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Organization aka the way I stay relaxed as a stay at home Mom!

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For all those stay at home moms and working moms who need their life to be organized to stay sane. These are my favorite organization finds that help keep our crazy life in order (somewhat 😜)


This is where I have to be productive (even with 3 kids running around AND always interrupting) so these are my tried and true items I love.

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I use removable post it's on our big family wall calendar so that plans can be shifted as we manage our day to day commitments.
Post-it Think Loud
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I am a planner and this wall calendar has helped out family be way more intentional about how we spend our time and how we space out our activities and commitments.  I love using this at the beginning of each year and revising it as the year goes along.
Printable 2023 Wall Calendar | 24x36 Poster
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The absolute best for easy file cabinet organization. And sooooo much easier to view!
Smead Viewables Premium 3D Hanging Folder Tabs ...
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For a clean modern look these work great. I love the acrylic look for a simple look.
NIUBEE 2 -Packs Kids Acrylic Floating Bookshelf 36 Inch, Clear Bathroom Wall Floating Shelves, Invisible Wall Bookshelves Ledge Book Shelf, 50% Thicker with Free Screwdriver
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I like things put away for the most part but I do always have a pen cup right by my side to cover those thoughts that come to mind on a whim.
Wire Pencil Cup Gold - Threshold

Kitchen & Pantry

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and I totally agree. We have more of an open floor plan so the kitchen is the gathering place. I tend to have clean counters with little on them so the things I have shown and hidden in the space have to ... 

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Oh do I love this. I have it right by the stove and use it daily for cooking. I keep my nice sea salt or flaky salt in there. It's so chic and stylish and yet again…functional!
French Kitchen White Marble Salt Cellar with Lid + Reviews
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I LOOOVVEEEE my frother. I use it twice a day and look forward to my cup of coffee each time. It makes a huge difference.
Powerful Handheld Milk Frother, Mini Milk Frother, Battery Operated (Not included) Stainless Steel Drink Mixer - Milk Frother Stand for Milk Coffee, Lattes, Cappuccino, Frappe, Matcha, Hot Chocolate
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No more stressful moments trying to find a replacement battery for something. Our batteries are in one place, neatly organized and accessible. And we can easily see what we are almost out of so we can stock up appropriately. The Battery Organizer and Tester with Cover ...
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They are like the OG of pantry bins and honestly the best. I've tried some other but always come back to these.  Get yourself some cute labeling stickers and call it a win.  Don't overthink it. 
POP Containers - OXO
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I hate a wet sponge sitting in the sink. This is a game changer
Storage Theory Suction Cup Sponge Holder - White Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Organizer for Smiley Face Sponges - No Sponges Included - 1 Pack


My closet is a work in progress but as I make some changes I'm sharing the favorites that have worked for me. 

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I switched a few years ago and now exclusively hang my pants on these. The velvet helps prevent the pants from sliding off the hanger and matching hangers makes a close look organized without much effort. 
Velvet Hangers in Laundry Storage & Organization(1000+)


Holidays can be crazy with a big family so these things have helped me stay a little more sane during a crazy busy time. 

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Oh boy did I have a pet-peeve over something my husband did everything holiday season. He'd use the wrapping paper and secure it with a rubber band. Ugh, it was awful. The paper would alway rip in some way or just be a mess. I found these this year a...
Christmas Silicone Red & Green Flip Wraps


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We clean out our garage fairly often because as a family of 5 things get collected faster than usual. We installed this over the summer and it's saved us soooo much floor space in the garage. It's really sturdy and I love the two type of hooks.
2 Pack Mop Broom Holder Wall Mount, Broom Organizer Mop and Broom Storage Tool Racks Stainless Steel Self Adhesive Wall Hanger for Home Kitchen Garden Laundry Garage by ZONGOOL (3 Racks 4 Hooks)
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I was so tired of my three kids throwing their bikes down in the garage. This has been the biggest game changer. We love it.
2, 4 & 5 Bike Floor Stand Bicycle Storage Organizer for Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Weather Resistant Fine Powder Steel Coating Fits Wheels up to 3"