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Great toys and supplies for your dog
38 items
Tatiana L.
Here are the best rated products for your lovely pet dog.
Dog Things
16 items
Krystina Shaw
All the things for your little running partners.
Wooferific Doggy Finds
15 items
Amber Gasparini
These are some recommendations of items I wish we could or already have gotten for our 10 yr old morkie Sookie. She is an anxious puppy and there is some things that I think could make her life better.
My personal favorite cat products - for new cat owners!
28 items
Sweet Leah
Getting a cat for the first time can be super confusing! It sure was for me, but I learned the hard way what things are worth getting for you're furry little friend!
dog stuff
24 items
Danielle haniff
perfect stuff for your large , medium and small dogs .
Pet Necessities
33 items
From food to play to travel to sleep this page has it all for your fur baby cat or dog
Pet Supplies
10 items
Digital Empty Nester
I have a working line German Shepherd who is an allergy dog. These are all the things I find help with keeping him amused while I am at work and help keep his allergies away.
Puppy/Doggy Starter Kit
18 items
Rebecca Castro
I recently adopted a puppy and these are all the items that were actually worth the money!
The Best Stuff for your Best Bud!
15 items
Steph Carr
All the stuff we have for our adored Mr Hound. Includes his clothing, favourite toys and treats, and staples like poopy bags and his elevated food bowls!
Dog Owner Must Haves
14 items
Jaime Reynolds
I love my dog and sharing the awesome things I find! For reference, she is an American Pitbull Terrier who has lots of allergies.
Halloween Costumes For Your Furry Family Members!
18 items
Madeline Romine
Need a costume for your furry friend? Check out some of my selections that are so adorable!
Horse finds
18 items
Gabreille Clauser
All things horse related!
Pet Faves- New Puppies/ Dog Necessities/ Senior Dogs
18 items
Marina Murphy
Things animals I've owned and pet sat have LOVED! Also tools that make pet parenthood and dog ownership easier. ALL items are things I've used before. Follow my journey on Instagram at @soyouwantapet and see these items in action!
Doggy must haves
26 items
Michele Malachin
I have a rescue shepherd mix and these are my favorite products for her. We do autoship on with saves us tons of time and money.
Fur Them Furbabies! My everyday use for HIGH-ENERGY doggies!
17 items
These are the things that I have and that i still use on my furbabies. The items listed, I used to help my high-energy siberian husky to calm down a little bit to reduce her energy, anxiety, and for exercise.
Trails and Tails-Hiking With your Furry Friends
15 items
What's better than being in the great outdoors, finding that perfect trail to hike? Well, taking along your furry friends of course! And yes, I am talking about your four- legged buddies that loves the great outdoors as much as you do! Here you'll find awesome tips, advice and items to keep your hiking buddies happy and safe on those trails!
Must have for Pets 🐱🐶💕
20 items
As a pet owner of a cat & dog here are something I love to purchase for them.
Whats in Frankie The Golden Retrievers Suitcase?
23 items
jamie simmons
Things we packed for Frankies first roadtrip/ vacation. Goldens Gone Wild! Retrievers at the beach!
Everything CATS. 🐱
18 items
Chiara Rondeau
I've had cats my whole life from childhood to adulthood. When I was little I would even take in stray cats all the time! Here are my recommendations for everything cats!
Best Dog Toys
23 items
Andjela Radakovic
This is a list of dog toys that me and my friends use
For My Small Dogs🐾
42 items
Kayla Sharee
A list of favorites for my dogs Cleo (Yorkshire Terrier) and Cairo (Mini Dachshund)
New Puppy Essentials: Everything You'll Need!
15 items
Brandy Yancey | So Happy Finds
This is a list of items that have been an absolute necessity for my new puppy! This list covers every single item that you'll need when getting a new puppy. Enjoy!
Cat Products
13 items
Cat products I've tested out with Milo and if he liked them or not. Milo is a male domestic shorthair and is 9 years old. I'll include some links to full reviews.
Pet Care Essentials
13 items
Check out the list that will be helpful to both you and your animal.
Recommendations on Items to Purchase for Your Pet
24 items
Independent Woman
Items to purchase for your pet
🥕🐴 Handy Horse Products 🐴🥕
19 items
These are some helpful products I've used with my horse.
21 items
Debra Wolfe
Must haves for spoiling your 4-legged children. 🐕
Must Haves for Pet Owners
16 items
Aurora Kretsch
These are all the things I could not have a pet without having! This is mostly tailored to dogs and cats since that's what I have (3 of each) and will include things like toys, home goods, and extra little things that make our lives much easie
How to Be A Chicken Tender
11 items
Veronica Davila
Backyard chickens! The best pets to have, eggs are a bonus! Here are my favorite products, people to follow, and groups I've found most useful over my years of caring for chickens.
Cluck! Cluck! Hen! Feathered Friends Fun Here!
25 items
Tara Jessee
Just for Chicks! A winning combination of functional items and fun findings for your chickens. Let your chicks rock out in style! These chicks don't have to hang out on the farm! Some are suburban queens, let them know how pampered they are!
Puppy Essentials
16 items
Bean the Red Toy Poodle
Bean is the first puppy I've ever had at such a young age, I picked him up at just 8 weeks old. For that being said here's a list of all the items you'll need to bringing home your puppy. All of these items are used EVERY DAY, especially ALL of the toys and the storage bin. This list is curated to be a budget friendly list. I hope this list can be useful for you. Enjoy!
Doggie necessities!
15 items
Jennilyn Bravo
Your doggie, furbaby needs these products. They are what I use for my 2-year-old shih tzu.
Iconic dog beds
15 items
Lil bit
Make their bed just as fun as your space
Your pet will thank you for these items!
21 items
Millie Grimsled
I'm a dog momma of 2 labs, Allie she is 6 years old & Koda is 7 months & these are some of the essential products we have for them!
Essentials for Pet Owners
23 items
This list is curated to help pet owners ensure that their fur babies are living their best lives.
Dog Toys & More
33 items
I would like to show you some of my recommendations for pet toys and more that your pet will really enjoy!!
All Things Dogs 🐾
21 items
Christina Michelle
We have four furry dog friends in our house. Our home is never boring, that's for sure! Here are some great products and service's for your pup.
pet supplies
30 items
roxanne pennell
dog lovers best tried and loved products i would buy again
Dog mom must haves
11 items
Alaina Kersey
Every dog mom needs these!
Cat owner must haves
14 items
Vicki Gaddy
This is a list of items I have for my cat and may help someone else looking to be a cat owner.
Fur Baby Items ✨🐶
33 items
Sydney Lazar
My dogs are my life and I have tried so many products and these are the best!
pet vitamin recipes
31 items
andrea sotrom
you know my best friend is my pup hepburn and i want him to live forever, so i have always been a fan of making him his own treats and vitamins with wholesome and natural ingredients to boost his quality of life… here are 4 of our top recipes we will share videos of on tik tok very soon!
For Pet Parents!
19 items
Angela Sullivan
This is a list of all my favorite pet products that I own. They are tried, tested and dog/kitty approved! I love buying them different things to see if they keep them busy. I hope you and your pets find them as amazing as my fur babies do!
Dog mom essentials🐶🐺💖
26 items
As a Millenial dog mom for years I would like to share my personal picks! Hope they help other dog moms!
Cat's Meow Must-Haves: Top Products to Pamper Your Kitty
42 items
Vanessa Jamil
Calling all cat lovers! Does your feline friend deserve a little extra spoiling? Look no further than our purrfectly curated list of "Cat's Meow Must-Haves"! Here, we'll explore the top products guaranteed to bring joy, comfort, and endless entertainment to your treasured kitty. This list goes beyond the basics, offering a selection that caters to every whiskered whim. From interactive toys that spark their hunting instincts to cozy beds for ultimate relaxation, we've got everything you need to transform your home into a feline paradise.
TSC Must have for my Horses
12 items
Heidi Slinkard
What I use from Tractor Supply Company on a daily basis,
My Chicken Life
44 items
Debbie Woods
My recommendations on how to start your own backyard flock of chickens. I had to learn as I went when I started my flock so I will share some tips on how to get started.
Four Legged Freeloaders (pets)
19 items
Nicole Talbot
How I spoil my cats (even though they don't bring in income).
My Doggy Favorites
20 items
Dawn Brown
My love for dogs goes back to childhood. I cannot remember a time when I didn't have a dog. Every era of my life is associated with that special furry friend.
Fur Babies
13 items
Tiffany Darling
Having 4 cats and a dog is rewarding, but a lot! A lot of hair, a lot of scratching and a lot of zoomies. These items have made my life easier with the everyday
Pet care
14 items
Christa Lance
My go to pet products
Must Have Pet Supplies!
20 items
Dilly G
The BEST Must Have supplies for your furry friends!
Fur Children
45 items
Jennifer Johnson
A carefully curated collection dedicated to our furry children we love so much. From top-rated pet products to essential care tips, discover everything you need to pamper and care for your beloved companions. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or welcoming a new member to your family, this list is your go-to resource for all things fur children-related.
Dog toys and accessories
11 items
Lydia Rice
I have 2 dogs a boxer and bulldog mix and a full blooded German Shepherd. Both hyper dogs, ones a chewer and ones a fence jumper. Say that 5 times fast lol. Here are some things that we've found to be durable for the chewing and something to keep the other safe and in the yard even when she jumps the fence.
Dog Enrichment Toys That Are Actually Worth It!
12 items
Madelyn Burger
All kinds of toys for your dog to stay busy, while you work or need time to yourself
Fun Cat Toys & Essential Supplies 🐱
11 items
Heather Hess
As someone who has had cats my whole life, I've learned a lot about how to care of them. It's my priority to give them long, happy lives. I've added some products that have been essential for my cat’s health or adding enrichment to their lives!
Favorite Cat Things!!
20 items
Shelby Schreckenberg
Some of our favorite things for our cats and what they love! We enjoy treating and spoiling our cats, so this list has that!
Best websites for Pet Necessities
65 items
Mishka Linton Vernon
Essential items and products that are required to properly care for and maintain the well-being of pets. These links are affiliate links in which I may receive a commission when purchased.
April 2024 - Etsy Products for Dog Owners
30 items
ShTara Manzano
My dog lovers! Etsy has once again sucked me in and this time all I could think about was my sweet lil pup. From cute lil bandanas to poop loops, this list has all the fun, yet functional things us dog parents love.
Gifts for Animal Lovers: Many that Give to Charity
18 items
Jessica Kole-Maney
Gifts for ladies who love animals.
Isabella Marie the Boxer Princess and her most treasured possessions.
20 items
Amy Aranda
Isabella Marie is a 6-year-old fawn Boxer dog with strong opinions. She likes what she likes and she makes no apologies about it. Here are a few of the things that have been worthy of her time.
Pet Accessories
16 items
Rochelle P
Toys, food, accessories and more for all pets✨✨
My fur baby's favorites
14 items
Rebecca Powell
Pet care
Butterfly Essentials
26 items
Wild Homeschooling
These are all the must-haves for raising butterflies.
Four Legged Fur Babies
56 items
Dawn Martinez "ColoradoDawnieCakes"
As a new empty nester, the house was too quiet, and we needed to add a little bit of life and chaos to our days. Our sweet husky Luna found her way into our home last year, and the items below were an amazing addition to transitioning her into our little world. I hope that each of these items will bring you quality and fun, as it has for us.
Feline Faves and Treasures
13 items
Maria Bella
Feline Faves and Treasures is a purrfectly curated folder filled with all the essential pet items for your beloved cat. From cozy beds and engaging toys to nutritious treats and grooming supplies, this treasure trove ensures your feline companion enjoys a life of comfort and joy. Embrace the journey of creating delightful moments with your furry friend through these carefully selected cat essentials. Meow-tastic adventures await in this folder of feline wonders! 🐾😺🎁
Pet Supplies
14 items
Kimberly Millionaire
I've handpicked each item to ensure it meets their needs and brings smiles to their faces. Whether it's mealtime or playtime, my pet supplies collection has got it covered. So, if you're a fellow pet lover, trust me when I say, investing in quality pet supplies is an investment in the happiness and well-being of your beloved furry friends. 🐶🐱💕
Staples for My Pets
11 items
Isabella Page
Welcome to the ultimate guide to providing your furry friends with the care they deserve. Whether you're a seasoned pet owner or a first-time adopter, these are the essential staples that will simplify anyones pet care routine while promoting a happier, healthier, and cleaner life for your dogs and cats.
Pitbull Products
11 items
Sandi Fenn
These products have been life savers for Jack's anxiety and allergies!!
🐕 Dog Needs 🐕
32 items
These are some dog products I've used or come across that I think have great benefits.
Pug Parents - The Essential Shopping List
18 items
Lindsay Emerson
Pugs can be very high maintenance. This list should help with all the weird things that come along with being a pug parent.
All things black cats
26 items
During the lockdown, I fostered three feral black kitten littermates. Three years later, my kitty coven are still with me and luxuriating in their forever home. Of course, I am now obsessed with anything black cat related. Spooky or silly, I love it all.
Neocaridina Shrimp Keeper/Breeder MUST HAVES!
12 items
Steven Shaw
All necessary equipment for anyone interested in keeping these wonderful little critters!
Cat Favorites
11 items
Tammy Bess
Cat Toys, Cat Food, Cat Litter, Cat Climbers, Cat Scratchers
Unique Lick Mats With A Twist!
14 items
Shari Darlene
Lick Mats keep a dog occupied and fulfill an important function!
Furbaby Stuff
10 items
Skye Turner
All the things for furbabies! I have cats, but they're versatile products!
Pets-Pet Care
22 items
Passionate about nurturing the health and happiness of our furry pets. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of valuable insights, advice, and heartwarming stories focused on pet care. Whether you're a seasoned pet parent or embarking on the exciting journey of becoming one, I've listed a little bit of everything you need to ensure your beloved pets lead fulfilling lives.
All dog things: from treats, toys, beds, and much more.
30 items
Traci Miller
If you love spoiling your fur baby, come check out Griswold favorites. 😀
For the Bird Enthusiast
13 items
Jamie Herremans
We all know a bird lover, mine is my mother in law. Therefore, a lot of her gifts revolve around birds. So I'll be compiling a list of all the things I find that would be a great gift for her or any other bird lover out there!
Gift Guide for Cat Lovers
16 items
Katherine Bowling
Gifts for all the cat lovers out there like me!
Doggy Products
14 items
Brittney Williams
We all love our fur babies! Treat them with some of the latest puppy products!
pet essentials from a pet mama
15 items
All things I use for my pets daily that I couldn't go without!
Showing the Love! Cat Home Accessories
18 items
E Susan Miller | Ten Cats Four Dogs
Cat lovers are passionate about their fur-babies. Decorate with cat home decor and cat office items. Show how you feel about your furry family members. Lots of choices. Cat pride!!
Pet Parents Matter
13 items
Natarsa Patillo
Things for the furry family members...
Calm Canine Comfort: Anxiety Relief for Serene Pups
13 items
Aries The Cat Ambassador
Check out these tips and product that offer a range of solutions to soothe anxious dogs, promoting a peaceful environment for both pets and owners. From calming supplements to anxiety-reducing toys, these strategies aim to provide relief and enhance the well-being of your beloved furry companion.
Dog Training Supplies
16 items
Having worked with a variety of dogs that are a variety of sizes, here are some of our recommendations.
must haves for the felines in our lives
14 items
Kelly nichols
Feline furbaby essentials
Life of a Duck Rancher
18 items
Jay Price
I am a Duck Rancher / Farmer. I've been raising 55 ducks for the last few years, selling their eggs to bakeries and farmer's markets. I get asked often what tools I use to raise the “messy” birds, and so I've added them all to make things easier for you.
Guinea pig stuff
10 items
Jennifer Geigel
My favorite pets are definitely guinea pigs! Here is a list of items just for them!
Fetch Fun: Discover Unique Dog Toys!
36 items
Dj Wills
Discover a wide range of exclusive and innovative dog toys that will keep your furry friend entertained for hours.
Animal & Pet Supplies, Products & Items
38 items
Wealth Mom
Purr-fect Canine Companionship Items.. Animal lovers Guide to Choosing, Caring for, Training and Bonding with Your Fury Friends
Dog Travel Must Haves
43 items
Ashley - Tracking Travels
We are always on the go which means so is our golden doodle! We love him and want to ensure he's always comfortable and prepared. Here's a list of our go-to items:
Random Items we recommend for dog people!
11 items
If you have a dog or multiple dogs, here are a few handy items we recommend that may not fit any particular category but are nice to have around the house.
🥏 Best Mental Stimulation Toys For Your Dog 🐶
60 items
If you need to keep your dog busy here are some ideas of mine! 🐩