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Sourdough Bread Baking Help and Equipment
30 items
Valerie Garner
Love sourdough bread? I love baking sourdough bread, especially with healthy, organic, non-GMO flour. This list is excellent for beginners, intermediate, and advanced sourdough fans. Articles, videos, and resources are here that you will find helpful. Sourdough is a fermented food, so it has less sugar and less gluten than other breads, making it a healthier option.
gluten & dairy free snacks
16 items
I am not gluten or dairy free but my mom is. These are snacks that I love eating! If some one who doesn't have to be gluten/dairy free enjoys them then so will you!
Our Favorite Dinner Recipes
20 items
Jamie Herremans
As a mom of 3, dinner can be tricky with all picky eaters. Not every recipe here is every kids favorite, but I can usually work around it. Pull out a little chicken to set aside before I add seasoning kind of thing. But I'm tell you, all these recipes are my favorites!!! I've only recently gotten better at cooking and I'm starting to enjoy finding the right seasoning for each meal. These recipes make it super easy and are super flavorful! Give them a try and see what you think!
Coffee, Better than Keurig At Home
17 items
I have been drinking coffee for 35 years. One of my favorite things when traveling to Europe is their coffee. It is much more rich than in the USA. I like Starbucks but not the prices. I have had multiple Keurig machines but it makes weak coffee. The best coffee I have made is with my Nespresso machine. It is rich and tasty. Many different pod options for a wide variety of coffee including pods design to make specialty coffee. The machine can even comes with a separate easy to use frother!
NYC Restaurants
22 items
Priscilla Tom
Some of my NYC Faves
Must Try Snacks!!
24 items
Dilly G
Different Snacks to treat your Salty or Sweet Craving! Foreign Treats and Freeze Dried Too!
Coffee Lovers Essentials
14 items
Amy Barlow
Tired of buying coffee everyday. Well I got the solution for you. Make your at home coffee with all my favorites. I saved a lot of money but making coffee at home and it even taste better!!
Discover Your Inner Chef!
27 items
Jem DuPont
I love getting creative in the kitchen and these are some of the products that help me make not only comfort foods but simple dishes that are elevated to the next level! Let your culinary creativity shine!
St Charles Missouri Area Food and Drink
14 items
Matt Hodges
Uncover the eatery gems of our community through a lifetime local's lens! Dive into the heart of passion that defines our area's rich and ongoing stories of food and spirits!
Chicago Food Guide: Where to Eat
57 items
I lived in Chicago for 5+ years, and these will always be my favorites.
Vegan Goodies
26 items
Brian Herskowitz
I went Vegan for health reasons, but I still like foods that taste like… well food. Here are some of my favorite Vegan products.
Let's Bake Bread
11 items
Brianna fernandes
if you're looking to making your own bread, I've got you covered here!
The snacks I love!
19 items
Cornelia Van Zyl
A list of the snacks I love to eat, whether I am working, watching a movie or on a road trip!
Mom Burnt The Food Again!!
45 items
Natasha Manoo
Great Selection of "back up" Food
Gifts for the chef in your Life!
15 items
Frannie Loves Food
Best knife sharpener I have ever used
H-E-B Grocery Store-Texan Approved!
24 items
Millie Grimsled
as a Texan it's a privilege to have H-E-B :) lol all items are Texan-approved & this is where we shop weekly. We keep shopping here because the of high quality of products!
Hormone Supporting and Clean Beverages
18 items
Kaitlyn Dykman
Liquids/powders that have clean ingredients and are super beneficial to help balance hormones, support the liver, etc. that I drink on the regular
15 Healthy & Delicious Appetizers. Perfect for Holiday Parties
15 items
Holiday season is a great time to entertain and these are all super tasty yet healthy appetizers. They all look and taste delicious and are actually quite easy to make. Can also take to tailgates or other events
My Budget Friendly Walmart Grocery Staples
26 items
Sarah Madrid
Here are products that are always on our grocery list from Walmart that we can't live without while on a tight budget.
The Traeger Experience
122 items
Oh, let me tell you about the incredible Traeger grills! These bad boys are the epitome of grilling perfection and will have you sizzling with excitement. Picture this: succulent meats, mouthwatering veggies, and finger-licking ribs, all infused with a smoky flavor that makes your taste buds dance with joy. The Traeger grill is a true grilling magician, turning even the most novice cooks into barbecue maestros. With its wood-fired technology, every meal becomes an unforgettable outdoor adventure. It's like having your own personal flavor laboratory, where you can experiment with tantalizing rubs and marinades to create culinary masterpieces. So, fire up that Traeger grill and let the smokin' good times roll! Get ready for a grilling experience that'll have you saying, "I can't believe I made something this amazing!" Trust me, folks, these grills are the real deal.
20 items
Clementine Njinkeng
We all deserve a treat after performing hard Tasks. What better way to treat yourself than to take care of your sweet tooth.
LA Restaurants + Bars
11 items
Victoria Marinucci
Some of my favorite restaurants in LA! 🍴🍸
Sake Selects
15 items
Derek Bradley
Some of my favorite sippable sakes I've tried in Japan and the States.
Gluten Free/ Gut Health
18 items
I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. I have been working towards living a healthier lifestyle and choosing foods that are tasty as well as simple ingredients. Not everything will be whole foods and I'm okay with that. Life is about balance.
Gifts for Coffee Addicts ☕️
24 items
Looking for the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life? As a coffee addict myself, I have selected these products with great care and attention to detail. Whether you're shopping for a friend, family member, or even yourself, these items are sure to bring joy and convenience to any coffee-loving lifestyle.
Tampa Foodies 📍
19 items
Ittybitty Princess
Good foodie places for photo ops with decent prices 😉
Keto Friendly Products
13 items
Rochelle P
No need to cheat on your diet with these amazing alternative products
Restaurant Recs
29 items
Rachel Haggith
Here are my FAVOURITE restaurants in the places I have lived
All the things that help me be gluten free!
14 items
Rachel Roark
All the things you will find in my kitchen and pantry to keep me living happily gluten free! This collection includes baking and cooking staples and snacks!
Let's Fire Up the Blackstone!
15 items
Rachel Roark
Our family loves to cook on our blackstone!! Here is a list of all the things we use to help maintain and making cooking fun on the blackstone!
"All time tea- taste of relaxation"
15 items
Anamarie Gidoc
Green tea may help support cognition, maintenance of moderate weight, and offer some protection against cancer. Green tea is touted to be one of the healthiest beverages on the planet that could have many potential health benefits.
Healthy Keto/Low Carb Foods That I have Tried and Love!
12 items
Kellie Smith
A keto/low carb lifestyle has reversed the symptoms of my autoimmune disease so many times. I am a true believer in the importance of managing insulin resistance in a healthy way.
Favorite Cooking Creators on TikTok
18 items
Marcy Hoffman
I feel productive when I spend time on TikTok watching recipe videos and kitchen tips from top cooking creators! Here are some of my favorites!
Everything Blackstone Cooking
12 items
Jennifer Johnson
Cooking on a Blackstone is so much fun and convenient for camping or just grilling in the backyard. You can bake brownies and grill Hibachi dinner!
Eat and Sip in Newport Beach California
25 items
Lisa Doumar
One bite at a time, savor the moments and the views.
Best After School Snacks
32 items
A complete list of all the best after school snacks as we head into back to school season!
Divine Delights: Top Chocolatiers to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
13 items
Doreen Wigderson
I LOVE Chocolate! Here are my recommendations for some of the Best!
Mooresville, NC
13 items
Jessica Hatton
Food to try, things to experience, memories to be made!
Foodie to Foodie: Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Love to Eat and/or Cook
14 items
Jane Case
We are a family of foodies. We love to eat, cook, and bake. Well, I love to bake. My husbands loves to eat what I bake. This year, I'm keeping very simple for our food-loving family. These gifts are tried and true. I've gotten them for myself, my family, and my coworkers. Everything is well-received and well-loved. Hope you like them for your foodie too!
Wild drinks to get the party started!
16 items
Whether you're looking to unwind or ignite the night, or ignite the night, our selection of wild drinks designed to kick your party into high gear! Indulge in the perfect blend of THC or CBD infused coffees, teas, pops, and syrups, guaranteed to elevate your senses.
Must Haves For Your Costco Run
13 items
Mindy Halpern
I like long romantic walks down every aisle at Costco😂😂
Keto Grab and Go Snacks for the Busy Days
40 items
Joanna Sebastian
If you're on a Keto diet, snacks and drinks can be a bit challenging if you're busy and you need something to sustain you. Here's a list of some of the best tasting grab and go Keto snacks and drinks
San Diego Musts! - Restaurants
13 items
Casey Evans
Some Of My Favorite Eats
Recipe Ideas For Super Picky Families
15 items
Madeline Romine
Do you have super picky eaters in your household? I do, and I've scoured the net looking for some simple and yummy recipes.
Whatcha Cookin?
15 items
Madeline Romine
Cooking up something good? Here are some tools and gadgets that could help.
🧂Asian Seasonings Must Haves In The Kitchen
40 items
Fion Pang
Incorporating these flavorful and essential Asian ingredients into your home cooked meals elevates them to gourmet levels, ensuring delicious and authentic Asian dishes. These pantry must-haves seasoning adds an irresistible depth of taste, bringing the essence of Asian cuisine to your dining table. Get ready for the yummy in your belly!
Grocery shopping ... but make it fun, yummy, and healthy(ish)!
15 items
Alexa Viguers
All things food! From grocery shopping to meal ideas. Check out my list to see what I always have in my shopping cart and some of my favorite recipes! Mostly Gluten Free and Dairy Free as that's the lifestyle we follow.
A Trip to Target
12 items
Katie Duncan
My favorites that I pick up from Target
Restaurants to Try
66 items
Shonda Broom
Restaurants in different cities. I mention some of my fav dishes to try
recetas que quiero hacer
15 items
soy de las que ama cocinar y hacer repostería, y siempre tengo muchas recetas guardadas pero se me olvidan hacerlas. Aquí nos comprometemos a probar esas recetas y quién sabe, a lo mejor descubrimos nuestra nueva obsesión…
Smoothies that make you glow inside out!
14 items
Stella C
Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes that not only taste delicious, but also helped clear my skin, and reduced inflammation. I do want to mention that what you eat is only a part of getting clear skin. What's most important is to love yourself and to have patience.
EOE - Elimination Diet Friendly Foods
26 items
Leah Marie
I️ have eosinophilic esophagitis which means I️ can't eat dairy, gluten, nuts, seafood, or eggs. Big fan of regular meat and not so much of a fan of plant based options so I don't fully eat vegan. Here are some of my favorite EOE friendly alternatives!
Brew Battle: Coffee vs. Tea
43 items
Marilou Abruscato
Whether you’re Team Coffee or Team Tea, this list will satisfy your curiosity and perhaps inspire your next cup!
Best Food Spots in Pensacola, FL
22 items
Haleigh Wheeler
Planning a trip to Pensacola? Make sure these food stops are on your list!
Low Carb Loves
16 items
Mandie Johnson
Low carb doesn't have to be boring!
It's All About the Cupcakes!
20 items
Dawn Martinez "ColoradoDawnieCakes"
Sometimes the regular plain pastel cupcake papers just won't do! This collection brings some fun to your baking! From cupcake papers, gourmet mixes and recipe's you will love what I have hand picked for you. ENJOY!
Gift for coffee lovers
16 items
Looking for the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life? As a coffee addict myself, I have selected these products with great care and attention to detail. Whether you're shopping for a friend, family member, or even yourself, these items are sure to bring joy and convenience to any coffee-loving lifestyle.
My favorite "Healthy Snacks"
11 items
Venerina Costanza
Some of my favorite snacks.
Tampa Date Night Restaurants
45 items
Haleigh Wheeler
Trying to find a new place to go for date night? Tampa has so many great options for dates from seafood to fine dining. Put some of these places on your “To Visit” list.
Fruit and Veg Boxes
15 items
Toxic Millennial
For those wanting farm fresh, good quality fruit and veg direct to your doorstep. Affiliates marked *
Fast food loves in St. George Utah
16 items
Amy Barlow
Ever come to St. George and need a place to eat, Try these!
MUST HAVE Cooking Items!
22 items
These are some of my favorite kitchen essentials!
Picnic Essentials
15 items
Tania Lee
Curated Picnic and Tea Party Essentials
My go-to snacks
19 items
I loveee snacks! Here are some of my faves you'll find me munching on :)
DIY Ice Cream
25 items
Marissa Everett
My favorite ice cream recipes and products for a fun activity in
Flavored Coffee Beans
10 items
Maria Delgado
I'm one of those people that as soon as they say that Pumpkin Spice coffee is on the shelf, I'm the first one in line! I even did a video once on tasting all spice products from a store here in town! It was so good!
Bread Baking Kneeds
19 items
Here you will find everything you kneed to begin your bread baking journey.
Homemade Rosemary Walnut Bread Ingredients
13 items
Kaitlin - The Edelweiss Haus
This bread comes together so fast and easy! See the full instructions and video here.
Best Brunch Spots In Santa Monica, Malibu and LA's Westside
14 items
Stacy Cramer
Whether you're a Los Angeles native or visiting the city, here are some brunch spots on the westside of town that are not to be missed!
Best Slow Cooker Recipes for Winter
16 items
Litle Blog of Joy
Warm up your winter with these hearty and easy slow cooker recipes. From soups to stews, these dishes will keep you cozy all season long.
My favorite Influencer Recipes
10 items
Aunt Honey
Some of my favorite Recipes shared by my favorite influencers. Try one of these inviting recipes for your upcoming Christmas Party or Dinner! “Get into it!”
Los Angeles Area Restaurants
18 items
Stu Smith
Some of my favorite restaurants in the LA area. Comment if you have any questions!
It's Baking Day with Grandma
35 items
Jennifer Tyree
Baking with my grandma or even great grandma are some of my favorite memories. My kids get to “make” something with their “gaga” now making those memories even more special for myself.
14 items
Dženita Mahmutović
There is something for everyone here. My favorite foods and drinks. There are many of them and they are very different. Check out some of my picks.Warning, you may be hungry after watching 👌🙈
Coffee For Life - It's An Essential!
23 items
Brea Danner
This is for the coffee OBSESSED, like myself! Find everything you could possibly need to make some of the best coffee drinks from home!
seattle eats
29 items
Stephanie Lu
disclaimer: I haven't been keeping up with seattle food news / even been in seattle/bellevue much so if there's some hip new spot ppl love now I probably missed it :'(
Always in my Kitchen
11 items
Nikki Neisler
I started adulting a year ago and MAN do you need a lot of tools in the kitchen. I'll be listing them here as I add them into my life!!!
SNACKS: Craving a satisfying snack? I know about that for sure. Here are some of my go-tos. I definitely have a sweet tooth.
11 items
Living Rich CO
Here are some ideas for when you have your snack attack.
Best Local Restaurants in Marin
20 items
Smile Curation
My favorite restaurants in Marin from hole in the wall to high end
Vegan Snack Attack!
15 items
Miranda Stallings
My daughter was vegan for some time but I found that there are some snacks that I really do enjoy! Shh! We'll just not tell anyone they're vegan!
Tasty Eats Near Seattle
12 items
Litle Blog of Joy
From fresh seafood on the waterfront to innovative food truck finds and cozy coffee shops, this collection showcases a delectable array of dining options that will satisfy every palate and make your visit to the Emerald City a true gastronomic delight.
“Timeless Treasures: Must-Try Holiday Classics”
14 items
Cassie Gainey
“Indulge in the nostalgia of the season with my curated selection of holiday classics. From cherished family recipes to festive delights, these dishes evoke warmth, joy, and the spirit of celebration. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply savoring the magic of the holidays, these timeless treasures are sure to delight your taste buds and create lasting memories.”
Crockpot Meals
26 items
Tiffany Peterson
Crockpot meals are always a family favorite.. If you plan plenty of time in the day you can start these in the morning and have a delicious meal by dinner time…
Gift Ideas for Bakers - OVER 50 IDEAS
51 items
Steph Carr
I have been baking for a long time, so have a lot of baking paraphernalia. Let me help you narrow down what’s most essential, and decide which items make great gifts! Plus a few ideas that are just plain FUN.
Virginia Wine
11 items
Liana Biscotti
Some of my favorite Virginia wineries!
Charleston, SC
24 items
Sarah Gurganus
Some of my staple restaurants I go to whenever I visit Charleston! I have a lot of people ask me when they're visiting, so definitely add these to your list. You won't be disappointed!
Baking Shop!
12 items
Carla Monso
I'm a Pastry Chef and I own a bakery in Miami! Here is the products that a recommend for everyone that loves to cook and bake!!!
Graveyard Food!
15 items
Madeline Romine
Graveyard shift calls for delicious (but not always healthy) snacks and meals.
🌆 Kansas City 🌆 Eats 🍲 Hidden Gems 💎 and Favorites of A Local
13 items
Amy Aranda
If you are new to Kansas City, are just visiting or plain just need some new 💡 ideas to fill your belly🍴 or satisfy your sweet 🍦tooth....I got you! 🤗 These are just a few of my personal favorites so far, though I will be adding suggestions as I try out new things! 🥳
Gourmet Food and Gift Ideas for The Foodie On Your List!
20 items
Shopping Diva
I made this Gourmet Food section because Im a foodie and I love sharing my food ideas.
Coffee Shops
10 items
Sarahi Pelayo
A list of my current favorite coffee shops in SoCal
Gluten Free Girlie. Celiac safe food recommendations that actually taste good. Yum
16 items
Emily Nepa
Eating GF is expensive. I spent too much money at the grocery store trying items so you don't have to. Here are some of my favorite essentials.
Chicago Pizza Spots
20 items
Bobby Hartz
I've eaten my way through Chicago's best pizza! Here's a list of some of the places I've tried
Momma's Sourdough
10 items
Mandie Johnson
My new favorite hobby. Healthy, homemade breads for my little fam.
My Favorite Restaurants in Atlanta
10 items
Pomegranate LLC
I really enjoy eating out! The experience has to encompass a beautiful venue, good service, and delicious food. These restaurants have been carefully selected and hopefully you will be able to experience these. I have truly enjoyed these and often go back. Enjoy!
My favorite foods and snacks!
24 items
Maiya Hoffman
Food / Snacks I love!!
Pairs well with Coffee!
20 items
Tara Jessee
Coffee pairs well with just about anything, but especially well with a farm! As a self-proclaimed Feral Farm Manager, those steamy sips of coffee offer a momentary escape from the chaos. Just remember, sanity is brewed one cup at a time!
Memorial Day/Weekend: Let's Have a Barbecue!
16 items
Miranda Stallings
It's almost the start of grilling season. Here are a few things to add to your list for your festivities to go off without a hitch!
All Food is a Soup, Salad, or Sandwich
15 items
Amelia Cohen
All food can be categorized into one of three buckets: soup, salad, or sandwich. This great debate was started of by is a hotdog a sandwich (obviously yes). It's evolved from there - you may not like it but there is a lot of evidence!