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Power Tools I use just as much as my Hubby
15 items
Victoria King
What can I say? I love DeWalt Tools, but I do get a few things that aren't. I used to run a wood art business so my hubby taught me how to use all the power tools. These are some of my favorites and some of my wish list all in one. Great gift ideas for that special guy and your life.
Alchemy Arsenal: Essential Tools for Herbal Crafting
34 items
Wild Harvest Apothecary
Equip yourself with the essentials for herbal crafting and remedy-making with our meticulously selected tools, equipment, and supplies. From mortar and pestle to distillation kits, discover the tools needed to unlock the full potential of nature's bounty.
Handmade Haven: DIY Inspiration & Projects
21 items
Cora Price
This list will contain all of the cool do it yourself things that I find.
Spring Music List to Vibe To
83 items
Danielle Caraballo
The music and music video's we grew up on and still love. I remember watching MTV. Even our kids love it even though they won't admit it.
hunting gear for the whole family!
14 items
Everything you need that I have found is extremely helpful.
ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Or as I like to say, This stuff scratches my brain.
17 items
Tiffany Eckerman
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Or as I like to call it… Stuff that scratches my brain. In this list you will find things that cause ASMR.
Look at this trove, treasures untold
33 items
Mary Harrell
A treasure trove of Disney Lifestyle finds.
Christmas DIY Crafts
13 items
Nwamaka Nnadi
Want to DIY any Christmas pieces? I have the best ideas and pieces to make your idea come true. It's a fun project to do your on your own, with friends, or kids!
Tarot and Oracles Decks With Diversity
21 items
Tarot and oracle decks embracing diversity reflect the wide range of human experiences and identities. They offer representation to underrepresented communities, fostering inclusivity and empowerment. These decks feature diverse cultural symbols and celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, providing guidance, healing, and affirmation. By embracing diversity, these decks reshape spiritual practices, inviting everyone to connect with their inner wisdom and embrace their unique journey.
My Cricut finds tips and tricks
18 items
Raw Enterprise
Here I will share with you my Cricut stories and products I use likes and dislikes I am not an expert just starting out
Spell Work Accessories
19 items
Spell work accessories refer to various items used in rituals and practices within the realm of magic, witchcraft, and paganism. These accessories can hold symbolic meanings, aid in focusing intentions, and enhance the energy of spell work.
Off Grid Living, self sufficient, prepare and have a plan
26 items
Raw Enterprise
Have you ever considered off grid living? if you have here I will post some good advice I have found and some things that are useful to know or have
K-Pop Essentials
14 items
Cici Elkhatib
Mix of great K-pop supplies!
Flower passion midwestern gardening
18 items
melanie guthrie
Here are a list of Annuals and Perennial I love in my Midwestern garden!
My Family's Favorite Holiday Traditions
13 items
Kay Smith
The holidays are here and I am excited!!! One thing I love about the holidays are the traditions my family has developed over the years. Its all about spending time together and remembering the real reason for the season. These are things we do every year that have become traditions.
Vintage Playtime: Rediscover These Classic Toys
33 items
Misty M
Do you remember the toys from your childhood? I do which is why I created a list of toys that have stood the test of time and are ready to sprinkle some retro magic into your modern-day fun. All of these toys are still available to day and are ready to be loved by the next generation. These toys would make fun gifts for everybody young and old.
Looking to get into Photography?
15 items
Here are my recommendations for those looking to get into photography/ Hybrid shooting. As background, I have spent the last few years with Canon, specifically working as a hybrid shooter for content creation on a Canon R6. I use a mix of RF and EF lenses. (Yes, the R6 does and probably will overheat if you are running video.)
Junk Journaling Essentials
12 items
Sophie McCaffrey
I'm new to journaling my everyday life kind of like a scrapbook so here's what supplies I'm loving to use so far! You definitely can just use a pen and whatever supplies you already have, but I'm just extra with what I like.
The Best Gifts For Gamers
25 items
Sam Ott
A list of gift ideas for gamers.
Artwork from Etsy Artists
20 items
Vanessa Jamil
Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind art pieces directly from talented artists. Here are a few examples of original paintings you might find on Etsy. Enjoy!
To feed that crochet addiction
13 items
Madelyn Bickel
my favorite products, tips, tricks, and patterns for all the crochet lovers (many are beginner friendly!)
Craftopia Collection: A Whimsical Wonderland of Creative Fabrica's Finest Designs!
35 items
Madeline Frank
Dive into the delightful universe of Craftopia Collection, your go-to treasure trove for the most enchanting and adorable designs from Creative Fabrica. Unleash your creativity with curated bundles, charming fonts, whimsical planners, and design recommendations that will spark joy in every project. 🌈 Explore a kaleidoscope of cute and fun designs handpicked just for you! Looking for more? Subscribe to Creative Fabrica's All Access program through our link and unlock a world of endless possibilities. ✅ CLICK HERE and let your imagination run wild with Craftopia Collection – where cuteness meets creativity! 🚀✨ #CraftopiaCollection #CreativeFabrica #DesignMagic"
All about FRIENDS
15 items
Ashley Baumgart
The ultimate list to fulfill your deepest super fan desires. This list is built for the true FRIENDS fan by a true FRIENDS fan. **I mean...could there BE a better list??**
SHTF Prepping Essentials
106 items
Sunny Richardson
Prepping & Preparing on a Budget with Auto-Immune, Dogs, Special Needs, and Life-Saving Tips! Organic Foods in Bulk are also shown!
Crafting and Craft show set up
19 items
Range Road Designs
Craft Show vendors, Farmers Market vendors, those who love to craft. A list for you, a few of my favourite things and things I didn't even know I needed. Enjoy and I hope it helps!
Homebrewing Basics: Craft Beers and Ciders
21 items
Lori Fletcher
Get your hops on! This is your one-stop guide to homebrewing basics where you can explore different craft beers and ciders.
Teacher gifts- not teacher themed!
25 items
Lauren G
Teacher gifts other than what they usually get! No Cups!
Tv shows and movies
13 items
Shelley Turnbull
All the shows I'm enjoying at the moment
Craft Storage Ideas
18 items
Julie Wright
Crafting is fun but what are you supposed to do with all of our your items and supplies? Well below is a list of amazing storage and DIY storage options to take your craft space to the next level. Some of these I own myself and some are on my wishlist, let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Spellwork & Rituals
12 items
Marissa Swearngin
Ideas to help inspire your next get together with kindred spirits or ritual affair.
My Top Rated Videogames
25 items
I have gotten the chance to play a wide variety of videogames with different stories, characters, & themes that have truly had a tremendous impact on me as a player and person that I would consider my favorite videogames of all time! Something unique about our experiences is that each of our own lists of our favorite videogames will vary and reflect who we are! This is an opportunity to showcase some of my favorite games of all time that I would truly and always recommend to players looking for an incredible story and experience!
Amazing fidget toys for Adults
14 items
Kimberly Millionaire
Explore a world of serenity and focus with these incredible fidget toys designed specifically for adults. These remarkable companions are perfect for finding moments of relaxation and concentration in your daily life. Discover the soothing benefits of these amazing fidget toys for adults.
🩵 My Favorite Crystals 🩵
14 items
Cocoa Pacific
I love crystals! Aside from being pretty to look, at each crystal has qualities that can assist in our daily lives. Here are a few that I own 🦋
Challenging Brain Teasers to Keep Your Mind Sharp
16 items
Bernard Marino
Here's a fun and challenging list of brain teasers to keep your neurons firing and your mind sharp.
My Fav Tarot / Oracle Decks
10 items
Raven TheWitch
A collection of my favorite tarot and oracle decks!
Songs That Never Fail to Lift My Mood
19 items
Adrian Bennett
Buckle up, music lovers! Here's a list of songs that never fail to lift my mood. These tunes are my go-to remedy for gloomy days and trust me, they work wonders!
Board/card games I have and love to play!
17 items
Amy Barlow
All these games I have in my house right now and all of my kids and friends love to come play with us. I love to play with everyone and the more people the more fun!
Nostalgic 80's Throwback
36 items
Judith | Digital Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Sell Digital Products
Care Bears, Movies, and Games, Oh My! Step back in time with our curated list of cherished 80's treasures. Explore the heartwarming world of Care Bears, reminisce about iconic 80's movies, and relive the golden era of video games. Dive into this nostalgic journey, filled with loveable bears, timeless films, and classic games that will transport you back to the magic of the 1980s. Whether you're a fan of vintage animation, cult classic films, or retro gaming, this list has it all. Discover the perfect dose of 80's nostalgia with Care Bears, movies, and games that defined a generation.
29 items
Exotic Freight Lady by Carol Jackson
Music is my life!
My Game Recommendations
10 items
In this list you are going to find the games I absolutely recommend to play!
90s Nostalgia: My Favorite Cartoon Classics
23 items
Cora Price
Step back in time and relive the golden era of animated entertainment with my list of favorite 90's cartoons! From iconic classics to hidden gems, this list is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for any 90's kid
Bright & Shiny Art/Craft Supplies
19 items
Evenfall Creative
Sparkle, glitter, neon, shine, glow all for your inspiration & dopamine ✨
The Art of Visible Mending
16 items
Maximize the life of your clothing with custom and personalized visible mending! From traditional Japanese Sashiko stitching, to your grandmas darning, to sticking on an embroidered patch, there are so many ways to turn your clothing's hole into wearable art.
Tools to take you Higher!
16 items
You will find here recommendations for equipment and accessories to improve the experience and maximize your results.
Must Have Boating Gear
14 items
Lindsay Tuttle
I love being on the water, it is my happy place, but boating is just not about getting on boat and going. There are many must have to make your boating experience more enjoyable and less stressful.
Family Game Night
17 items
Amanda White
We love to play games as a family, even with younger children we have found so many games they they too enjoy! Here is a list of the ones that we love to play!
Organic Gardening👩🏻‍🌾🌱
41 items
Eco-friendly raised beds, gardening tools, non-toxic water hose, soil meters, netting, & other supplies for organic gardening! *As an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.
Mind blowing puzzles
13 items
Who doesnt love a PUZZLE….I love them especially on a wet and cold day. Great to be given as gifts when your mind draws a blank
🥏✨️GREAT Disney Channel Original Movies
18 items
Lizzie Warrington
This list features a collection of beloved Disney Channel Original Movies, complete with whimsical adventures, catchy tunes, and heartwarming stories that entertain viewers of all ages. Whether you're looking for nostalgic movies from your childhood or introducing your kids to some Disney classics, this list has got you covered.
Straight from the bag of a knitting junkie
16 items
Nikki K
I'm a self appointed knitting junkie! I picked up the hobby when I first started homeschooling. I needed something to do during my downtime when my kiddo was occupied. I didn't want to spend that 20minutes during speech therapy or 45 minutes during dance class mindlessly scrolling on my phone. So I taught myself to knit and 4 years later I'm absolutely in love! These are some of my go to items.
POV Retired Calligraphy Girly
15 items
Meg Manalo
From one fellow extra note-taker and new term page designer turned avid bullet journal maker to another, here are all the drawing / writing materials that feed my pen-to-paper-related hobbies throughout the years. Tried and tested!
Stationary & Office
14 items
Wendy mufich
I love stationary and office supplies. I use pens every day and I have a select few that I love and would love to share them with you.
Gift Guide For Teachers
16 items
Kimberly Millionaire
Step into the world of our meticulously curated Gift Guide for Teachers a comprehensive and heartwarming collection that transcends the ordinary designed to honor the invaluable contributions of educators. Each item within this thoughtfully crafted guide is not just a gift but a symbol of gratitude, blending practicality with inspiration to express our deep appreciation for the tireless dedication and unwavering commitment that teachers bring to the classroom every day.
Things I Can't Go On A Photoshoot Without
16 items
Shilah Farry
Here are my favorite things to take with me to a photoshoot.
Monthly Birth Flowers and Their Meanings
45 items
Evenfall Creative
Various cultures have assigned meanings to flowers, the most often referenced are the Victorian 'Language of Flowers'. Floriography, or flower symbolism, is still popular today and is used by florists, artists, lovers and friends. Each month has a flower or two, and each flower has a meaning. Whether you want to send a bouquet or buy yourself a plant make it more meaningful with a birth flower.
Bullet Journaling Essentials
11 items
Tiffanie Atkins
If you are new to bullet journaling or want to spruce up your spreads, this is where you should be! I have been journaling since 2017 and I know the tried-and-true products to use!
Funko Pops featured on my Tiktok
19 items
Chantel's Figment
Funko Pop Collectors, this one's for you! My Funko Pop collection total is 75, but here are some that I've featured on my Tiktok. Make sure to check it out 😊
Birthday Gifts For Him
30 items
MoMo Finds
The men in our lives, be it fathers, partners, brothers, or friends, deserve to be celebrated for the strength, wisdom, and love they bring into our world. Finding the perfect gifts for him is a meaningful way to express your admiration, appreciation, and love. It's an opportunity to create cherished memories, show your support, and bring a smile to his face.
Oil Painting Basics
42 items
Evenfall Creative
Oil painting is a rich medium that gives depth, drama and vibrancy to your artwork, and allows you to work in various techniques.
"Hey Alexa, play my river jams"
24 items
Marissa Swearngin
Go-to musical musings for all my moods.
Games You Need in Your Life
17 items
Dana Hennessey
Clearly I'm a game lover and always will be. It's my favorite hobby that fills my cup. I share everything from cozy games to classic games and even those I'm hoping to snag soon! If you are a cozy and classic game lover like me than you'll love this list!
Vintage Vault! Rediscover the Magic of the 80's!
47 items
Take a step back in time! This list was so much fun to create! My goal is to someday create an 80's inspired room in the basement!
Journaling favorites
16 items
I love journaling, it helps me relax and reflect on my day! Here is my selection of my favorite journal essentials!
Amazon Art Studio Essentials 👩🏻‍🎨 🎨
19 items
From my adjustable lamp to my glass palette to framing supplies, these are the products and tools in my studio that I can't live without!
Board/Card Games We Love
23 items
Jess + Kim - Party of Two Photography
Board games are the PERFECT way to gather people around a dinner table without just watching a movie. Here are some of our favorite unique board games to play together and with new friends!
Best Board Game Cafes/Stores Across the US
13 items
Amelia Cohen
So many cities now have board game cafes/stores where you can go play, have snacks, etc. Here are some of my favorites from across the US!
Unlock Your Creativity: Art Tools for Newbies and Inkling Innovations
15 items
Dr Adil
Explore this curated collection of essential #art gadgets for budding artists! From #drawing tablets to #watercolor brush pens, these tools empower creativity and help you unleash your inner #artist. Whether you’re into sketches, acrylic paintings, or digital art, these gadgets are your creative companions. Dive in and elevate your artistic journey! #ArtGadgets #BeginnerArtists #CreativeTools #ArtEssentials #InspireCreativity #ArtisticJourney #DigitalSketching #WatercolorMagic #PaletteKnife #DrawingTablets #AcrylicPainting #ArtisticInspiration
Teen Gift Ideas
25 items
Jennifer Geigel
Never know what to buy that teen? Check out these great ideas!
Best Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Under $25
34 items
Tajuana Brown
Does your child have an amazing teacher? Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to show the stellar teachers just how much you appreciate them! Below are a variety of gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on their faces but won't break your bank account. Note: When I posted these items, they were all below $25. Prices may fluctuate due to items going off sale.
It's spooky season! Let's craft!
10 items
Nikki K
I love a good DIY! Here's what I used to make a few easy Halloween crafts I did with my kiddo to decorate our home.
Craft supplies
17 items
Wendy mufich
Badge reels and sublimation supplies, These are all supplies I personally use and i feel are products worth buying.
Painting • Everything I recommend for Beginners or Advanced Painters
17 items
Emily Sunne
There are a host of benefits to learning how to paint. It can improve your concentration, develop your critical thinking skills, and enhance your fine motor skills. It can foster creative growth, build your confidence, promote a positive attitude and nurture emotional growth. Learning how to paint should be more pleasure than pressure. Just remember, the key to getting better is repetition. Practice, practice, practice! But here are something that I wish I know about when I was first started learning how to paint and that I still use to this day and love!
Angel's Ultimate Motorcycle Must-Haves: A Tailored List for Two-Wheel Enthusiasts!
22 items
Angel L Reed
Items I feel I must have for my motorcycle journeys! Here are some things that are just a must have when you are an avid rider. Any purchases made from these lists could be links directly placing me with commissions earned from purchased items.
Mini Brand Bonanza
52 items
Amber Hardin
Because size doesn't matter when it comes to fun! Dive into a pint-sized paradise of miniature toys that pack a mighty punch. From tiny action figures to itsy-bitsy board games, this Pinterest category is all about celebrating the little things in life. Get ready to downsize your expectations and supersize your enjoyment with these mini marvels. It's a tiny world of endless play possibilities, and it's a category that proves the best things really do come in small packages!
Unique Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas That Dance Beyond the Ordinary
21 items
Michelle Kakaty
Step into the Enchanting World of Dance: Exceptional Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas!
Gifts for seniors
14 items
Stay Safe
Trying to find a great gift for the senior in your life? Consider these thoughtful and practical gift ideas for seniors! Have a great recommendation, add it in the comments section!
Explore the World of Possibilities with my Art Supply recomendations
68 items
From vibrant paints to precision brushes, my curated art supplies collection is a treasure trove for artists of all levels. Dive into a world of creative possibilities with high-quality tools and materials that will bring your artistic visions to life.
TV Shows/Series that will have you glued to your couch!
28 items
Millie Grimsled
I love browsing around for some good shows, I like to watch a bit of everything I feel like. These are some of the shows that will hook you right away! happy binge watching:)
Must-Watch DIY Videos: My All-Time Favorites
20 items
Vanessa Jamil
Calling all craft enthusiasts and DIY fanatics! Looking for inspiration to unleash your creativity and tackle some amazing projects? You've come to the right place! In this list, I'm sharing my all-time favorite DIY video tutorials – the ones I return to again and again. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a curious beginner, these videos offer a range of projects to suit your skill level and interests. From clever home hacks to beautiful handmade creations, get ready to discover a world of inspiration that will have you itching to grab your glue gun and get started! So, settle in, grab your favorite crafting supplies, and prepare to be amazed by these must-watch DIY video tutorials.
Arts & Crafts
19 items
Emma Sparrow
My children love Arts & Crafts. I have neurodivergent children, and even adult colouring books help with calm down time! These are my recommendations for starting an Arts & Crafts set up.
It's Hunting Season!
13 items
Jay Price
As a hunter & sportsman myself, I feel that you can never be too prepared. Hunting is more than walking in the woods and coming out with the prize; you have to endure Mother Nature as well. Here are all the things I had the pleasure of finding for me and the other hunters in my life.
DIY Valentine Cards
10 items
Graceful Duo
Easy Valentines day cards to pass at the next class valentines day party!
Making Quilting Cool Again
21 items
Maria Bowe
Over the last couple of years, I've become obsessed with all things quilting, especially when it comes to fashion. While I'm probably a couple years and quite a lot of practice away from making any quilted fashion, here are some things to get you started quilting. I live in Portland, OR, so some of my recommendations are particularly geared for learning how to quilt here. Let me know if you have any questions or tips!
🚫Millennials ONLY🚫 - Disney Channel Original Movies That Are 100% Nostalgia
17 items
Marlena Johnson
Nostalgia from Disney Channel Original Movies is a heartwarming journey back to the cherished moments of our childhood. These films, released during the late 1990s and early 2000s, hold a special place in the hearts of many. They are a delightful reminder of the innocent joy and wonder that accompanied our younger selves as we tuned in to witness captivating stories filled with relatable characters, magical adventures, and life lessons.
Hand Lettering Styles and Inspirations
17 items
Sara Jimenez
Dive into the world of creativity with these super cool hand lettering styles and inspirations! It's taken me years to master some of these
Soulful Snapshots: Connecting with Nature Through Photography
21 items
Misty M
Landscape and nature photography is a hobby I have had since high school. I enjoy getting outside with my camera and finding beautiful scenery. My favorite photography equipment is listed below so you can get started in nature photography also. Enjoy!
🌙 most popular journals from MoonHaus Studio (etsy & website)
19 items
rachael jean
journals from MoonHaus Studio to help you navigate the inner realm, to seek insights & reflections, and to get to know YOU on a soul level 🌙🌟🙏🏻
Heat Press Recommendations
20 items
#1 Tip for Beginners: Invest in a High Quality Heat Press…. It will save you time, effort and a lot of headache! Each Section is Broken Down by Supplier (I've only included suppliers I personally use and TRUST!) Enjoy, Besties!
Calligraphy, Lettering & Typography
39 items
If you're looking to learn calligraphy/lettering and font making from a creator's and business perspective, I've got some great resources for you! Books, courses, and tools that helped me become a working professional in this field + what inspires me now