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Ageless Fashion
24 items
Jessica Kole-Maney
Sharing sophisticated and chic fashion finds for women who are over crop tops and mini skirts.
outfit ideas for Christmas eve party
14 items
Merlin Quintero
holiday outfit ideas inspo for 2023 holiday season
Stuff for Him too
26 items
items to help him style and smile
The ultimate daughter/GF birthday/christmas wishlist helper
21 items
star girl finds
wondering what to buy for your daugters christmas or birthday? here is the ultimate guide that not only will help you with ideas but actually give you things they would LOVE! (perfect for parents and Boyfriends who have no idea what to get)
Stylish Designer Handbags DEALS!!!
21 items
Designer handbags that I find very classy and cool
My Shoe Recommendations
15 items
Here are some of my favourite shoes for everyday, formal etc! But mainly everyday lol….
Day to Day Go To Items as a WFH Mama
15 items
Janessa Wirth
Stuff I personally love and use!
My recent plus size purchases
16 items
Kira Kirton
This is a list of all my recent plus size purchases, as a UK size 22.
Grunge is Back
14 items
Vanessa Jamil
Grunge style, born from the Seattle music scene of the late 1980s and reaching peak popularity in the 1990s, is all about rejecting mainstream fashion and embracing a rebellious, anti-establishment vibe. Here's what defines grunge fashion: Thrifting & Grunge Chic: Pre-loved is loved: Grunge prioritizes thrift-store finds and vintage clothing. Think worn-in flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and faded band tees. The goal is to create a look that's lived-in, effortless, and unconcerned with trends. Comfort reigns supreme: Loose silhouettes are key. Baggy sweaters, oversized pants, and shapeless dresses define the grunge aesthetic. It's all about prioritizing comfort and rejecting the restrictions of conventional fashion. Grunge Icons & Signature Pieces: Channel your inner rockstar: Bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden were grunge style icons. Think Kurt Cobain's signature ripped jeans and cardigan combo or Courtney Love's floral dress layered over a t-shirt. Flannel is king: A plaid flannel shirt is a quintessential grunge piece. Worn open over a t-shirt or tied around the waist, it adds a touch of rebellion and texture to any outfit. Grunge Footwear & Accessories: Grunge at your feet: Combat boots, like Doc Martens, are a staple grunge shoe. They add an edge to any outfit and complete the rebellious look. Simple yet statement-making: Accessories are often simple but impactful. Think silver jewelry, bandanas, beanies, and chunky knit scarves. The Grunge Spirit: Don't be afraid to break the rules: Grunge is all about individuality and self-expression. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, layer different textures, and create a look that's uniquely you. Embrace the worn-in look: Ripped clothes, faded colors, and distressed finishes are all part of the grunge aesthetic. It's about celebrating individuality and rejecting the idea of perfection. Grunge style is more than just clothing; it's an attitude. It's about embracing individuality, rejecting conformity, and expressing yourself through fashion. So, dig out your favorite flannel shirt, throw on some ripped jeans, and get ready to rock the grunge look!
Outfit inspo ( the pinterest clothes you have been looking for)
23 items
The good quality clothes that you have been seeing, searching, dreaming about, and finding all over your pinterest. Their right here on this list, either pick the dresses that will snatch that body of yours or or the basics that you need.
Fashion: Top Stylish Sandals
20 items
Jessica Kole-Maney
Minimalist summer sandals that will look chic with your warm weather wadrobe.
the perfect gift for her
19 items
Natalia Kaparos
a list of many things that can be perfect as a gift for a girl 💝
Trending Affordable Spring Fashion
28 items
Heather Smith
Spring must haves for your 2024 wardrobe!
My Audition Bag
12 items
Alexandria Orr
I took a baby step and started attending Equity audition calls this year, here is my list of what I have either needed or used the most.
Clothing Favorites
13 items
Sarah Langley
My favorite clothing picks!
Sparkle la vie ✨
19 items
“…Shine bright like a diamond..” Don't let negativity to destroy your sparkle and your love of life. Life is more beautiful with a little bit of glitter. I have always been attracted to anything shiny. It represent glamour, joy of life, prosperity, treasure and magic. “ Be the sparkle in someone's life! ”
Gifts for Him
19 items
Some of my recommendations for the perfect gifts for all the men in your life.
Gift Ideas For Her
22 items
Elizabeth Lafitani
Are you looking for perfect gift ideas for her? Then look no further!
Victoria's Secret is out.
30 items
Andrina Watson
Your choices can be sexy or subtle items you choose.
Channel Your Inner -Coastal Granddaughter
42 items
Tanya Gamboa
You wake up at your grandmother's beach house feeling the soft linen sheets against your skin. The morning air is chilly and damp. You hear the seagulls squawking and the ocean waves crashing. All is right with the world. This list is for those who want to be inspired by this feeling. Everything is a mix of luxury and affordable options. I hope you enjoy!
Dresses for different occasions
49 items
Joxy Boss
Elegant dresses…. Dresses for summer….. Wedding dresses…. Dresses for dinner…. party dresses….
Womens Dresses, Unitard Rompers and Overalls
43 items
Some of my recommendations of a few gorgeous clothing pieces and a couple of my staples and favourites.
18 items
Jenn & Nick
Great amazon finds that I've been using and searching for! Can't go wrong with these picks
32 items
Autumn Bowden
Ladies dont be ashamed I GOT YOU! I wear a size 12 womens, 11 mens athletic. I know where all the HOT Affordable Spots are!
Wardrobe Essentials: Must-Have Timeless Outfits
15 items
Here are some timeless outfits that every woman should have in her wardrobe
my earrings collection
18 items
I am someone who really enjoys wearing earrings. Here u can find a lot of types of earrings, the ones that u can wear every day and some that u can wear for special occasions. I hope u'll like them!
My favorite dresses that will simply make you stunning ( though you are already!)
16 items
Honour Chukwuemeka
I love love wearing simple but modern and cute dresses (and comfy too!). They make me feel so pretty and I hope the same for you!
Glamour in Gleam
14 items
Sparkling dresses for radiant moments
Cutest Personalized Gift Ideas
47 items
Haleigh Wheeler
Want to get a more personal gift this year? Or maybe you just want to troll your friends a bit. Find some of the cute personalized gift ideas I found.
cute clothes/accessories!
99 items
cute things i found that i classified based on the store they come from!
Classic Clothing Stylish
11 items
Olivia McCall
As a 28 year old I have been finding it hard to find clothes that feel classy and modest but still sexy and youthful. I dont want to dress like im still in college nor do i want to look like im trying too hard to look older. So here i have compiled a list of thing that i can add to the closet.
My Spring Fashion Finds
23 items
Shopping Diva
Ahh, Spring one of my favorite seasons, next to summer, fall, and winter. Haha, I love them all! But I love spring because well the dresses of course!!! Here you will find Dresses, Capris, Tops, Hats, Shoes and Purses all geared for spring. And Jewelry is another you will find in this list as well. Enjoy XOXO
Women's Style Alert
58 items
Skye Turner
My thoughts and reviews on women's fashion. All based on my own personal experience.
tiktok viral products that I recommend trying because they're that good!
38 items
Melissa Radford
All of your favourites that you've seen on TikTok! Follow me there and on Instagram @melissaradford to stay up to date on my favs and to see my thoughts on some of these items!
Boho Eco-Friendly Accessories👝🧢🥾
34 items
Grounding shoes, slippers, hats, beanie, fanny pack/bags, hair ties, jewelry, iPhone cases, etc. *As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.
City Chic picks for mid/plus bodies
18 items
Chris Napierkowski
City Chic is one of my favorite brands for cute, sexy clothes for mid/plus sizes. They have a full range of footwear too!
Sweater Weather Favorites
15 items
Gala Salvatori
It's officially getting cold, so it's time to get some cute sweaters for this winter season!
Dapper Groom Attire For Your Intimate Celebration
15 items
Dj Wills
These are the very pieces I personally used (or almost used) for my own elopement. Don't worry about spending a fortune to look fabulous. With these affordable options, you can effortlessly achieve a polished and put-together look without breaking the bank.
White Collection: Top White Must Haves
15 items
Continuing with my color series here are some of my top recommendations for the color White. 🤍
Favorite fashion Finds
13 items
Tiffany Nelson | Sutton & Co
Trending pieces I want in my closet asap!
Dresses for Bridesmaids to make them go wow!
19 items
Get ready for gasps! Find stunning bridesmaid dresses that flatter every figure and create a cohesive, unforgettable look.
Basic girl's wishlist
11 items
Erica Edwards
Don't know what to get a girl for christmas? TRUST ME, this list has tons of great gifts or hopefully gives you inspiration!!
Hat Game Strong: Explore the Finest Golf Hat Choices for All
62 items
Wynand Pelser
Dive into a world of top-notch style with 'Hat Game Strong: Explore the Finest Golf Hat Choices for All.' Discover a curated collection that caters to both men and women, offering the pinnacle of fashion and functionality on the golf course. Elevate your headwear game with our premium selections, ensuring you not only stay protected from the sun but also make a statement with every swing. Explore the best in golf hat fashion and step onto the green with confidence.
Under $50 Closet Spice Up
32 items
Caroline Falwell
With these options an affordable luxury is easily achieved!
April Showers Bring May Floral Patterns-Fun Spring Fashion
27 items
Courtney Mitchell
Spring is in the air and that means…..cold temperatures in the morning and sweating in the afternoon. So here are so fun, cute, affordable fashion choices for this upcoming spring season. I am a fall girl myself however I do love a beautiful floral fabric and fun dresses. Hope you find something you like or some inspiration for your next outfit.
All Things Curvy Fashion
15 items
Jessica Bell
Introducing the All Things Curvy Fashion List! Designed with the curvy woman in mind, my selection features a wide range of jeans, tops, intimates, and shoes to suit your every need. From curve-hugging jeans with stretchable fabrics that accentuate your figure, to trendy tops that flatter your curves and boost your confidence, this collection has something for everyone. Embrace your curves and exude style with this carefully curated fashion list made just for you.
Fall outfit Inspiration🍂🧣
15 items
Fall begins and I already found a few great pieces, you'll love!!
Wild and Chic: All Things Leopard Print
19 items
Cora Price
Get ready to unleash your wild side with this list of leopard print essentials! From fashion-forward clothing and accessories to stylish home decor and beauty products, this ist has everything you need to add a touch of fierce elegance to your life.
Sweater Weather
13 items
Vanesa Gonzalez
Sweater Weather is my favorite season! And these are all the sweaters I would buy from my fav stores.
It's gala season in Austin! What are you going to wear?
34 items
Chris Napierkowski
I'm excited to be headed into the spring season. I struggle finding dresses since most retailers don't have a ton of in-store options for mid/plus sizes. Hope this list helps you!
My dance faves!
25 items
Neta Even
Being a dancer, these have been my favorite for years!!
my styles/trending styles
14 items
my go to clothing styles
Affordable Gift Ideas for Girls
11 items
Angela Alcaraz
Simple & beautiful gift ideas for the upcoming holidays
black tie wedding guest dresses
20 items
Lauren Davis
for those who are in their ‘everyone I know is getting married era', these are some of my favorite dresses for the black-tie weddings and events on your radar this year!
List of Our Favourite Canadian-Made Jewellery Stores
20 items
On the hunt for new Canadian-made jewellery brands to support and show some love to? We got you covered! Read our full guide:
Lace Wigs/Easy Beginner Wigs
12 items
Basically all of the wigs I currently own and love .. Some of these are featured on my Tik Tok/Youtube channel and some I just bought and constantly wear!
Bags for everybody!
16 items
Ana-Marija Bagdal
Here is a variety of bags you can choose from, and the best part is that there are so many affordable options I found just for you!
Gifts for him!
37 items
Gift ideas for birthdays, holidays or just because! Shopping for a man is hard enough so here are some suggestions!
Hair accessories for all occasions
14 items
Keeping your hair out of the way, yet still looking great is difficult. Here are my go to favorites.
Femme Fatale: Fashion Staples for the Confident Lady💫
185 items
Discover a curated collection of fashion staples that effortlessly blend sophistication, elegance, and a touch of allure.
Spring and summer bags
12 items
Lise Marie Harvey
A few of my favorite accessories for spring and summer looks! Add these bags to your outfits to elevate the looks! 🤩💜
Cute Baseball Mom Outfits
10 items
Kelly Smotherman
Who doesn't want to be the best dressed mom at your kids baseball games?!?! I also always want to be comfortable in the summer!
SKIMS on the skin is IN!
21 items
Andrina Watson
When you look good you feel good. Wearing the right under garments is a perfect combination to make you look good and feel good.
Maternity clothes that are BUMPIN
16 items
Sydney Kripal
The cutest clothes to rock while you're BUMPIN!!
Vivid Vibes: Men's Summer Shorts in Living Color
22 items
Cora Price
Summer is coming up and I've started to shop for shorts I like for my boyfriend Im adding my wish list here lol
party dresses🤩
25 items
These are fabulous for a night out, birthday party… Enjoy!
NAKD Classic Musthaves
16 items
This list was inspired by one pair of sunglasses i ended up rebuying. Here are some simple pieces from NAKD that you will for sure love. Every few weeks they offer 20 to 30% off, keep an eye out for the discounts.
Monthly Birthstones: Meanings, Histories, Gifts & Jewelry
43 items
Evenfall Creative
A guide to the traditional gemstones known as "Birthstones" assigned to each month. Considering someone's birthstone can make a gift more thoughtful & meaningful.
My Top Choices for Men's Golf Shirts
35 items
Wynand Pelser
Tee off in style with our selection of men's golf shirts. Whether you're hitting the fairways or enjoying a casual round, these shirts are designed to keep you comfortable and looking sharp. With a range of brands and styles, you'll find the perfect shirt to elevate your golf game. Choose from moisture-wicking technology, classic designs, and a variety of colors to suit your taste. Stay on top of your game, both in performance and fashion, with these men's golf shirts.
Western attire
18 items
Mariah allen
Western attire that makes a statement in your step in life as a cowboy/buckaroo horsemen/horsewomen
Target runs!
13 items
Target is my fave! I will make the extra effort to visit a Super-Target, and I adore any excuse to visit Target. Here are some of my must-try Target essentials!
Louis Vuitton Bags worth Investing in
15 items
Hi there! So, I'm totally obsessed with designer fashion, especially those stunning Louis Vuitton bags. I mean, have you seen the classic Speedy and the chic Neverfull? They're like the epitome of style and luxury. Rocking these pieces just takes your whole outfit to a whole new level! 💁‍♀️✨
Cute Swimsuits 2024
23 items
Payton Lees
Get set for Summer Fashion 2024 with this collection of on-trend swimsuits! From chic one-pieces to the hottest crochet bikinis, you'll be ready wither you're back yard tanning or on your Italian summer vacay. Embrace the latest in Summer Outfits 2024 and make a splash in style! ☀️👙
Lovely Yellow Finds💛🌻🌼
60 items
Haleigh Wheeler
Perfect list for the yellow lover. Add more of the color of sunshine into your life!
Oversized Scarves
12 items
Hayle Flowers
Recently I really got into scarves and all the versatile ways you can use them for fashion. Oversized is best, so you can use the extra fabric to form hoods, different patterns, even tops!
Personalized Necklaces for Women
39 items
Lesson Link Pro
These necklaces aren't just jewelry; they're an expression of your individuality, allowing you to showcase names, initials, or special dates in a beautifully crafted piece.