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Strong, healthy and most importantly Happy!

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I think an active life is critical for a vibrant life. Moving your food and feeding your body well are two of the most crucial things you can do to not only live longer but feel good while you are living.

Get Your Body Moving

We all sit too much, stare at screens too much. You have to get out and move your body. Whether is a walk or bike ride or something more intense like a workout class I promise you'll never regret it. My personal favorite…dance class! 

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I'm a Mom of 3 so my time is VERY limited. I love these short workouts. I can focus on a certain body party/area or get a full body workout in by just doing a quick search. I always feel the burn when I do these workouts.
MadFit - Short YouTube Workouts
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Anytime I can support a local business I try to. If you're in the Westminster, MD area this place is great.
Downtown Yoga, Barre & Cycle
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Don't blow off your local YMCA. The pricing is very reasonable for what you get and the staff is always really friendly. I feel like the YMCA is not intimidating and bonus if you need childcare I think a lot of locations has a child play area with su...
The Y in Westminster (Hill) | The Y in Central Maryland
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I have a long relationship with this dance studio but honestly any dance studio in your local area works. Working out and getting your body moving doesn't have to be exclusive to a gym. Most dance studios off adult classes and trust me they are so fu...
Morton Street Dance Center | Best Dance School in Baltimore
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Again for those looking for a good workout that isn't in a gym, this studio offers so many classes for all levels! Highly recommend.
Joy of Motion Dance Center • Professional Dance Studio in ...

Hey Good Looking!

Some of my favorite workout gear (or dance) clothes to make you motivated to get up and MOVE!

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Worth every penny, honestly. Made really well and super stylish. I wear them constantly.
Joggers for Women | Women's Sweats | Vuori Clothing
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1,000% love. Not something I obviously wear while working out but its definitely apart of my fit heading there. High quality and really pretty cream/coffee color options.
Women's Hoodies Oversized Sweatshirts Pullover Fleece Sweaters Long Sleeve With Pockets Winter Fall Outfits Y2k Clothes
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This is a top that is a little shorter in length so if you don't like to show your belly this isn't for you. For those that don't mind, it's sooooo comfortable.
THE GYM PEOPLE Womens' Sports Bra Longline Wirefree Padded with Medium Support
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This is for my true dancers at heart, the ones that are use to wearing the leotards growing up. This back is so gorgeous and its really really comfortable.
Women's Workout Sports Bras Fitness Padded Backless Yoga Crop Tank Top Twist Back Cami
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I feel like you can't have enough good joggers in your closet. These are affordable which I like and they are made really well. I can dig a high price jogger but sometimes a dupe is just all you need.
Women's Joggers Pants with Zipper Pockets Tapered Running Sweatpants for Women Lounge, Jogging


You get one body, that's it. So let's take care of if so it lasts us a really really really long time. 

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My husband and I watched the mini documentary series (which I also highly recommend). We don't cook out of this every night or even every week but we do strive to follow the philosphy behind this eye opening culture.
The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live ...
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I'm not going to lie eating Vegan all the time for me is hard but I do like to try to eat Vegan often. This cookbook is really accessible which I think is important.
Vegan, at Times: 120+ Recipes for Every Day or Every So ...
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Not going to lie, sometimes its hard to get to this Farmers Market because its further from our house but boy when we do go it is sooooo good. So many fresh options and I love support the local farms.
Baltimore Farmers' Market