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Grocery Store Haul 🛒

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I jump around to different stores so my favorites come from all over. Grocery shopping is hard right now. When you have a large family to feed you want to find nutritious items but not break the bank. I'm not perfect but here are some of my favorite ...

Budget Friendly 💵

Feeding a family of 5 is hard. These are my favorite budget friendly finds that make me as a Mom feel good about what I am feeding my family. 

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I find their produce is good and selection is pretty stable. You just can't beat the prices here
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The salmon at Aldi is my favorite. This is the one fish my kids will eat so I get this often to help give them some good fats in their diet.
Fresh Atlantic Salmon @ Aldi
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Love cooking with avocado oil. This is a great price at Aldi.
ALDI Simply Nature Avocado Oil
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I love a good farmers market and this one is no exception. It always makes me feel good when I'm buying locally and getting great quality produce at a great price
Baltimore Farmers' Market
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This is a newer budget grocery store but so far I like it. I can see myself always stopping here when I'm in the area.
Owings Mills Grocery Outlet

Trader Joes 🍎

Famous for their customers hauls, I won't try and be a fanatic because I'm not. But I do have my go-to favorites when I am near a store.

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I am always down for a good mozzarella stick but these in particular are quite good.
Breaded Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
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I like to eat the TJ curry chicken salad with crackers but this is intriguing. Regardless of what or how you eat it I think it's definitly worth a try.
Curried Chicken Papaya
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I really don't like frozen fries from any grocery store, with the exception of these. I don't know what it is about these but this is the only ones I'll buy.
Sweet Potato Fries
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Absolutely addicting. Hands down so good. And they are tiny. Like who does'nt like tiny things!?
Chocolate Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones
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These are a treat in our household. But totally worth it. Very large and not too sweet. And of course, always fresh.
Blueberry Muffins

Online Vendors & Pre-made meals 💻

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day. Here are my favorite shortcuts when it comes to meal time. 

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They have some really great brands and the right to your door delivery is just a huge time saver.
Thrive Market
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We used them right when the launched and all they really had was smoothies. The company has grown so much and there is so much more to pick from.
Daily Harvest
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I just love everything about this. Not all the food needs to be perfect, just nutritious.
Grocery Delivery for Organic Food, Fresh Produce & More