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What You Really Need- newborn and beyond!

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All of the perfect links for baby and mom! I love being a mom, but trying to figure out all the things baby would like/ need was hard, so I wanted to make it easier for you! I will give a disclaimer: I will tell you the upsides, but also the downside...

Breastfeeding Essentials!

Breastfeeding is challenging, but these are what I have found that make it a little easier! I hope this llists helps all the new mamas! 

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An essential for when your baby starts to eat more!
Different Sizes of Breast Pump Containers| Willow Pump Go
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An essential for being able to get up and go! I like this one, but have not tried others. I do have some problems with suction sometimes, but when I fix it it works great!
Breast Pumps
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These are my go to! The bag has a great seal. I love that is gives you a spot to put the time and date!
Breast Pump Bags
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This makes pumping so much more comfortable and easy. I was able to pump two more ounces when I got the right flange size!
Willow Breast Pump Sizing Insert Set | Smaller Flange Fit
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These are one of the only nursing bras that actually gave shape but was also still convenient.
Momcozy| Best Nursing Bras

My Baby favorites

These are the things I would buy again and again! I bought a lot of things that I would swap out next go around, but these I would buy a million more times!

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This is the one I have (I got it from Goodbuygear). It was way cheaper on there, but I absolutely love this. All of those blowouts are easy to clean up with this mat. It's also a lot cuter than most of the other ones!
Wipeable Changing Pad
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I have tried lots of wipes, but they are either to small or dry. These are the perfect size and ALWAYS wet. I love that they are 99% water. Perfect for babies with sensitive skin, and for all the parents that don't want any add ins for baby.
The best wipes| Water Wipes
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Obsessed is an understatement! These are the best bamboo Zipper sleepers and pj sets. I was skeptical because they are pricey, but they are worth every penny! They are so soft, strechy, and they last! The hand and feet covers turn into wrists and ank...
Little Sleepies: Bamboo Viscose Pajamas | Matching PJs for ...
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100% breathable mattress! This gives us so much peace of mind when baby sleeps! All those accidents just rinse away with water!
Safe & Breathable Crib Mattress
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I was a little apprehensive because of the price, but I would buy this a million more times! This is the doctor recommended activity center is a life saver! I can actually put him down and know he can't get hurt, and he has fun! Whenever I need to co...
Activity Center| Skip Hop