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Bariatric Faves
20 items
Abby Sigler
I had gastric sleeve surgery December 2022. This list is full of things that have helped me along the way.
HigherDOSE - Light Therapy
24 items
The Soul Stash by Rach
HigherDOSE is a step above the rest in infrared light therapy. Face masks, blankets, pads and more this brand is beautifully presented, exquisitely made and works fing magic on the body and the mind. What is more important that whole body healing? We should not have to fit health around our work day and HighDOSE have found a way you can take it with you.
Must have meds for Cold Season
17 items
Amber Gasparini
We always have some essentials in our home incase of flus. Here are my top meds that we can't live without in our home with two little kids under 10.
Family medical cupboard go-to's
17 items
Having a family means you have so many roles to take on and an at home nurse is surely one role. I like to keep things you need everyday with kids/ the whole fam and for all ages just incase. It's usually the times you don't have something or run out that something happens or you'll need that thing so I always try to keep my family medical cupboard stacked with my fave essentials
Holistic Healing
13 items
Jaime Lassiter
Release your daily tensions and Boost your mental capacity. Small changes can bring Big Differences.
Middle age, menopausal health loves
22 items
Menopause arrived during the hardest time in my life and the combo really hit me hard. It was a rough ride for a couple of years but these are some of the things that are getting me through.
Holistic Health
15 items
Virginia Gilland
A few of the things we do on the farm to stay healthy :)
Things I use or take to help my health and well being
10 items
Jenna Fogel
Things I take and use to help with chronic fatigue, period pain, mental health, and physical health.
Invigorating exercise & health improvement options (& accessories) for the whole family!
18 items
Melissa Kerswill
Things I've found that help with overall wellness: for the mind, body and soul!
Health and Wellness
19 items
Protein, water and exercise are the key to losing weight.
Holistic Fertility
13 items
Mimi Wickiser
This list is great for supplements and best practices when looking for a more natural route to increase chances of conception when struggling with infertility or just wanting to make sure you are in good health and able to support a pregnancy for a healthy baby!
Health & Fitness
26 items
Ali Fannin
Shop all things health and fitness! I have and love all things on this list and they've helped me tremendously in my fitness journey! Happy Sweating! 💦
Teens/Young Adult Medicine Emergency Kit
16 items
Heather Bolinger
My oldest daughter was going off to college and I wanted to make sure she had everything she would need in her dorm. Young adults don't think about the things they need. So this is a perfect kit to make sure they are taken care of.
My Daily Wellness
20 items
Maddy Bird
A collection of my daily health and wellness supplements and products that make me feel energised and feeling great. Remember to find out what works for you and consult your GP if needed.
Daily Wellness Must Haves
17 items
Enhance Your Everyday Life: Discover our handpicked selection of health & wellness must-haves for a healthier, happier you, every single day!
Target Favorites
30 items
Kate Mecouch
All of my favorite Target products!
Top Products for Stroke Survivors
13 items
Mary Wilmoth
This is a list of items that I use daily since my mom had several strokes and is in therapy and my family and I's ful time care. Stroke awareness is nothing to pass by on I never thought it would happen to my mom but here we are.
My FavoriteTarget Items For Cold and Flu Season
18 items
Ashli West
Everything you need in your cupboard for cold and flu season.
Health & Wellness support, tips & products
38 items
Michelle M Schmidt
Tools to help find success in your wellness journey. From fitness equipment, apparel, great reads, or even weight loss programs.
Non toxic products for the girls
20 items
Kristen Ann
Being aware of what we put in and on our bodies is a choice. It's much easier to grab the first box of tampons on the shelf you see - BUT when you take a second to look at the ingredients and you don't know what any of them are… RED FLAG! I've been prioritizing my health for over a year now and this list has been very carefully created to provide the most natural and clean brands out there. Please share any other brands that you use and love! I'd love to hear from you!
Wellness en lifestyle
12 items
Jill Bakker
Items I use that improve my overall wellness. Most stuff I use for or during my corporate marketing job. They have become my lifestyle essentials.
Feminine Wellness Collection: Nourishing Body, Mind, and Spirit
17 items
Rosaura Alvarez
Resources for supporting feminine care and wellness. As women we are navigating through many changes in our physical wellness journey that play a huge role in how we feel & think. These are some of my favorite ways to support the needs of my body.
Journals & Workbooks for Mental Health Empowerment
18 items
Kelly Ble
I believe that journaling is one of the best strategies to improve your mental health. Check out my favorite journals. When you make a purchase based on my recommendations, I may earn a commission, but rest assured, it doesn't impact your cost.
Healthy Supplements for healthy Lifestyle
21 items
Mishka Linton Vernon
These premium health supplements is designed to support your journey towards optimal well-being. These links are affiliate links in which I may receive a commission when purchased.
Health & Wellness
10 items
Mariah Harrison
Nontoxic products for your family!
Diabetic Must Haves
12 items
Brittney Williams
Extremely convenient Items that make life as a diabetic 10X easier!!
Self Care- Health & Wellness
10 items
Berri Rannells
Self Care is so, so important and as women we often overlook this caring for others. Here I share self care, health and wellness items that are tried and true.
Happy body = happy life. Some of my favorite health, wellness, and fitness stuff🌍🌞♥️ 🙌
21 items
Taka Carnes
I love researching and learning about how amazing our bodies are! It's not about how we look but how we feel! 💪🤗🌟 As a life long dancer I am passionate about having a strong, functional, and happy healthy body. Over the years I have taken some wear and tear. These are things I have done extensive research on and implement into my lifestyle. These are some of the things that keep me going.
magnesium glycinate
16 items
Benjamin Brooks
Magnesium glycinate is a form of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in various physiological functions within the human body. What sets magnesium glycinate apart is its unique combination with glycine, an amino acid. This specific formulation enhances the absorption of magnesium in the body, making it a popular and effective supplement. Magnesium itself is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions, contributing to the proper functioning of muscles, nerves, and the cardiovascular system. Magnesium glycinate is often preferred by individuals seeking a well-tolerated and highly bioavailable form of magnesium supplementation. Key benefits of magnesium glycinate include Improved Absorption: The glycine component in magnesium glycinate facilitates better absorption in the intestines, ensuring a higher percentage of magnesium reaches the bloodstream. This makes it an excellent choice for those with digestive issues or difficulty absorbing other forms of magnesium. Muscle and Nervous System Support: Magnesium is vital for muscle function and the transmission of nerve signals. Magnesium glycinate can help alleviate muscle cramps and spasms, and support overall muscle and nervous system health. Stress Reduction: Magnesium is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. Glycine, being an inhibitory neurotransmitter, further enhances this calming effect. As a result, magnesium glycinate is often used to help manage stress, and anxiety and promote relaxation. Bone Health: Magnesium is a key component in bone formation and maintenance. It works in conjunction with calcium and vitamin D to support healthy bones. Magnesium glycinate supplementation may be beneficial for individuals looking to improve or maintain bone density. Improved Sleep: The calming properties of magnesium and glycine make magnesium glycinate a popular choice for those experiencing sleep disturbances. It may help improve the quality of sleep and regulate sleep patterns. Magnesium glycinate is generally well-tolerated and may be suitable for individuals with sensitivities to other forms of magnesium that can cause digestive discomfort. It is often recommended for those with magnesium deficiency, individuals with muscle cramps or spasms, and those looking to support overall relaxation and well-being. However, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen to determine the appropriate dosage and ensure it aligns with individual health needs.
Great Skin & Health Supplements I ❤️
14 items
Colleen N Bryant
Great skin also starts from within and not just what you put on the surface. And always be sure to drink plenty of water. ((I am not a licensed doctor, Nutrionist, health care professional or dietitian but just recommending what has worked for me.))
Safety Homecare for Elderly
18 items
Tracy Ritter
As A Caregiver to my Mom, this list is some of the things I have learned that help me get through everyday. She has dementia and has live with with for over 2 years. Elder safety is something I learned as time went by. The Security Cameras not only give me the ability to keep an eye on her while doing chores around the house but also give me the ability to escape to a private space and take a breath without having to worry as much about her. The door alarms would be my second favorite item I use. Most of the time she is just going out to sit on the porch but once in awhile she tries to wander farther away. when I hear the door alarm if I can't ran right to the door I can quickly check the cameras and see that she's Ok. I hope you find this list helpful and I will keep adding to it.
Sounds to Help You Sleep
21 items
Evenfall Creative
This list is for people who have trouble sleeping without background noise. These apps, playlists and musicians may help you feel a little more comfortable at bedtime.
Jaw Surgery NEEDS!!!
17 items
Michelle Cisneros
Are you getting jaw surgery anytime soon? These items will help with recovery and make it a smooth recovery!
Wellness info for Every Body!
55 items
Lisa Lisa
All things my family and I have and USE to stay healthy and promote overall wellness
Breast Reduction Recovery Must Have
14 items
Nicole Bogusinski
Everything I found MOST helpful while recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery!
Fun ways to improve and maintain good health and comfort!!
11 items
Melissa Kerswill
Little things I've found to make a big difference in everyday comfort!
Femine Care
21 items
Shannon Ellis
The best products for your most delicate areas
What you need to get a Healthy Smile:)
16 items
Kailey Cameron
I have been a dental assistant for a couple of years and have learned a few tricks! Whether you have braces, bridges, or just looking to improve your oral health overall! If you can't tell I am very passionate and I am obsessed with my oral health and when my teeth don't feel clean or good, I don't feel good! I love these products and cannot live without them! I hope you find something that you love!
Hysterectomy Recovery
25 items
Chris Napierkowski
This is the least glamorous list ever. I had a full hysterectomy (ovaries, cervix, the whole deal) in October at the age of 48. Recovery was fine with the help of my family and some supplies.
Health and Supplements
10 items
Rachel Powell
These vitamins and supplements helped change my life, Whether it be from gut health to daily essentials to workout supplements. These are my ride or die products.
New Grad to Veteran: A few everyday essentials I would recommend to all the bedside nurses out there. 👩🏻‍⚕️
14 items
Amy Aranda
After 11 years of critical care nursing (ER/ICU) I have learned a thing or two about what is ACTUALLY needed vs all the things we are told we need. Here's a few of my top choices, including things you should definitely splurge on and a few things I think you can go cheaper.
Leveled Up My Fitness and Here's How
24 items
Tiffany Hunt
I have taken control of my health and well-being - the products on this list are some of what I have used that helped me on my road to being healthier. Currently down 30+lbs!
A Mental Health Therapist's Guide to Self-Care
13 items
Jamie Garnica
As a Mental Health Therapist, self-care is top priority in my life, from daily routines to items that can help me destress after a full day of supporting others. Self-care can look however it is that you need it to. Some may see it as a way to treat themselves and that is AWESOME! I love to incorporate ways to truly take care of myself and that includes improving my physical health, emotional/mental health, spiritual health, and even financial health. Whatever it is that you're in need of, that is what will be the most helpful and beneficial on your self-care journey.
Vocal Health
14 items
Alexandria Orr
I got laryngitis during the week of a performance and lost my voice, but with some research I found all the tools I needed to get back into vocal shape to perform that weekend.
Supplements & Vitamins
15 items
Fitness and Fashion
A list of everything from gut health supplemtnst, general supplements, vitamins all the way to workout supplememtns. Okay and I might have some protein shakes in here too :) - commissions earned
Self-care without going overboard
16 items
Alexa Stracke
Items that I love when I'm relaxing after a long work day.
As we get older, our bodies change but here are some remedies to help you stay healthy and painfree
13 items
Learning to be healthy as I age… I am turning 50 and these are the things that have helped me stay healthy
Smile Essentials
13 items
Shenera Carter
Looking to enhance your oral health? tried and tested products
That Girl
18 items
Danielle Glassman
For anyone trying to live a healthier, more active lifestyle – these items are for you. Or if you just wanna have it together, these work too
What's good FOR THE MIND is good for THE BODY AND SOUL
19 items
Dawn Martinez "ColoradoDawnieCakes"
This is my favorite album. Hand picked with your health and happiness in mind you'll find; how to grow an amazing garden, recycled, echo friendly and organic items. There are even amazing supplements and sprays to bring your health back around. HAPPY BROWSING!
Digestive/ Wellness needs
14 items
Rebekah Verghese
My supplements <3
Weightloss Surgery Must-Haves
12 items
Katey de Wit
Whether you're having a gastric sleeve, bypass or other weight loss surgery, you'll need some help in surviving the first few months of your new life. Here are my recommendations.
Toxin Free Lifestyle Essentials
16 items
Janie Woods
The products in this listing will help you easily convert your every day products to a toxin free lifestyle
Best Stress Relieving Activties
15 items
Kali Nunley
Here are some of my favorite things to do when I'm stressed!
Go Bag Contents
23 items
This is the list of stuff we bought for our Go Bag (i.e. a pre-packed backpack with essentials in case of natural disaster or emergency or zombie attack). You might want to edit the contents based on your region and most likely natural disasters. Also, you should add to this list a few more things: - any critical drugs/meds (e.g. EpiPen) - Copy of IDs - some emergency cash - a few zip lock bags to store things - hand sanitizer - child-specific or pet-specific items if those apply
My Fitness & Nutrition
13 items
Linda Goin
Through a series of unfortunate events, my physical being suffered. Now into resistance training, drinking lots of water, practicing yoga, and eating for healthy bones and heart to stay fit and healthy.
Frozen Shoulder Relief
14 items
Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition characterized by stiffness, excessive pain, and limited range of motion in the shoulder joint. It typically develops gradually and can be quite challenging to deal with. 😔 This condition occurs when the connective tissues surrounding the shoulder joint become thickened and tight, leading to inflammation and a loss of flexibility. Activities like reaching, lifting, and even simple daily tasks such as washing your hair, driving, and working out can become difficult and painful. But fear not! Understanding a frozen shoulder is the first step toward finding relief. While the exact cause is not always clear, factors such as previous shoulder injuries, prolonged immobility, and certain medical conditions may contribute to its development. The good news is that a frozen shoulder is usually temporary, although it can last for months or even years, Mine was 17 months long. With the right approach and treatment, you can regain mobility and alleviate discomfort. Seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional is essential for an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. They may recommend a combination of physical therapy, pain management techniques, and exercises to improve flexibility and strength. Remember, patience and consistency are key. Stay positive and committed to your recovery journey. With proper care and support, you can overcome a frozen shoulder and restore full functionality to your shoulder joint. Browse through my board to discover helpful tips, exercises, and products that can assist you on your path to healing and regaining your shoulder's freedom of movement. Let's conquer Frozen Shoulder together!
Supplements Angel Likes for Supporting the Body
15 items
Angel L Reed
I love using all natural products to support my body. I love helping others educate themselves too. Any purchases made from these lists could be links directly placing me with commissions earned from purchased items.
Neurodivergent life savers 🙌🏽
16 items
Things I love, need, or want to help thrive as a neurodivergent person 🥰
Health and Beauty and NZ Travel
42 items
Nina Ronowicz
All things Lowcarb/Keto
hygiene & overall health.
15 items
Kourtney Juliano
Products that I use and love for my hygiene health and keep me smelling and looking my best. I have started taking my overall health seriously and I love to share what I have been using to others who are trying to do the same.
Beauty - Self Care - Health and Wellness
71 items
Joy LoPiccolo
No matter how you feel make sure you treat yourself with great care. As a chronic illness warrior, there are products that have helped me and have helped others in support groups I'm part of.
A Sense of Tranquillity
15 items
Earl Forrest
Things that give you a sense of calm or peace.
Mental Health Favourites
14 items
Brittany Brake
We all struggle sometimes - From comforting blankets and mindfulness tools to fitness trackers and cozy loungewear, these mental health must-haves cater to various needs, offering relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being in daily life
#WONYOUNG: a guide to become a pink pilates princess!
17 items
I can't explain how much my body started to tone and just lose fat after I joined Wonyoungism and started doing pilates. I've listed down below my dream products that I would love to buy to delve deeper into the ideology and the lifestyle of a Wonyoung's stan!
Nurse Approved !!
26 items
Amrit Kaur
All time favorite's for healthcare professionals who stay on their feet ALL-DAY !!
Daily supplements and more that I can't live without on Mounjaro
14 items
Tiffany Willis
Here's a few things I use daily while taking Monjauro..
Go-To Products and Resources
20 items
Physical Therapy by Pete
I'm a physical therapist in the Bay Area; here are some of my favorite resources and products for physical therapy. Comment with any questions and reach out to me to schedule your first session.
Treating androgenetic alopecia in women
33 items
I Have Hair Loss Too
Products I use, and have been recommended to treat hair loss - they work, I just have to be consistent! (some of these are affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)
Scientifically-Backed Benefits of Meditation
19 items
Leonard Hughes
Who knew sitting silently could be so beneficial? Check out these scientifically-backed benefits of meditation that will make you want to say 'Om' right now!
Natural medicine & Vitamins
10 items
Nontoxic and natural vitamins and supplements
health & fitness ˚୨୧⋆。˚⋆
65 items
glowing mindset
find trendy & aesthetic health & fitness products to glow up your fitness journey !
Fitness and Wellness
21 items
Dane Curtis
Here you will find products that I recommend for fitness and wellness! Ranging from equipment, to food, and even supplements, I hope this board helps you to meet your goals!
Immune system boosters
21 items
shanora ali
Here is a list of things I incorporate in my diet to help build my immune system.
Success with GLP meds!
19 items
Tina Osborn
My staples on GLP-1 journey
Wellness by the Hour
10 items
Marcel Hoffman
Add these simple changes to your busy day
The Ultimate First Aid Kit
38 items
Five AM
Whether you're a medic, a family, a prepared individual, or even prone to injury, this list is for you! From first aid to emergency prep!
Living Clean
11 items
Chris Lozano
These are products my family and I use daily to replace toxic products.
The Best Protein Products to Hit Your Goals
18 items
Elizabeth Hunter
The best protein powders, snacks, and foods for those trying to hit their protein goals!
Suggestions from a Fitness and Nutrition Coach
14 items
Kimberly Shirey
Recommendations as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach
Gut Health
11 items
Balanced Bri
Your overall health starts in the gut - get your digestive health back on track.
Comfort Items for Aging Parents & Us the Caregivers!
24 items
Jennifer Lamont
Comfort items for aging loved ones!
My Best Low-Tox Finds for You and Your Family
16 items
Leanna Ewing
These are my favorite low tox items from coffee to brushing your teeth!
Personal Care Picks
15 items
Marinda Pacyau
Time to get a little personal here. I have been through some health challenges over the years from beating out Uterine Cancer, Achilles Tendon Tear, Knee Issues, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome recovery for both wrists, and Kidney Stones. From personal hygiene to physical support, this list will share items I currently use and used in the past.
Lose (weight) like a beast!
27 items
Kyle Wilhite
I've struggled with my weight and fitness my whole life. This list has been instrumental in my losing 80 lbs and keeping it off. I hope it can help you with your fitness goals. Just remember that the number on the scale isn't the most important thing but finding a healthier version of ourselves is.
Wellness Journey
16 items
A look into my wellness journey and the route I'm choosing to take for myself. Hoping this information helps someone find their way to a healthier, natural, and holistic life.
Clean Products for everyday use!
18 items
Nikki Lea
Items and information I have found to be helpful on my better health journey
Get Obsessed with "A Healthy YOU"!
28 items
Chef Laura Bonicelli
🌞 Originally, I created this list as a secret weapon for my tribe in the Mindful Mediterranean program. But guess what? I've decided to spread the love and share it with the whole wide world! 🌍 Think of it as your magical toolkit for transforming into the healthiest, happiest version of you—mind, body, and even wardrobe! 💪👗 So dive in, explore, and become the fabulous you're destined to be! 🌈✨
Keto Powders, Greens and Electrolytes
26 items
Joanna Sebastian
Ketones and electrolyte powders enhance energy and well being and hydration if mixed together. They are typically designed for those on keto diet, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and those experiencing fatigue.
Biohack Your Health
31 items
Nikki Neisler
If you want to tweak your morning routine, age slower, live longer, get stronger, stop poisoning yourself or your family and join the nontoxic journey, this is your guide! Everything is trying to poison us these days. From our food to our water, from our hair care to skin care products, our cooking appliances - everything. I'm not perfect but I do my best to find products without additives OR use things that remove harmful chemicals in my environment. They are HARD to find. So, I'll add them here as I find them! Enjoy saving your time! Please comment what products I should add to this list.
Nurses favorites
16 items
Ivana Fields
These are my favorite nursing finds. Disclaimer: Each post have an affiliate link, i might be receiving a commission if you purchase through my link with no additional cost to you.
Improve Your Health
18 items
Aiza White
Being healthy is a success that many people forget to celebrate!
LOOKSMAXXING.Better you, home workouts toned body & flawless skin
12 items
Faustina Ojow
Looksmaxxing for a a better You. This list has home workouts to tone your body and facial equipment for a flawless skin.
Managing a broken ankle
10 items
Stay Safe
A broken ankle is a complex injury requiring extensive rehab these ideas should make your recovery a little easier.
My Favorite Herbal Supplements for Immunity
10 items
Beverly Anderson
All of the herbal and mineral supplements I list I have used and are currently using still to maintain excellent health and immunity. I practice holistic health and healing so I did not consult a physician about taking any of these. If you have any medical conditions and are taking any synthetic medications, please talk to your doctor first.
Ways I try to stay healthy
11 items
Alexa Stracke
What I do to try to stay fit and physically healthy
CANCER; What helped me heal it naturally twice!
27 items
Naturally Healing; Home, Body and Mind
For educational purposes only. Not medical advice. Just information from research and self treating. Educational purposes only. Do your research on private browser such as Brave or Duck Duck Go. If you don't know where to start here are a few steps I would start with. Cut out sugar, cancer thrives on sugar and so do parasites.Try fasting! Fasting cures a lot of problems in general. If you are eating processed, non organic, not REAL whole foods, stop! Cut the sugar, rid the parasites and heavy metals from your body and stay away from toxic stuff (hard to do bc it's everything it seems, your receipt paper, toilet paper, food, cleaning supplies, vitamins, the plastic you buy food in, the WATER ppl!) Try adding in some healing frequency music. 10,000HZ frequency is known to kill the cancer cells. Hint; rife machine. MOST IMPORTANTLY is STAY POSITIVE AND REDUCE STRESS! The mind can trick the body into being sick or being well. Do not let cancer take over your thoughts. Stay calm, do your research and tell yourself you are healing…. this will help the most of all. If you see it on my list and are not sure why its there or even what it is exactly, look it up. These are puzzle pieces that lead to healing. You don't need all these recommendations. See what works for you. I am not a doctor, just a caretaker who has seen healing happen when you live a holistic, natural, low tox, low stress life. This is not medical advice again for the ppl in the back. Good luck and happy healing.
Ketosis Weightloss Journey
13 items
Nicole Sandoval
Began my weightloss journey July 2022- down 78 lbs with the assistance of these products.
Empowering Your Body: My Holistic Approach to Breast Health, Hormonal Harmony for Women Over 40 and Reducing Inflamation in the Body
16 items
Lindsey Walters
Optimal Wellness and Vitality Begins Here!
Supplements for your health, immune, mind etc. Only useful and proven products will be here
16 items
Kolya Yevtushenko
My personal list of the best supplements in the market. I know what can improve your health! Leave your comment please!
Eye Care
17 items
Sophia Khan
The very best eye care products 👁️
Dental Health
12 items
Mary Costner
I'm obsessed with dental health. When my dentist told me my gums were receding, I panicked. These products have stopped my gums from receding!! I swear by them.
Mental Health Finding Recovery
35 items
Grace O'Sullivan
Do you want to live your best life and find a place in recovery from your mental illness. Below are my most loved items I have found and used through out my mental health journey. I suffer from PTSD, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OSED, and BPD.
Sjogren's Self Care Essentials
75 items
Heather Autoimmune Advocate
Sjogren's patients can find several different products to help them manage symptoms and chronic pain.