other small rentals. Tablecloths, tabletop decor, tables, bars and more. What I love about them is they don't have a minimum, often I'll rent one table cloth from them and it's g...
Party Plus Tents + Events
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The place to go for a table linen or napkins. If the budget allows I always love to get a beautiful linen to add texture, a pattern or fun color into my dessert table design.
Gala Cloths – Affordable & Fabulous Linen Rentals