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Ultimate Home Tech & Accessories
29 items
Laurie Haney
Anything techie
Tech Stuff
16 items
Jessica Harris
No matter what your looking for the best techy things for the holidays or looking for a new techy kitchen/home tool for your home. ***within there may be attachments to affiliate links.
High Tech: Connect, Collaborate, Conquer
31 items
🌐 This is more than a website; it's where you can celebrate the spirit of innovation. Let’s conquer the frontiers of technology
Digital Artist Gift Guide
10 items
Olivia Girgis
These are some of the things I recommend to get the digital artist in your life (or yourself). I genuinely use all these products!
All the Goods (Random awesome Accessories)
10 items
Kali's Elite Collections-Ultimate Family Fusion
My list of random products I've tried and loved.
GPT and AI Tool Directories
13 items
Stacey Bakker
This list is crafted for entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and AI enthusiasts eager to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their fields. It's ideal for those looking to boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and increase revenue through AI. This directory offers access to essential AI tools and technologies, networking opportunities with AI pioneers, and insights into the latest AI trends. It's a resource for innovators in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare, aiming to stay ahead in their industry by leveraging AI solutions. This list serves as a key resource for finding AI applications, connecting with like-minded professionals, and keeping up-to-date with AI advancements.
🎁Need Ideas for His Gifts? I got you!
33 items
Fion Pang
Isn't it always so hard to think of what to get him? Explore a wide range of gift selection for your significant other, father, uncle, or brother! From gadgets to household items, one of these might be of interest to you for consideration.
Things I use daily
19 items
Cora Price
This list is where you'll see my purchases of things that use daily or are a tried and true essential when I travel.
Graphic Design Starter Kit
10 items
Seasonal Sapphire
Looking to get yourself into graphic design but don't know where to start? Let me help you!
EMF - Protection from Radiation in and around your home.
12 items
Naturally Healing; Home, Body and Mind
We all need to be aware of the dangers of radiation from cell phones, wifi, 5G and even smart appliances.
content creator MUST HAVES
12 items
Kelci Osborne
for my fellow content creator peeps out there… here's a list of EVERYTHING that I own and use for my content.
Amazon Favourites
21 items
Lacey Jane
All my favourite things from amazon ♡
Content Creator Office Must Haves 💕
12 items
Rose Berry
Working from home is fun and all but sometimes you need a lot of gadgets!
Digital Planning & Journal must haves!
12 items
Stephanie Skwiera
Digital Planning of work, life, meals. Recipe book, Book Journals, Printables, Digital budgeting, Digital social media Templates. All things digital to make life a bit easier.
PC Masterpiece: Crafting the Custom PC of Your Dreams
21 items
Alex M.
Step into the treasure trove – here you'll find PC wisdom and the shiniest tech toys. Join the PC party and learn how to make your setup sizzle! 💻✨😎
Your Next Favorite Tech Products
31 items
Daisy Romagnoli
I've had many electronics over the years, here are the best ones in my opinion and experience
Favorite Startup Tech
13 items
Nisarg Shah
Some of the startup tech that I recommend!
My Photo & Video Editing Essentials
28 items
Meg Manalo
All the hardware, software, and in-betweens I use to produce my photos and videos! See them on YouTube (@meg_manalo) and Pinterest (@manalomegm) 🤳 Affiliate links available!
Everything you need for your car 🚗
15 items
Bettina Macabeo
All you need for your beautiful car! ♥️
Promo Codes For Amazon
32 items
Alexis Gibson
I have compiled a list of Amazon Products and their promo codes. Please note that the promo codes are for a limited time and subject to product availability. Feel free to shop my lists and save money today on all your favorite products.
Become a creator ✨🤍
11 items
Nikki Neisler
What I use to film TikToks, Youtube videos, and all my content! These gadgets will really elevate your TikTok game and take your content quality (and engagement) to the next level.
Digital Marketing/Creator Tools 📲
23 items
Now is the time to become a content creator! Here are a my FAVORITE tools to make the quality of content the best it can be! There are all products I currently have and LOVE! Iv'e tried them all so you know exactly what to get! Perfect for social media marketing, UGC, and content creation!
The Skinny On The Best Products
77 items
Shannon Grant
Tried & Tested Products
Digital Tool Must Haves
13 items
Stephanie Skwiera
Digital tool must haves to create content and help you make money online.
Black Friday Deals
17 items
Will be posting all the good black Friday deals that I find with links to be able to get to them.
Wifi Bible - Home Security
10 items
Elev8 🇦🇺 by Jaylan
When a friend asks about CCTV, I explain batteries and AI have made it easy for anyone to have a CCTV system, whether you own the property or renting - WiFi and batteries mean little to no hardwiring! In our security products, We like local on-device AI to work in efficient low-power modes and tell the camera system what to do! This can make one standalone WiFi camera battery last up to 6 Months! Cameras do this now by utilizing AI to determine what an object is (Human, Animal, Parcel) etc, to only record what you set it to, saving battery. Products from various manufacturers we recommend should work with any Google ecosystem but should also work for an Alexa ecosystem, at least the ones we recommend! Simply because you're not hard wiring anything, you generally find that anyone can install these systems!
Office Goods for WFH Space
18 items
Anna Phi
all my office goods that i used in setting up my work-from-home office
My Favourite Content Creation Tools!
10 items
Here are my must haves that have helped me bring my digital marketing business to the next level! I personally use all of the items on this list and highly recommend checking them out :)
Car Must Haves
17 items
Amy Barlow
When you get in your car, make sure you have everything. You are away from home and need the essentials just to keep you by. Here is what I have in my car and I love them!
Tech must haves
13 items
These are my top tech recommendations for your work from home setup! Follow me on tiktok for more tech recommendations @maxedoutmojito
Fujifilm x100v - TikTok Famous
24 items
If you're into the photo scene or just social media in general you have probably seen this camera being mentioned. It is no longer made and tends to be SOLD OUT everywhere. It offers Fujifilms classic and customizable film recipes. Find that classic film look of Porta, Etkar, and many more.
Phone Accessories
13 items
Katherine Bacon
Phone cases, Tripods, Selfie lights… All the cute phone accessories you need!
items to SNATCH during every year's Black Friday sale!
20 items
after bit of research, i present to you some of the HOTTEST and BEST deals you'll find this year, dug from the deepest parts of the internet. you're welcome. REMEMBER TO ORDER ONLINE THROUGH THIS LIST TO ENSURE ITS AVAILABLILITY AND STOCK! you never know when it'll run out.
Gaming/Streaming Setup & Software
16 items
Gaming Setup and Streaming/Recording stuff
Things to Make Your Phone Cuter!
11 items
Makenna Thomas
What is one thing that you carry around with you everywhere?!?! Your phone! This is why you need your phone to be as stylish as you. I love adding my personality to my phone through the cases and accessories I can add to it. There is a whole world of phone cases, charms, and accessories for you to dive into. Honestly, half of it you can make yourself too!
Black Friday Finds
16 items
Lainey Heffernan
Explore exclusive Black Friday Finds – our curated list of the season's hottest deals on tech, fashion, home, and more. Uncover unbeatable savings and shop smart this Black Friday!
Gear and accessories I use
38 items
DJ Dan Nicholson
Here is a bunch of DJ equipment, gear and accessories that I use every weekend. (I may make some commission if you buy through these links, but it won't cost you a penny more.)
academic weapon time
16 items
Taren Ginter
my top school-related tools
Trendy Tech
14 items
Michael Murray
Techy toughness that you didn't know you needed. Awesome products that you can use whenever you need them most!
Content Creator Must Haves
13 items
Dilly G
These items are MUST HAVES for Content Creators, Vloggers and More!
🧑‍💻 For Tech Savvies
19 items
Abdul Wahab Shah
😎💻 Stuff for technology enthusiasts and tech savvies 🤓
Empowering Content Creators: MediaMagnet’s FameFrame Essentials
15 items
Dr Adil
Elevate Your Content Game: Essential Gadgets and Accessories for Content Creators If you’re a #content_creator, this curated list is tailor-made for you. From #selfie sticks to smartphone gimbals, I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a vlogger, social media influencer, or simply passionate about creating engaging content, these tech essentials will enhance your creative journey! #ContentCreators #Vloggers #SocialMediaInfluencers #TechEssentials
My Setup!
13 items
These are all the items you see in my setup and videos that I currently use!
😍❤️Amazon Electronics❤️😍
30 items
April Trousdale Loughary
Discover the convenience of our everyday electronics! From smart gadgets that streamline your routines to innovative tools that enhance your daily life, our collection of electronics is designed for modern living. Elevate your experiences with reliable and user-friendly devices that bring efficiency and joy to your everyday activities. Whether it's a smart home assistant, wireless headphones, or a versatile tablet, our electronics are tailored to make your daily tasks more enjoyable and connected. Explore the possibilities and embrace the future of everyday tech!
Resources for Content Creation
13 items
These are the sites/programs that have been helping me the most with creation, editing, and campaign work.
Social Media Tools & Software
11 items
Bianca Cintron
Here is a list of the software and tools that I use to digitally create, keep myself organized, and build community for my personal brand. Learning and using these tools can be very beneficial for starting/accelerating your routines, creativity or business. I've personally used these myself, find them very useful and hope you will too! :)
Recommended Xbox/Microsoft Exclusives to Play
10 items
Here are some of the best games that can only be found on Xbox & PC systems that I think are some of the best stories games that these systems exclusively offer! If you have not gotten the chance to give these games a try, I would say get your hands on some of these titles and give them a spin because these games are ones you don't want to miss!
Perfect Cameras For The Shutterbug
10 items
Travel Explore Protect
Picture-Perfect Moments Await: Dive into a Kaleidoscope of Cameras, Embrace the Versatility of Compact Digitals, DSLRs, and Mirrorless Marvels!
Tech Gifts Everyone Will Enjoy
23 items
Christine Garcia
For the tech lover! Great Father's Day gifts!
Malvina's Amazon Lifestyle Fave's
12 items
Malvina leka
My Amazon Favorites
Technology I use daily
13 items
Isabella Page
Welcome to my curated list of favorite technology items that have become indispensable in my daily life and home. In today's rapidly advancing digital age, these gadgets and devices have seamlessly integrated into my routine, enhancing convenience, productivity, and entertainment.
Desktop Wallpapers
12 items
Robin Wight
Aesthetic wallpapers to keep your computer cute and organized!
Tech Gadgets: work smarter not harder
18 items
Mary Fortune
My Top Tech Gadgets for Effortless Productivity 🚀 Discover a curated list of my favorite tech gadgets that elevate everyday tasks, making the hustle seem less hectic. From time-saving wonders to organizational champs, these items are the secret sauce for working smarter, not harder! 💼🔧 #TechGadgets #ProductivityBoost #WorkSmart * eligible for commissions
iPad Favorites
18 items
Kat J.
Just a few of my favorite iPad accessories.
my favorite ios apps
18 items
madelyn vanderhoof
the apps i have on my phone and love to use!
all the light
16 items
I like to see what's coming at me in the night. No matter how far away it is. or in those pesky dim lighted areas.
Best Christmas Gifts
18 items
Amy Barlow
Can't ever think about what to get someone for Christmas. Here is a few of my favorites that I have and use and that I highly recommend
These are some of the best apps for studying smarter
14 items
This are some of the best apps for students that want to study smarter and write better research papers.
Gaming Tech & Accessories
15 items
Looking for something gaming related for a present or for yourself, check out some of these products and see if there are to your liking
Viral Tik Tok Products!
32 items
Rainey Murillo
Tried and True viral Tik Tok products that I have personally purchased or is in my cart! I love a good find and have purchased some not-so-great stuff online so I figured I would share some good products!
Filming Gear
15 items
Kelly Latham
I film a lot for both TikTok and YouTube @sleepyheadkl
Content creation📲
13 items
Some of my favorite tools & technology I use everyday working in social media! Others are products I have heard great things about or want for myself!
The best streaming gear
10 items
Items that allow me to create content!
My Amazon Products
17 items
Belle Austin
Everything that I have purchased from Amazon that I think you would love too!
Web Designer's Must Haves
15 items
Kaitlyn Heinz
There are so many tools, software and programs I use to make my life easier for designing THE best websites and branding I can for my clients.
Car Essentials
17 items
Nia Charlotte
Here is a list of ‘Must Have’ Car Essentials: Products to clean, organize, and storage your car, decorate and accessorize your car, and on-the-go personal hygiene and beauty essentials!
Amazon Favorites 🛒
26 items
Amazon has everything!!
Must Have Gadgets!
10 items
Carla Monso
Ok, I confess, I'm a new mom, pasty chef and technology wasn't my thing but with time this started to change and I found out amazing gadgets that really helped my daily activities .
Computers, Tech & Digital Art Tools
11 items
Kelly Latham
The technology related items I use to run my art business.
elektronika [PL]
14 items
Klaudia Frant
cała elektronika, którą zabrałam ze sobą w podróż
Car Essentials
17 items
Nicole Silva
My favorite items to spruce up my car or keep it clean
For the Gamers & Streamers
12 items
Are you a gamer? Video game streamer? How about a content creator? Here are some tech recommendations that I use and happy to have in my gaming set up.
Content Tings
12 items
Just sharing some of my fav content creator must haves. From cameras to cords this board has it all! Tap in and take a look around and see if anything jumps out to you
Content creator gadgets I can't live without
11 items
Danielle Kern
Here's a list of my favorite content creator tools so far. I use them for creating my own content and content for small businesses.
Car Must Haves
14 items
Janie Woods
this list will provide many essentials that people will want in their car!
Newest Tech Necessities
12 items
Welcome to the forefront of innovation, where technology meets convenience and style. Bringing you the most cutting-edge and essential tech products shaping how we live, work, and play. In a constantly evolving world, staying ahead of the tech curve is no longer a luxury – it's a necessity. The carefully curated selection of products encompasses the newest gadgets, tools, and devices that have become integral parts of our daily lives. From smart home solutions that streamline your routine to wearable tech that enhances your well-being!
Car faves
16 items
Marissa Ortiz
My car must haves for my Jeep.
Work From Home Faves❤️
20 items
Mary Garrett
All my favorite goodies & gadgets that make my work from home life a piece of cake 🎂
Car Necessities
14 items
Melissa Tsyitee
Things to help keep your car clean and functional
Cool Gadgets
17 items
Njezni Labud
Probably not something you really need, but it makes your life easier
Gadgets we love & use.
10 items
Our Lives Together
Equipment we use to make our social media content.
Products to help with your content creation
14 items
Christine Garcia
I love making faceless content and these are things I use
Gifts as Awesome as Dad: Uncommon Presents to Wow Him
12 items
Misty M
Do you need a gift idea for your dad or husband? I love finding special and unique gifts for my husband because he's the best dad to my kids. I have put together the best ideas for dads so you can also find the prefect gift this season.
Fav appliances and electronics 🔌💡
15 items
Sumble Ehtsham
A tech lover who is all about cool gadgets and smart appliances that make life easier. From awesome phones to clever home gadgets. Let's dive into the tech world where you can pick the best stuff for you that looks good and useful to you ❤️
Screen Magic Unleashed: Must-Watch TV Shows, Movies, and Entertainment, Plus Essential Services and Products
19 items
Dive into the enchanting world of 'Screen Magic Unleashed,' where a curated selection of must-watch TV shows, movies, and entertainment beckons. Discover not only captivating content but also essential services and products that enhance your screen time experience. Explore the magic that awaits, from riveting stories to innovative services and products that redefine your entertainment journey.
20 items
Exotic Freight Lady by Carol Jackson
So glad that we got a built in Alexa
Copy of Laptop Accessories From Amazon
16 items
Recommendations from Amazon for laptop owners, ranging from useful tools to help make life using your laptop easier to tools just for fun. Feel free to browse
27 items
Exotic Freight Lady by Carol Jackson
I like to make my creating easier on me
Shifted Creator
11 items
Brianna Danielson
Creating content is something I have began to really love and here are some must haves!
Work From Home Essentials
12 items
Cassie Alleman
Let's romanticize our work from home life ☁️🎧✨
Tech for Gamers
14 items
Aidee Mag
Elevate your gaming experience
tips para empezar en redes sociales
14 items
tips que me hubiera encantado recibir cuando quise empezar en las redes sociales. En tiktok y youtube: @lavidadearlo
Amazon Last Minute Deals
15 items
Jaime Lassiter
Just a few great deals I picked up! I shop year round for deals to miss the mark-ups before the holidays!
6.0 powerstroke Diesel Stuff
13 items
These are items you will actually find on both of my trucks. Items I love and recommend!