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The Ordinary Skincare Guide
15 items
Florian Hofen
Dive into my top-tier skin game with "The Ordinary's Gems" on Benable! 🌟 These are the real MVPs that I'm totally crushing on. From their no-nonsense serums that hit all the right spots to those no-frills moisturizers that leave my skin feeling like a million bucks, "The Ordinary's Gems" have got my back. It's like my secret recipe for a flawless complexion, and now it's all yours too. So, get ready to slay with these budget-friendly wonders that make skincare look easy-peasy! 💁‍♀️
Self Care is the best care
52 items
Jennifer Johnson
Embark on a journey of wellbeing with our comprehensive self-care guide. From stress relief techniques to everyday health tips, our list is designed to help you improve your physical and mental health. Whether you're seeking ways to get out of a bad mental state or exploring new self-care ideas, our list is your ultimate resource for a healthier, happier you.
bath and body works best scents!!
36 items
riley ivey
Bath and Body Works has so many selections on scents for everyday and even seasonal scents. Here are my top picks.
✨Asian Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin✨
20 items
Fion Pang
These are mostly korean skincare products that I've used before and/or are currently still using. I highly recommend them because it made a significant difference in my skin and I can tell! Sharing with you guys so you can explore your options and possibly try them if you also have sensitive skin like me :)
Make me up.
49 items
Tashni Sasha Ebrahim
Light weight, moisturing, long lasting are all these make up essentials.
Sephora lippies
11 items
Michele Malachin
My current favorite lippies from Sephora
We all love to smell, don't we?
21 items
I get comments every day, how come you smell so good? So that they don't ask me anymore, I made a list of my body skincare, what I use!
makeup must haves.
23 items
Kourtney Juliano
my current makeup products that I love and use in my makeup routine. I have oily/combination skin.
Beauty Must Haves
18 items
Caitlin Rodiek
My favorite daily products
Self Care
14 items
Maddy Bird
A combination of multiple products for a cozy self care night to make you feel refreshed and relaxed.
beauty and skincare faves
25 items
Kayla Meyer
make up and skincare products for the natural, glowy look
Sand & Sky Face & Body
15 items
The Soul Stash by Rach
This is my absolutely favourite in skin care. Australian Made with all natural ingredients it draws on nature to care for you. Water based so hydrating and without clogging your skin (your largest excretory organ). Divine and perfect for all skin types.
perfumes to die for
27 items
Danè Prinsloo
here are my favourite perfumes - read my descriptions to choose the best one for you
Fresh & Clean Skin Care Routine
16 items
Alexandrea Manalo
Keeping my skin fresh and clean is very important to me so here are the products I use in order to have flawless and healthy skin for the face, body, and more!
Easy make-up routine for the busy working mom
17 items
Taylor Holland
Every since becoming a mom my daily makeup routine has changed dramatically. I used to spend so much time in the morning putting on my makeup. Now I only have limited time to get myself put together. Here are my favorite products that I used (almost) everyday for a quick and refreshed look.
Nikki's beauty favs
15 items
Nikole Caracol
Luxury & affordable beauty products that I love
Body care🧖‍♀️
46 items
Skin care is very important, so choose the right products that suit you and enjoy soft, smooth and healthy skin!
Fav Face Care products
12 items
At 34 years old, I wish I found these products when I was younger!
Beauty products I swear by!
23 items
Beauty products I use and love
Black Girl Hair Faves - products & braiding hair
16 items
Avi A.
As a black woman who owns a part-time braiding business (Carefully Crowned - Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok) I take the products that I use for my clients hair very seriously. Don't get me wrong, I also take careful consideration to what I use on my own hair. So, I want to suggest to you the best out there ladies and I am sharing my Black Girl Hair Faves list of items that worked for me and my beautiful clients. I would also inform you of the benefits of the products as itemized.
IT girl makeup
11 items
makeup I would repurchase if I lost all of my makeup
My HONEST opinion on TikTok viral products.
10 items
Tina Kordonouri
I tried viral TikTok products so you don't have to! Here are the ones i now swear by!
Products that SAVED my Hair❤️❤️
10 items
Kylie Brewer
For the girlies who want healthy, soft, amazing hair!!
My Must-Have Skincare Favourites
37 items
My favourite skincare products that helped hydrate, brighten, and strengthen my skin! I deal with dry skin; hence these products have really helped after I broke my skin barrier, but a lot of the products cater to all skin types!
Recent Ulta purchases
11 items
Emily C
My most recent and recurring purchases from Ulta!
Chemical Free Hair & Skin Care Essentials
16 items
K. Willsey
The best chemical free products I use on my face, hair, teeth, and body.
Best Beauty Items
16 items
Nelda Hattendorf
I'm always looking for hair care, helpful items, and beauty items - here are some great choices.
Self Care
22 items
Tara Weaver
Lucious locks that smell amazing
My Make up Must Haves
12 items
Mafi Snowball
if i were to lose my make up set this would be my go too besides drug store products… which will be another list
Sephora Must Haves
15 items
Items that make you look and feel at your Best
Ulta Skin Care Favorites
16 items
Girly Muse
Not sure what skin care products to get? These favorites will help you!
Sephora favorites 💄
69 items
Barbara Dobrkovic
The best products in Sephora
Locks of silk ✨
11 items
Probable Afterthought
Essentials to getting your hair longer thicker and shinier, using products outside and supplements inside. A healthy body inside = sexy body outside
Hair Care for Gorgeous Shiny Hair
14 items
Chanel Sadiqyar
With having blonde hair all that bleach can really damage your hair if you don't take care of it! These products tremendously have helped my hair from being damaged to feeling so healthy and shiny! I can't go without these products!
Nail Care, Nails Musties!
22 items
100% a nail girl here, lovem, always doing something different, from stamping, to gels I will be building this list sky high!
Affordable MUST HAVE Makeup🥰
11 items
Ariana Essentials
A quick list of my favorite beauty products for less!💓
Skincare Recs: Acne
11 items
Renny 🌿🐰
A comprehensive list of my favorite ingredients to treat acne! As always, START SLOWLY! Always introduce products 1 at a time, and make sure to patch test.
Beauty & Health
16 items
Heather Bolinger
As a wife and a mom of 3 daughters (16,21,25), I feel like I have tried so many products and narrowed them down. These are all personal items we love, buy and USE on a regular basis. We all have sensitive skin.
Skincare, haircare & makeup
18 items
Sara Savicevic
Different types of cosmetics, including face, hair products and makeup.
Skin care routine
12 items
Kaydence Hughes
I struggled with fungul acne and dry skin for a long time. This routine is a result of a lot of trial and error. I hope this helps!
12 items
My favs for all makeup
Hair Products For My Daughter's Curly Locks!
17 items
Colleen N Bryant
My daughter has super curly hair that can get easily tangled up. These have been some products we tried that have worked best for her hair. I'm pretty sure we have tried ever detangler on the market but the one spray on this list has worked the best.
My Miracle Skin Routine Products
21 items
Lea Lai Van
This list is for the people out there who love skincare. I have tested and love these products to treat my skin.
✨ Beauty Maintenance Routine: My Essential Routine for Radiance!
15 items
Sydney Nicole
Ever wondered how to achieve that radiant glow without constantly splurging at salons? Well, welcome to my Beauty Maintenance Routine, where I spill the beans on how I nurture my radiance without breaking the bank at salons. This is my personal collection of tried-and-true practices that keep me glowing, confident, and connected to my natural beauty
Make up on the go
26 items
Amber Perkins
From your base to your setting spray, get that perfect look every time.
26 items
Haylie 🦋
These are all of my favorite makeup products! Check out each section to find my favs for each category! Let me know if you try anything and how they work for you. Alot of these products are super affordable and easy to find (like at a drugstore!)
123 items
Kyra Colson
Makeup prices continue to soar! So save yourself a little coin and check out these affordable favorites! If it's on this list, you can be sure of TWO things! It's 'AFFORDABLE' and I LOVE IT!!
All things hair essential
15 items
Andie VanDonge
As I behind the chair stylist for 20 + years these are my go to's all Professional brands and great ratings for all hair needs
korean skincare products for each skin type!
11 items
a list of korean skincare that corresponds to your type of skin!
Amazing skincare at amazing prices
15 items
This Skincare range is straight forward. They have effective products and are wallet-friendly. Say hello to simplicity and goodbye to skincare confusion with The Ordinary range. They are just brilliant.
Pro Makeup Essentials
13 items
Innes Oosthuizen
These are the essentials when doing makeup in a professional environment that I've tried and tested over the course of many years. This will prep you for any skin type and any problems that could occur. I've done about 30 fashion shows with these products.
Medicated hence dermatologist/cosmetologist recommended skin care products
15 items
Dr Adil
When it comes to medical-grade skin care, dermatologists recommend products that meet specific criteria. These products are often more potent, clinically tested, and sold through professional channels. (Use after Medical advice)
Affordable Smell GOODS
15 items
Ariana Essentials
When you smell good you feel good! 💓
Hair care💆🏻‍♀️
12 items
Shelbie Dion
These are hair products I use that I have seen amazing results with 😍
All Things Makeup
15 items
The makeup items you'll find sitting on my counter for everyday use
"Radiant Rituals: A Guide to Luxurious Hair and Body Care"?
14 items
Elegant Twists Couponing
Your essential companion on the path to radiant beauty and holistic well-being.
My Ulta must haves
15 items
Michele Malachin
Products I have purchased and love from Ulta
GlamourGlow Must-Haves / Ulta Chic Essentials (Beauty Products from Ulta)
17 items
Dr Adil
Glamour Essentials / Must-Have Beauty Products from #Ulta. Discover the ultimate #beauty must-haves! From lush lip oils to iconic #mascaras, these products from Ulta Beauty will elevate your glam game. Remember that these are just a few of the popular products available at Ulta Beauty. Whether you’re into #makeup, #skincare, or #haircare, Ulta has a wide selection to choose from! #BeautyEssentials #MakeupMagic #UltaFaves
Skincare for acne-prone skin that I found SO useful!
22 items
Kelsy Meilak
The best products I've ever used on my face to help me clear acne and make me feel so confident. And best part is none will make your pockets hurt as they are super affordable :))
affordable, high-quality drugstore make-up
22 items
Vida K.
drug store make up I use on regular basis!
Makeup must haves!
12 items
Abby Rose
These are by far my favorite makeup/beauty products !
skin care
20 items
best skin care on budget
Makeup must haves
14 items
Heather Gottlieb
My makeup faves
Dry / Hyperpigmentation Skincare Treatment Plan ✨
15 items
Dominique Slaughter
Hey girl! These are my FAVORITE skincare items that currently have me in a mean chokehold right now lol I think you'll love them too, especially if you have dry, acne prone , textured or hyper-pigmented skin! So take a look and let me know if you love them just as much as I do! Xoxo Dominique 💋
Body Care Essentials
29 items
Cheri Joseph B
If you've met me, then you know I am a collector of body care products. From a good moisturizing body wash to multi-use body scrubs, and light and edible body mist, you will find everything for all your body care needs here.
Better for You Personal Care Products
15 items
Wanda Lokhorst
Swaping toxic personal products for toxic-free or lower toxic loads items!
All products in my hair care routine 💆🏼‍♀️
13 items
Lisett Lindström
All the hair products I use and why, from someone who has damaged and frissy hair🤫
Beauty Faves
27 items
Alyssa Bovenzi
My go-to beauty products!
Favorite Blushes
12 items
Keiana Ernst
Whether you prefer a subtle hint of color or a bold pop on your cheeks, I've curated a list of the best makeup blush products that will help you create a radiant and youthful complexion.
Hair & Body care
44 items
Bliss beauty lounge
My all-in-one shower routine: a revitalizing experience that leaves me feeling fresh and energized.
Divine Vanilla Infusion
17 items
ana marija
A list of products using vanilla scented products containing natural extracts or essential oils.
Skin Care
21 items
Kristina Mack
Skin care I use and love year round. I have found these to be the best product. Love sharing them with you all.
What's in my Sephora cart
16 items
Michele Malachin
I love watching videos of what people have in their carts, so here's what's in mine. What's in yours?
𝙎𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙜𝙞𝙫𝙚𝙨 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙜𝙡𝙤𝙬!
31 items
Some of my favourites, for clear and glowy skin!
53 items
Margarita Pazur
Mix of really affordable and/or luxury makeup. These are all great quality and my all time favorites✨️
Non-Oxidizing, Pure, L-Ascorbic acid Vitamin C Collection
10 items
“You would have to ingest 18,750 oranges a day to get the same amount of Vitamin C on your face as you do when you apply it topically ”-Dr. Dennis Gross
The Hair Stuff List
19 items
Monika Scott
This Is the stuff I currently love to use for my hair. My hair Is thick, Italian and naturally wavy.
The Makeup I Wore on my Wedding Day that Lasted ALL DAY in Punta Cana Heat!
14 items
Mimi Ridgway
Everyone is always asking what make up they should buy for their wedding and what's to know what will last the longest. I did the test and can tell you ALL these products stayed on my face my ENTIRE wedding day in the Punta Cana heat and humidty! I had an 11am ceremony, I swam at the pool, and we danced all night and I only made 1 touch up. It looked flawless until the end of the day!
Vetted Makeup & Skin Care curated for you!
20 items
Allison Joy
I'm a creature of habit & once I find something good, I'm a repeat customer! These are my GO-TO absolute BEST finds!
Essential make up products for oily skin
17 items
Dominique Hutchins-Moore
Everything I use for my oily skin.
N u d m a n i a | lipstick and lipgloss
17 items
N e v e n a
In this folder you will find wonderful products for nude lip variants.
Self-Care 101
17 items
Tyanna St. Rose
from an esthetician in training to the diy girlies.
Items At Sephora That Are Worth Your $$$
12 items
While I may not be a makeup artist, I have tried tons of different makeup products over the last few years! This list I curated contains the products that I think are worth your money at Sephora!
Radiant Skin Solutions 😊
28 items
Kristen Armstrong
We all want that youthful, glowing, healthy skin.. Here are great tips and recommendations to keep your glow.
ulta ✨🧡
22 items
haylee alyssa smith
my beauty faves from ulta !! 💋
Face products
14 items
Jackie penny
All my favorite facial products to keep my skin glowing and healthy.
Pixie Make-Up Necessities✨
18 items
Holly Caroline
feel like electric gold💫
my minimalist beauty favorites
12 items
Welcome to my beauty favorites! I love a minimal dewy girl look and this is how I achieve it. Follow me on Instagram @thekathyly and @kathyempties or on TikTok @withkathy for more content! 💟
Makeup Forever Favs
14 items
Paige Centa
As a skincare/makeup obsessed girlie with oily, acne prone skin I have tried everything under the sun. These are my holy grails that I will forever be repruchasing!
nails inspired by different things!
12 items
this list is just me classifying different nails in different categories based on the vibe they give off or what or who they remind me of!
All of my beauty must haves!
46 items
Here you'll find all of my beauty must haves as the title suggests! I've spent the last year on benable carefully cherry picking all of the products that truly help pull my looks together. I hope this is helpful!
TikTok Favs
24 items
Viviana Neves
These products are all over TikTok
Beauty and Skincare
13 items
Mariah Smith
I found La Roche-Posay skincare products after seeing amazing reviews all over TikTok. When I seen how affordable they are I gave them a try. Let me tell you they did not disappoint! I also have a few favorites from Tatcha. Tatcha is a more luxurious to me and definitely more expensive but there are a few products I've tried that are worth every penny!
Things Every Women in Their 20s Need (Personal Care/ Beauty)
15 items
Taylor Cucci
As a 27 year old women, there are just some products I could NEVER live without! Through many trial and errors I have found the best products at an affordable price that make my life so much easier!
skincare products i love🪷
13 items
favourite products for skincare that I use to use🤍
Everything shower: luxurious products that are worth it
14 items
A variety of products for an everything shower that leaves you and your bathroom smelling like heaven
Stand Still Look Pretty
33 items
Health and beauty are my passion. Take a peek into my catalogue of a few of my staples and favorites.
skincare + makeup stans
14 items
Michi Kwan
skincare junkies, i stan these!
Beauty Faves
14 items
Maria Bowe
I'm definitely a minimalist and not a big beauty guru, but here are things I use and like!
Make up
27 items
Marija Manic
The make up that is worth the hype! And your money!
Skincare Products: clear, even, and glowing skin
11 items
Asia Renee
Some daily use products I have stuck with. :)
My Go-to makeup routine
13 items
Lea Bryant
This is my makeup routine I use My routine is affordable and I get compliments on my makeup every time I go out! Makeup should not be expensive and these products will help you achieve a high end look!