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Some of my favorite books/Authors!
41 items
Ilesha shiver
These are books I have read. I will only share what I have really enjoyed and I will group them by Author first then reading order.
romance novels
12 items
Lindsey Busch
Mostly fantasy, paranormal books that I have loved throughout the years! In no specific order, all very much worth reading.
My Favorites For Teaching Social Emotional Skills In The Early Childhood Years
16 items
Jessica Roberson
Social emotional learning takes a front seat during the early childhood years. If you're looking to help your child/student/client learn about emotions, friendships or social skills, check out my list of recommendations. #speechtherapy
Barnes & Noble Guided Journals for the Positive Thinker ✨
22 items
Marlena Johnson
Guided journaling is an excellent practice. It allows you to get to know yourself in a new way. It prompts you to dig deep in your heart, mind and soul. Guided journaling will help you in your journey towards self-discovery! Have fun and be creative with your journals. There are so many out there to help get your juices flowing!
Book recommendations📚
15 items
Jennifer Kim
Here are some of my favorite books that i recommend! (of course with spice😉)
Journals and Books to check out
20 items
Shonda Broom
Different books and journals
bookish essentials
12 items
ash taylor
bookish essentials i can't live without
My book recs ✨
52 items
Memento Mori
Here's some of my favourite reads that I feel like recommending to you. I'll keep updating regularly - Ecco una lista delle mie letture preferite che mi sento di consigliarvi. Continuerò ad aggiornarla 💜
Books You'll Love
16 items
Everything from self-help to books written by your favorite entertainers. These are all the books that I would read a million times over.
Bookflood Gift List
55 items
Danielle Hughes
Bookflood is an Icelandic tradition where books are exchanged on Christmas Eve. Here's a list of gift suggestions.
Books I'm Obsessed With
23 items
Danielle Polisseni
These books are obsession worthy!
Great Books Featuring Dogs
15 items
We love these books listed!
Book Club
10 items
Snide Hustler
These are books that I have actually read, consumed and loved! There's a bit of everything from books that have effected my life, helped me in business or just been a trashy read. I hope you enjoy!
15 Fun Educational Books For Kids
15 items
Sam Ott
It's never too early to start learning! The perfect books for little bookworms.
The Definitive Book Guide to Conquer Your 20s and Transform Your Perspective
12 items
Samantha Glassman
After graduating college at 21 during the pandemic, I rekindled my passion for reading and learning. These books enabled me to perceive the world from new perspectives and allowed me to see more of what was possible for me. These transformative reads will help you through your 20s and beyond!
Book recs 📚✨💌
14 items
These are some of my favourite books as an avid book reader. I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction.
Books you have to read!
26 items
Maria Hoff Barcelos
Stuff I've read and think that are worth your time.
for the book worms
51 items
I absolutely love reading and I am constantly updating this list with the books I am loving and my TBR - check it out xx
Fun with Words: Educational Games That Boost Reading and Spelling Skills
21 items
Misty M
Reading and spelling can be boring for kids so let's make it fun by playing board games! This list contains games to help kids improve reading and spelling skills while having fun.
How to draw...
10 items
Seasonal Sapphire
This is a list of recommended books on how to draw. The audience for this list ranges from young children to adults.
Emotional Wellness I used
12 items
Rebecca Powell
These are all books I have used on my emotional wellness journey.
1,000 Books Before Kindergarten
14 items
Our local Library has a reading challenge through Beanstalk to read and record 1,000 books before Kindergarten. In this list you can find book recommendations of books we enjoyed reading. My boys are ages 3 and 5 so they will be within that age range in this list.
My all-time favourite reads
23 items
E.A. Whyte
All the books I could re-read in a second and still get all the feels.
Readers paradise
10 items
Megan Walker
Reading is so relaxing and one of my favorite things to do. This list is made up of all things for my readers.
My Favorite Feel Good Movies and Books
25 items
Shopping Diva
How is everyone!? With the cold weather, and the nights of blustery winds, and rain rapping against the windows on my house, its a reminder that its that time of year for comfort food, feel good movies you can curl up on the couch with a great cozy throw blanket. And great romance books that make you melt into your warm reading chair while you watch the wrath of winter
Holiday Reads
17 items
Danielle Hughes
Holiday reads and romances to snuggle up with this season.
Basically My Goodreads But Better
29 items
Margaret Burnett
I live for a good book recommendation. With so many choices out there it's hard to know what to reach for next. On this list, you'll find some books I've enjoyed and some that are on my TBR list!
Hand-picked parenting books!
16 items
As a parent to a toddler, I made a conscious decision to be intentional in my parenting. I sought out the best books on the topic and over the years, I have gained invaluable knowledge and insights from the books on my list. I highly recommend these books to all parents who want to raise their children with intention and purpose.
Book recommendationss📚🥰
30 items
I bought many of the books through TikTok but I really have to admit that I absolutely love all the books I list here and had it through in no time☺️
Things that help Keep my Sanity
17 items
Crystal Watkins
I can be my own worst enemy, and my mind likes to tantalize itself. i've had to find ways to control that and I find reading self help books a wonderful way among many to do that :)
Gifts for the Bookworm
19 items
Amalie Huggins
Great gift ideas for the bookish people in your life (or treat yourself!)
Classroom/Teacher Faves
28 items
April Red
The 2023-24 school year is my 18th year of teaching. I have accumulated so many goodies that have added value to my classroom for both my students & me. I am so happy to share them with you. There is something for every teacher that will benefit your classroom. I hope you are able to find tools that benefit you. :)
My Favorite Books of 2023
13 items
Jessica Moody
Diving into 2023 with a curated collection of my favorite reads! From captivating novels to enlightening non-fiction, this list is a journey through worlds, both real and imagined. Get ready to embark on adventures, explore new perspectives, and be swept away by unforgettable stories. These books have left an indelible mark on my heart and mind, and I can't wait to share them with you. Let's dive into the pages together! 🌟
Favorite Books
25 items
Aurora Kretsch
As a girl who spent most of her childhood reading and am trying to get back into it, here are some of my favorite books!
TBR List
27 items
Morgan Calhoun
I can't WAIT to read these books!
Secular Homeschool Resources
19 items
Allison Crews
Secular Curricula and Educational Resources We've Used and Loved While Homeschooling. Resources on this list for Elementary-Middle School transition.
Cozy Reading 🕯️📖
14 items
All the things you could ever need to curl up with a good book and relax
Books That GenX and Millenials Grew Up On
15 items
Madeline Romine
What were we doing reading some of these books as kids/teenagers? GenX and Millenials were just built different, I guess.
18 items
Kasey Pak
Amazing self-development books!
Book series
26 items
jessica merjaneh
If you like watching shows then give reading a series a try. Here are some of my favorites!
Books to Read if you're in a Reading Slump
10 items
Zoey Cox
I used to hate reading. I absolutely despised it, until I found what genre I was into: romance. You hand me a romance book, I'm finished with it in two days. So, if you're a hopeless romantic like me, these books will cater perfectly to you and get you out of that reading slump!
Fall Books for your TBR List
14 items
Gala Salvatori
The perfect list for any book lovers looking for TBR recommendations *FALL EDITION*
Great reads! books worth reading
15 items
John Moraitis
Embark on a journey of knowledge, inspiration, and self-discovery with our collection of books that transcend the ordinary. Immerse yourself in a world where every page holds the promise of growth, enlightenment, and entertainment.Some of my favorite books that I've read over the years. Always looking for more recommendations. Looking to expand this list over time once I've had a chance to read a few more. Would love some recommendations.
My all time favorite books ♡
16 items
check tws + enter for amazon links ! ⌗ adding more everyday ✩
My favorite books!
42 items
angela roberts
I'm an avid reader and these are just a FEW of my favorite books! I read all different genres, but my current favorite genre is psychological thrillers! I can’t get enough of them lol! As I read more I'll be adding to this list!
hoping you fall in love with reading
14 items
kayla demeo
here are links to some of my favorite books, and some other resources to get into reading!
My Favourite Books :)
10 items
Hanni Reads
In no particular order, these are my ten favourite books of all time!
Want to read
18 items
Steve Posney
Books I've come across that are on my wishlist to check out! I'm a fairly avid reader and I'll continue updating this list as I discover, buy & read the books on this list.
Back To School and College Essentials
19 items
Todd Hummel
I know it's early,but it doesn't hurt to get your hands on the essentials for school and college.
Vacation Books for the Girls
15 items
Diana Mantey-Ng
Easy fiction reads that are tough to put down and are perfect for the beach or mountains!
5 Star 🌟 All Time Fav Romance Books
14 items
Rachel Tousignant
Best Romance books I have read so far and will ALWAYS recommend hands down.
Self Help Books I love
12 items
jamie simmons
Books Ive read this year and loved.
Must Reads You'll Find on My Bookshelf
30 items
My Top Rated ⭐️ Book Lists
What I’m reading this month
16 items
Natalie Tolliday
I read A LOT, and typically have several books I'm dipping in and out of at any given time. This doesn't mean I skim the book, I am a super fast reader too. I enjoy several different genres so I hope you find something in this list to inspire you.
Kids books I think you'll love!
48 items
Seasonal Books, Boxed Sets, Individual Books. Books for all age groups! Some of the books I own, others are just recommendations
Bible Study
11 items
Mindi East
All things I love for Bible study!
Just book worm things
18 items
As a book lover, I've curated this list of my 5-star books, some bookworm must haves, and even my to be reads!
My Little Book Club
14 items
Amateur reader sharing her books - I mainly listen on Audible or use my Kindle (Listed A - Z by author's last name)
Books to Help You Get Over Your Sarah J. Maas Slump
27 items
Alexandria Orr
If you're a SJM Stan like me, you are also actively re-reading her books and going through withdrawal waiting for the next book! Here are the books I've found within the last few years that have helped me get over my slump and kept me on my romantasy fix.
Book Lists Curated By Me!
11 items
Beth McMurphy
Looking for a book recommendation? Check out these short, curated special interest book lists from a former school librarian & lifelong bibliophile! Links through, which supports local independent bookstores.
Inspirational Books
12 items
Ranika Howard
These are all books that have helped me grow and develop
Books I love
29 items
These are books that have motivated me, inspired and taught me incredible lessons relating to money, financial freedom and reaching goals.
My favourite thriller novels 📚
15 items
Inspired by jlee 🌷✨
Im more of a romance novel girl but I started reading thrillers and they are so much better than movies! Here are a few of my favourites I wanted to share 😍
Must-Read Books
16 items
David Rolls
This is a list of my favourite books for anyone looking to become better at, and make more money in Sales.Note: if you purchase the book via the link on his page (rather than directly) I do get a small commission at no extra cost to you :)
books that changed my mentality
31 items
Julia Silva
In the past few years, I went through a lot and these books helped me ground myself and reset my mentality and the way I see the world.
Inner Evolution Bookshelf
10 items
Mariessa and Nathan
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with our handpicked selection of transformative reads. Dive into topics like mindset mastery, emotional intelligence, holistic wellness, and purposeful living as you unlock your full potential. Each book is a stepping stone towards greater self-awareness, resilience, and fulfillment. Elevate your life and embrace a journey of personal development with our curated reading list as your guide.
Back To College Essentials
16 items
Going through college I found having the right supplies made a big difference in my learning journey. This is why I have tailored this list to include items that will make your college year a breeze.
DC Comics
15 items
Amber Gasparini
This list is a few of our favourite recommendations for DC Comics. My husband is a huge Batman fan. Some things you can find in this list are statues, movies, comics, merch and more.
Thriller books that every bookworm needs to read #booktok
17 items
Alana Manfredi
I started reading books at the beginning of. summer and I feel in love with thrillers, read all these books I promise you wont be disappointed 😁
Fiction Recommendations: Books You Won't Want to Put Down
24 items
Meg Leahy
Novels I've read, enjoyed, and would recommend. In no particular order – unless I eventually get to alphabetizing. Happy reading!
Self Love and personal development books that are must reads !
12 items
Amy Cooper
I went on a bit of a self love binge this year, I gave myself space to reconnect with myself and it was something that I had so much fear around. I am grateful to every one of these books below for given me a new mindset and allowing me to see things I couldn't before and I cannot recommend them more highly..they won't "fix you" but gee they will give you a massive leap forward
Books for Open Hearts: Inspiring Kids with Tales of Diversity and Inclusion
35 items
Misty M
Talking to kids about diversity and inclusion can be hard but here is some ideas that can help! This list contains books with characters that kids will related it and learn from.
Popular Target Book Worm Finds
26 items
Leanna Ewing
I scoped out the best books target has to offer for all the booktokers out there! From rom com to thriller, these are books I have read and love or would love to read next!
Fantasy (sub-plot romance) Masterlist
30 items
Harmony Knight
Updating as we speak! Hope everyone can find something that piques their interest, I'll be updating this whenever I can 💛 Please bare in mind that some of these are part of a series and the romance varies book to book.
Books For Littles
30 items
Teresa Neace
We have an insane amount of books and these are all ones that my toddlers love. Most are sensory books with a mixture of the cute little mommy and daddy books thrown in there. I'm going to try and categorize it to make it easy to find different ones.
Will be yours too?!
11 items
Macey Lauback
A few books I completely fell for and figured I'd spread the love! Also some TBRs I too am drooling over to read!
some of my FAVE books i reread every year!
20 items
i promise u as a book worm that i will give u the best recs just trust me, ALSO the price on barnes and noble (links posted with every book) are so cheap compared to my local bookstores so be grateful noobs
Book merch i love
15 items
Sally LT
I'm the biggest fan of owning my favorite books and characters in mercy. here are my favs!
Fantasy and Science Fiction Books-Must Reads
18 items
Autumn Pippin
I read a lot of book series. I always get books that are part of a series because I really get invested and want it to last longer. Here are some of my favorites.
Book Worms
19 items
Caitlin McLaughlin
I've become a bookworm recently over the past year. Here are some of my favorites from all different genres!
They say reading is cool.. 🤓
15 items
One thing I never want to do is quit growing and I find joy in reading soooo.. Here are some of the books for growth that I have read (at least once) or will be planning to read soon! Let me know if you have any books you recommend (I LOVE THAT SHIT!)! 😜
Books for your ever growing collection
88 items
Maddie Mckee
For those who have more specific reading preferences…
Books every bookworm needs to read
37 items
Maria Andreina Perez
These are mostly romance books, but you'll find a little bit of everything. This is my hobby and how I spend most of my time, so be prepared to discover new books to be updated weekly. You'll find here a lot of the recommendations you have seen in BookTok and some more that I bet you'll love :).
Witchy & Spiritual Books from my personal bookshelf!
13 items
Sarah Casten
As a witch, mystic, tarot reader, and occultist- here are some of the books I have and use in my practice.
Messy Girl Book Recs
21 items
Cait Martin
When you're in the mood for something fun and chaotic! The books on the list are so much fun, a wild ride and will defintiely make you feel better about your own life. You are WELCOME.
✨ Must read books for mindset ✨
11 items
Charlie Lock
I'm a BIG reader and personal development Junkie. Here are some of my MUST reads if you're looking to work on your mindset and smash your goals ✨ I have brought and read all of these recommended reads in my list 😊
Must-read Astrology books for Beginner's
14 items
I've been actively studying astrology for the last 5 years. I've taken many courses, read many books, had mentors and I also do astrology readings. Based on my previous experience, these are the books I will recommend, if you are someone who is curious about astrology and feels called to start studying it more in-depth. I hope this list is helpful!
Book recommendations
17 items
My best recommendations of books I loved and you will too!
A beginners guide to Literary Fiction
34 items
Cait Martin
What even is literary fiction? The best way I can describe it is this: no plot, just vibes. Literary fiction is usually character, rather than plot, based. That means very little world-building, fantastical elements, or background stories to understand. Instead, you are deeply immersed into the everyday life of a character or characters; their every weird thought, wish and action. These books usually reveal something about the person who reads them. Are you ready to give one a try?
Libros - Crecimiento Personal, Misterio, Romance. Book Recommendations: self growth, mystery, romance
10 items
Libros que me he leído que recomiendo muchísimo. Si te gusta leer, esta lista es para ti :)
What to Read When You Want Something Cute and Fun
12 items
As a writer myself, I read a lot. These are books I cannot recommend enough! Not everything has to be so serious. Sometimes, you're allowed to just enjoy things.